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1005 icma insider

  1. 1. THE BUSINESS SCHOOL FOR FINANCIAL MARKETS www.icmacentre.ac.uk theinsider 2010
  2. 2. Champagne andcelebration at theICMA Centre We hope that Vetiva’s undertaking to recognise Pictured from left to right: Professor John Board, and modestly reward excellence Olayemi Olukayode, Dr Adrian Bell will be a contributing factor in motivating individuals to reach within and bring out the very best that they have on the inside. Dr Olaolu Mudasiru
  3. 3. the insiderChampagne and smiles were certainly not in short supply at theICMA Centre when over 200 students celebrated their achievementsat a reception held at the Centre prior to the Graduation Ceremonyin the Great Hall.With record student numbers this year The BSc Class of 2010 also delivered a wealth 03the students did not disappoint with of high achievers with a third achieving Firsts,results. The Centre was spoilt for choice and the prize of £500 went to Anthony Beeversin awarding its annual MSc and BSc who graduated top of the class.Academic Achievement Awards. Awards didn’t stop there, the annual Vetiva PrizeDue to the outstanding achievement for Best Graduating African Student was bestowed on MSc student, Olayemi Olukayode. The £1000of the MSc students, three shared the prize was established by one of the ICMA Centre’sachievement prize receiving £250 each: alumni, Dr Olaolu Mudasiru, who is now DeputyXi Chen, Mary Jane Chiong and Managing Director of Vetiva Capital ManagementIndrajeet Mohite. Limited in Nigeria. Dr Musasiru, said of the prize: “We hope that Vetiva’s undertaking to recognise and modestly reward excellence will be a contributing factor in motivating individuals to reach within and bring out the very best that they have on the inside.” Mr Olukayode had even more reason to smile when it was announced that a job offer came along with the prize this year.
  4. 4. The ICMA Centrelaunches newPortfolio SimulationPlatformMSc and BSc students at the ICMA Centrethat take the portfolio management courseare involved in an assessed group projectwhere they have to build and evaluatea hypothetical portfolio withsecurities of their choiceusing real time data.The new web-based ICMA Centreportfolio simulation platform thathas been developed by StockTrakInc and customised by Dr GeorgeAlexandridis allows students to tradesecurities in most major marketsaround the world in real time andbuild and manage large portfolios.Dr George Alexandridis, Lecturer in Finance atthe ICMA Centre said: “Our custom made portfolio The ICMAsimulation platform and other simulations usedin the Centre can really help us bridge the gap Centre is a topbetween theory and practice and progress thestudents’ learning experience to a higher level. European schoolStudents can apply the tools they learn in theclass and improve their investment skills. in internationalIt is very much like a real online trading platform,which not only allows students to get some financial tradinghands-on experience but also ignites a spirit ofcompetition in the classroom. Moreover, it helps competitionimprove students’ investment awareness andpotential in securing better jobs after graduation”.The ICMA Centre is one of the very fewBusiness Schools in the UK that have adoptedsimilar portfolio simulation platforms that arebecoming an essential training tool in businessand finance education.
  5. 5. the insider This result shows that our graduates are among 05 the best in the world and that the time and effort invested in our dealing rooms and our trading simulation software (ICTrader) was well spent – to the benefit of us and future members of the finance professions,” said Dr Michael Smith dealing room director at the ICMA Centre. “Making it to the top of the competition requires a very diverse set of skills. One has to be numerical enough to create the appropriate pricing models, and strategic enough to find the most efficient ways to trade,” commented Ioannis. Being in the trading pit during the quantitative outcry session and tradingagainst 87 people from top schools, some of Also launched this year:them with significant trading experience, was ICTraderlike being thrown into a pool of sharks. ICTrader, developed in partnership withDimitris Korovilas 7city, is one of the most sophisticated trading simulations available in the market. With a wealth of trader performanceThe ICMA Centre has once again proved statistics to back up the high intensitythat it is one of the top finance schools in dealing, traders really feel as though theythe world when it came joint fourth out of a are actually on a trading desk. Coveringfield of 44 international schools in the 2010 a range of markets from spot foreignRotman International Trading Competition exchange to single stock multiple strikeheld at the Rotman School of Management, equity options, ICTrader allows you to trulyUniversity of Toronto. This result is in line immerse yourself in the world of dealing.with the ICMA Centre’s track record of For more information visitfinishing in the top 10, and usually top 5, www.icmacentre.ac.uk/ictraderin all previous Rotman competitions.The team of four traders – Ioannis Oikonomou,Dimitris Korovilas, Aditya Pandit and Juan CepedaMurcia – beat a veritable whose who of financeschools to take joint fourth place. Top place wentto MIT, the closest European university wasLuiss University, which came 30th, and the nextUK school was CASS Business School, whichwas ranked in 33rd place.“As recent events in world markets have shownonly too clearly, skill and competence in tradingand analysis are critical both to success and tosurvival in modern markets.
