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International Legislative Experiences on Watershed Management

Mark R. Tercek, CEO of The Nature Conservancy, spoke in in Beijing during the 2018 CCICED Open Forum on Green Development Innovation for the Yangtze River. Citing international examples, he demonstrated that there is a big opportunity for legal reforms to advance environmental outcomes and sustainable development for the Yangtze Economic Belt.

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International Legislative Experiences on Watershed Management

  1. 1. International Legislative Experiences on Watershed Management 流域管理的国际立法经验 Mark Tercek , CEO 马克·特瑟克, CEO Remarks to CCICED Open Forum on Green Development Innovation for the Yangtze River November 3, 2018
  2. 2. Key Issues 1.Measure and motivate 保护手段及激励机制 2.Coordinate across agencies 跨部门联动 3.Address non-point pollution 应对面源污染 ©Scott Warren
  3. 3. • Industry action spurred by policy 通过政策改变企业行为 • Mandatory limits build on existing legislation 通过法律设立排污的强制性限制 Clean Water Act 《净水法案》 © Jason Houston
  4. 4. • Stormwater management in Washington D.C. 华盛顿特区的雨水治理 • Satellite imagery to reduce agricultural runoff into the Chesapeake Basin 利用卫星图像减少流入切萨皮克湾的农业径流 Innovation 创新 ©The Nature Conservancy (Bill Marr)
  5. 5. Key Initiatives • Reduction of nutrients pollution in the Mississippi River 减少密西西比河的养分污染 • U.S. Farm Bill contributes major funding for ecological restoration 美国《农场法案》 为生态恢复提供主要资金 主要手段 © Carlton Ward Jr.
  6. 6. The Amazon 亚马逊河 © F‡bio Maffei
  7. 7. • In Brazil, Water Code, enacted in 1934 1934年,巴西实施《水资源法典》 • Treaty for Amazonian Cooperation of 1978 1978年,亚马逊合作条约 • Decision for Environmental Strategic Assessment at watershed level 在流域层面进行环境战略评估 Accountability 责任制
  8. 8. The Rhine 莱茵河
  9. 9. • In 1986, a fire in a chemicals storage caused environmental disaster 1986年,瑞士某 化学仓库的大火造成了严重环境影响 • Rhine Action Program 莱茵河行动计划 • Basel Convention 巴塞尔公约 • Convention on the Protection of the Rhine 莱茵河保护公约 Reform 改革
  10. 10. THE BALKANS 巴尔干地区 ©Ken Geiger/The Nature Conservancy
  11. 11. • Application of U.S. Wild and Scenic Rivers Act 美国《野生与风景河流法》的实施 • Preservation of rivers and their natural, cultural and recreational values. 保护河流及其自然、文化与游憩价值 Learning from Each Other 互相借智
  12. 12. Conclusions • Establish strong legislation 建立强有力的法律 • Drive policies and markets that support long-term sustainable development 利用政策及市场手段为长效可持续发展护航 • Consider implemention 将政策落到实处 • Great rivers need multiple and varied approaches 寻求多样化的解决方案 • Learn from other great rivers’ challenges 总结其他大河治理经验 • And come up with something better 不断突破,探索更优方案! ©Scott Warren
  13. 13. Thank You Photograph taken on assignment for The Nature Conservancy "Design For A Living World" project and exhibit. ©Ami Vitale