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How Content Curation makes you a Better Writer


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Content curation can be a great way to start regular posting to your blog. As part of the process you can learn to become a better writer and post more original content. The MyCurator WordPress plugin at can help with this process.

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How Content Curation makes you a Better Writer

  1. 1. How ContentCuration makes youa Better Writerand increases your ....
  2. 2. Content Famine
  3. 3. Content Famine
  4. 4. Information Overload
  5. 5. Curation as Aggregation
  6. 6. Curation as AggregationExample Sites● Supply chain news:● Russian Fashion:● Sports Zone News:
  7. 7. Curation as Filter
  8. 8. Curation as FilterExample Sites● St. Louis Carpenter:● EU Media Freedom:● Home Tips:
  9. 9. Curation as a way to Create
  10. 10. Fully CuratedExample Sites● Garage Floors:● Wizard of Guitar:● Internet Billboards:
  11. 11. Is Curation Plagiarism?Not if you follow the golden rule:Attribution, Attribution, AttributionBut then....Why would I send traffic to another site?In Addition:● Dont copy the full text, just excerpts● Make it your own with comments, opinions
  12. 12. Discovery
  13. 13. Discovery
  14. 14. Discovery
  15. 15. Sharing
  16. 16. Sharing
  17. 17. Curating
  18. 18. Curating● Make it a regular practice● Ask why this beforeposting curated articles● Learn to become a goodcurator - build your eye○ Add value to yourcommunity○ Build a story○ Highlight the unique○ Point/counterpoint○ What to read this week
  19. 19. Curation - A Self-studyCourse in Writing● Disciplined, regular discovery of articles,authors and writing examples● Start with reactions to practice writing youropinions and ideas● Expand to longer comments and opinions asyou gain confidence● Feedback from your community and thewider web to judge progress● Curation can lead to more and better originalcontent for your blog or site
  20. 20. Content CurationResources● Curation 101 -● How Content Curation can Improve your SearchRankings-● Six reasons why your business needs to curatecontent -● Winning the SEO Battle through Content Curation● When did Content Curation Begin?
  21. 21. Content Curation Tools● Getting Started○ Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest○, Storify, PearlTrees● Moving to a higher level○ Rebelmouse, Curationsoft,,○ Curata, Publish.this, Percolate, Rallyverse● WordPress Focused Plugin○ MyCurator, Curation Traffic