  6. 6. ICMA Centre is praisedby UniversityProfessor Carol Alexander and Mrs Kim Kim Mountford, whose empathy and understandingMountford have received School Awards is widely appreciated by the students during thefor Outstanding Contributions to Learning admissions process, says of the award: “I feel aand Teaching 2009/10. great sense of enjoyment from supporting the students through the application process and I amThese prizes are awarded annually by the thrilled and delighted to be chosen for this award.”University of Reading and reflect recognition byboth students and colleagues of the valuable The aim of this awards scheme is to recogniseinput made by staff at the University. and reward individuals who have made significant, ongoing contributions to teaching and learning,Professor Alexander, whose modules on the either through direct interactions with studentsICMA Centre’s MSc programmes are consistently or through their support of teaching staff withinrated at close to 100% satisfaction by our the School.students, commented: “My colleague’s esteemreally matters to me – this is a major benefit Dr Adrian Bell, School Director of Teaching andof the award.” Learning, said: “At the ICMA Centre, we view each stage of the journey as equally important from applicant to alumni and these awards reflect this”.Pictured from left to right: Mrs Kim Mountford, Professor Carol Alexander.
  7. 7. the insider 07 This is excellent news both for Adrian and for the Centre. It is very well deserved and recognizes the significant contribution Adrian has made to the development of the Centre. Professor John BoardDr Adrian Bellpromoted toprofessorWe are proud to announce that our very ownDr Adrian Bell will be promoted to Professoron 1st October this year.Dr Bell who has been with the Centre since 1994 hasbeen instrumental in the development of both theundergraduate and postgraduate programmes inhis role as School Director of Teaching and Learning.He also, developed the distance-learning MScprogramme in 2003 with the Centre’s new mediasolutions manager – the first distance learningMasters in Finance degrees in the UK deliveringusing e-lectures.Professor John Board, director of the Centrecommented: “This is excellent news both forAdrian and for the Centre. It is very welldeserved and recognizes the significantcontribution Adrian has made to thedevelopment of the Centre.”
  8. 8. The ICMA Centre announceslaunch of its Advanced Diplomain Investment ComplianceThe ICMA Centre and the CharteredInstitute for Securities and Investment(CISI) have announced the mostcomprehensive programme for complianceprofessionals currently available in thefinancial markets – the Advanced Diplomain Investment Compliance.The new programme builds on the successof the Diploma in Capital Markets, Regulationand Compliance launched in 2006 by theUniversity of Reading and FINRA, by embeddingthe most successful UK industry qualification –the CISI Diploma in Investment Compliance The merging of these– within an enhanced training programme qualifications will lead tofor compliance professionals. a cleaner and better defined route to the professional certificationFor more information visit and demonstration of competencewww.icmacentre.ac.uk/adic that is so much in demand following the financial crisis. Professor John Board Director, ICMA Centre
  9. 9. the insiderICMA Centre executive educationcontributes to Henley Business 09School Financial Times RankingHenley Business School’s position as The main area of strength is the international focusa world-ranked provider of executive – international clients, international participants andeducation has been confirmed by the international delivery – across Europe, Sub Saharanresults of the Financial Times Executive Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia. HenleyEducation Ranking published in is ranked 15th in the world for breadth and depth ofMay 2010. This is the first year that international clients in the custom programmes.the ICMA Centre has contributed The ICMA Centre has long offered a comprehensiveto the Business School’s entry. range of custom programmes for international institutions such as the Bank of China, KSDARanking 33rd worldwide in a composite ranking for (Korean Securities Dealers Association) and theopen and custom executive education programmes, Qatar Stock Exchange.the overall results of this survey reflect the effortsand success of Henley Business School following To view the full results for the FT Executivethe merger in 2008. The School of Management’s Education Rankings 2010 visit: http://www.ft.com/business and leadership programmes are businesseducation/executiveeducation2010complemented by the ICMA Centre’s financeexecutive education programmes.John Board, Director of the ICMA Centrecommented: “The merger with Henley hasenabled us to work together on new and innovativeexecutive programmes by combining the expertiseof the schools within the Faculty.”
