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Building Cloud Services into Your Plugin


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How to add a cloud service to your WordPress plugin

Published in: Software
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Building Cloud Services into Your Plugin

  1. 1. Building Cloud Services into your Plugin By Mark Tilly
  2. 2. You’ve got some ideas now that seem too big for a simple plugin
  3. 3. Today you will learn new ways to deliver services to your clients
  4. 4. Big WordPress shops are delivering cloud services and raising the bar with your clients
  5. 5. You can tap into your own cloud processing and deliver it through your plugin
  6. 6. Solve the puzzle with a new plugin foundation
  7. 7. A new plugin architecture for the cloud
  8. 8. Separating our idea into plugin and cloud components Idea!
  9. 9. Identifying the cloud service components Massive Processing
  10. 10. The cloud service environment is commoditized now
  11. 11. Throw processing hardware at your service as your business grows
  12. 12. The client side plugin is streamlined to focus on user interactions
  13. 13. Client Side Plugin Depending on your application, you may need to do some batch or timed processing in the plugin
  14. 14. Client Side Plugin Use logging liberally for transactions with the cloud
  15. 15. A Simple Communication Channel
  16. 16. Identifying transactions between your plugin and the cloud service
  17. 17. Rather than HTML web pages, we’ll be passing complex data structures with JSON
  18. 18. Choose a transport function to use with your client plugin
  19. 19. Setting up the Cloud Server to Process Requests Transport Protocol $request_body = file_get_contents('php://input'); //Why not in $_POST? $header_info = $_SERVER; echo(json_encode($return_data));
  20. 20. Testing is a three step process moving from everything local to the full remote server Transport Protocol
  21. 21. Pulling it all together with a Marketing/Admin Site
  22. 22. Integrating your Cloud Service with a WordPress site
  23. 23. You control what to log and when, providing real-time data on your service
  24. 24. Build as many Reporting and Management tools as you want
  25. 25. You can tap into a cloud service & deliver as a plugin!
  26. 26. Thanks! Slides At: service-plugin/ Tilly/building-cloud-services-into- a-wordpress-plugin Contact: Mark Tilly 1000 Cordova Pl.