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SAC 2011Tri Events


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SAC 2011Tri Events

  1. 1. The following presentation has been put together by the Triathlon section of SAC. The idea is to give a better insight and recommendations for fellow club members on some good quality multi sport events. If you do enter any of these events, can you please inform Joan Lennon ( [email_address] ), and then she will update her internal participant SAC list. This will help for anyone who wants to car-share or train together for a specific event. (Plus it will help bond club members). Go on, enter a race or two, maybe you will surprise yourself and really enjoy it?
  2. 2. KEY Events (details on the following slides); 10th April Goodwood Duathlon 1st May Steyning Triathlon 29th May Bridge Triathlon 3rd July Steelman Triathlon 10th July Worthing Triathlon Other local events; 29th May Arundel Triathlon (sprint and “Olympic” distance) 12th June Mid Sussex (Burgess Hill) Triathlon (400m swim, 25k bike, 5k run SAC “Summer” Series only races; 20th March Duathlon (2k run, 6k bike, 2k run) 16th April Mini Triathlon (400m swim, 12k bike, 3k run) 22nd May Duathlon (2k run, 12k bike, 2k run) 14 June Uphill bike & run (Bostal road) 18 June Swim/Run (400m swim, 5k run) 23 July Mini Triathlon (400m swim, 20k bike, 3k run) 20th August (may change subject to sea conditions held at Shoreham beach) 200m swim / 3K run 24 September Mini Triathlon (400m swim, 20k bike, 3k run)
  3. 3. Event; Goodwood Duathlon Date; 10th April 2011 Distance; 4km run / 24km bike / 4km run or 4km run / 40km bike / 8km run Cost; £19 (BTF) £23 (non BTF) Description; Where else can you race on the same circuit as Sterling Moss and many other famous race drivers? Both run & bike sections are carried out on the Famous Goodwood Motor Racetrack (closed circuit), therefore no cars! As the course is very flat PB’s can be achieved and it is safe. NOTE; This event is limited to 160 racers, therefore early entry is required Weblink;
  4. 4. Event; Steyning Triathlon Date; 1st May 2011 Distance; Sprint = 400m swim / 20km bike / 5km run Standard = 800m swim / 36km bike / 8km run Cost; Sprint £40 (BTF) £44 (non BTF) Standard £42 (BTF) £46 (non BTF) Description; Our local Tri event! The swim will be at the leisure centre, the rolling bike course will be on the A283 and A24, which is regularly used for local & national time trials then finally the run is down to Bramber round about and back (but the Standard distance also heads to Wiston House before). Weblink;
  5. 5. Event; Bridge Triathlon, Dartford Date; 29th May 2011 Distance; Standard = 1500m swim / 40km bike / 10km run Cost; £55 Description; Great high quality managed event, which you can use it to try and qualify for your your country in “age group”. The swim takes place in a lake then off for 6 laps on a closed road followed by 3 smaller laps on the run, thus a nice safe course. Weblink;
  6. 6. Event; Steelman Triathlon, Dorney Lake, Eton Date; 3rd July 2011 Distance; Standard = 1500m swim / 40.8km bike / 10km run or 3/4 = 1000m swim / 30Km bike / 7.5km run or “55.5” = 500m swim / 40.8km bike / 15km run Cost; £70 (Single) £90 (Relay) Description; The swim takes part in the clear lake (location of 2012 Olympic Rowing event), then heading to the closed flat 8 lap bike section, then 4 smaller laps for the run. (a course that you could beat your PB). Weblink;
  7. 7. Event; Worthing Triathlon Date; 10th July 2011 Distance; Standard = 1500m swim / 41km bike / 10km run Cost; £55 (BTF) £59 (Non BTF), Team Relay (£66) Description; Another local event. You can enter individually or why not get some friends together and enter as relay team, I.e a different person for each section!?!?! (within SAC we have some great athletes that focus more on one sport, thus getting a quality team together should not be hard). The swim takes part at the Yacht club in Goring (thus a sea swim) followed by the bike, heading to Ashington via the Long Furlong (A280) and back. The run is then carried out on the promenade. Weblink;