  10. 10. Coming up for 2011New finance themed Executive MBAHenley Executive MBA applicants The ICMA Centre will deliver the Corporate Financecan from 2011 choose to take advantage themed MBA. Participants will study as part of theof the exceptional scope of expertise executive MBA programme following the coreacross Henley Business School through a curriculum whilst periodically studying tailoredrange of newly launched themed MBAs. modules bespoke to their subject theme at appropriate points in time.These themed MBAs are designed for experienced,practising managers who are looking for a world The Henley Executive MBA is a two year part-timerenowned general management MBA but with a programme aimed at aspiring senior managers whoparticular application to three different industries – wish to develop their management competency asCorporate Finance, Construction Management well as focus on their own personal development,and Real Estate. alongside their full-time employment. For more information visit www.icmacentre.ac.uk/ corporate-finance-themed-MBA
  11. 11. the insider Coming up for 2011 New finance themed Executive MBA New MSc 11 Henley Executive MBA applicants The ICMA Centre will deliver the Corporate Finance The ICMA Centre is pleased to announce sessions, bespoke simulations, specialised can from 2011 choose to take advantage themed MBA. Participants will study as part of the its new MSc in International Shipping and workshops and careers events. They also have of the exceptional scope of expertise executive MBA programme following the core Finance* which has been developed in the opportunity to spend two months in Greece, across Henley Business School through a curriculum whilst periodically studying tailored partnership with ALBA Graduate Business a country with long-standing tradition in shipping range of newly launched themed MBAs. modules bespoke to their subject theme at School in Athens, Greece and has and one of the largest maritime clusters in the world. appropriate points in time. strong support from the international The MSc International Shipping and Finance These themed MBAs are designed for experienced, practising managers who are looking for a world The Henley Executive MBA is a two year part-time shipping community. students will be eligible for internships with renowned general management MBA but with a programme aimed at aspiring senior managers who The nine month programme which will be available major shipping companies, highly valuable particular application to three different industries – wish to develop their management competency as from 2011 will be studied at the ICMA Centre and in the current economic environment. Corporate Finance, Construction Management well as focus on their own personal development, at ALBA, giving students the benefit of both For more information visit and Real Estate. alongside their full-time employment. organisation’s specialisms. www.icmacentre.ac.uk/isf For more information visit www.icmacentre.ac.uk/ The degree is designed to offer expertise in *Subject to approval by the University of Reading corporate-finance-themed-MBA mainstream finance, shipping finance and general shipping. Students will benefit from world-renowned faculty, distinguished guest speakers, hands-onICMA_TheInsider_2010_v2.indd 10-11 27/7/10 11:52:45
  12. 12. Designed by goode.co.ukOur DegreesBSc Finance and Investment BankingMSc Capital Markets, Regulation and ComplianceMSc Corporate FinanceMSc Finance and Real EstateMSc Financial EngineeringMSc Financial Risk ManagementMSc International Securities, Investment and BankingMSc International Shipping and Finance (Subject to approval by the University of Reading)MSc Investment Banking and Islamic FinanceMSc Investment ManagementCorporate Finance Executive MBA with Henley Business SchoolOur Executive EducationAdvanced Diploma in Investment ComplianceFinancial Market Foundation Certificate (FMFC)Securities Operations Foundation Course (SOFC)International Fixed Income and Derivatives (IFID) CertificateOperations Certificate Programme (OCP)Primary Market Certificate (PMC)PRM™ Professional Risk Manager Certification ProgrammeSenior Executive ProgrammeTrading CertificateTailored Training ProgrammesOpen DaysBSc Taster Day: 02 October 2010MSc Open Afternoon: 24 November 2010MSc Open Afternoon: 23 March 2011MSc Open Afternoon: 06 July 2011ICMA Centre, Henley Business School, Whiteknights, Reading, RG6 6BA, UKT: +44 (0)118 378 8239 F: +44 (0)118 931 4741 E: insider@icmacentre.ac.uk The ICMA Centre is supported by the International Capital Market Association, the trade association and market regulator forwww.icmacentre.ac.uk member organisations active in the global securities market.