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5 Solutions to Prevent Your HiPo Program From Failing

Are you in HR or Organisational Development and spent countless $$$ and hours investing in a High Potential Development program, only to see it fail to meet expectations? We understand, so this presentation highlights 5 ways to make your HiPo program the success it should be.

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5 Solutions to Prevent Your HiPo Program From Failing

  1. 1. 5 Solutions to Prevent Your High Potential Training Program From Failing By Mark Stuart, Head Trainer, Anagram Group
  2. 2. Employees that firms want to ensure stay and don’t get lost to the competition. Who are the High Potentials (Hi-Pos)?
  3. 3. In short, they are the future.
  4. 4. These programs typically range from: 3 to 12 months 6 to 80 employees
  5. 5. CEB Global’s research indicates that: HiPos are 91% more valuable than non-HiPos, yet 73% of programs are failing to deliver business outcomes or ROI.
  6. 6. Despite significant investment on the part of the employer, many fail to achieve their original objectives.
  7. 7. Our Hi-Po Programme Looks Like… Online Surveys to Assess Competence Training Programme Group Coaching Presentation to Senior Management Online Surveys to Access Results 1 2 3 4 5 5 STAG ES O F A HIG H-PO PRO G RAM M E
  8. 8. 5 Solutions How do I prevent a training programme from failing?
  9. 9. Problem #1 Lack of management buy-in
  10. 10. Participants need to feel that they have management who are supportive of their inclusion.
  11. 11. Without this, they can start to feel disengaged and demotivated.
  12. 12. Solution #1 Have a pre-program meeting or call with the line managers of all the participants, co-ordinated by the HR/L&D team
  13. 13. Solution #1 Explain the reason behind the program: Why their employee was selected? What changes they should expect to see? What is needed from the managers for the program?
  14. 14. • Regular catch-ups to discuss what they’ve been learning • How it can be applied in their jobs • Facilitating opportunities to put their new skills in place Solution #1 Support should include:
  15. 15. #2 Wrong employees chosen for the program.
  16. 16. The success of your HiPo program is dependent on the correct selection of employees
  17. 17. According to CEB Global, a successful HiPo candidate has three distinguishing attributes:  Solution #2 Aspiration for reaching a more senior position Ability to be more effective in senior roles Engaged and committed to the firm
  18. 18. If the wrong employees are selected, 55% are likely to leave or drop out of the program Solution #2
  19. 19. This comes at a huge cost to the firm, so the HR department needs to invest time and collaborate with the business Solution #2
  20. 20. Problem #3 Lack of clarity from the employee as to why they have been selected
  21. 21. Solution #3 HR and the respective line manager should be Talking with the participant Explaining why they have been selected Confirm their desired participation.
  22. 22. Solution #3 Things can derail the employees’ enthusiasm for the program, resulting in: • A lack of willingness to participate • Reluctance to appear ‘above’ their peers • Think they are more important than their colleagues
  23. 23. Problem #4 Lack of clear objectives and overall goals for the program
  24. 24. Agree on what the company is aiming to achieve by running the program.  Solution #4
  25. 25. With no training objectives participants return to their jobs and perform the same as before. Solution #4
  26. 26. Solution #4 Unless their development is structured throughout the year with an end state in mind, you won’t get a good return on your dollar.
  27. 27. Ensure the training company delivers a varied program including: • Workshops • Individual and/or group coaching • Additional and relevant articles • Offsite time to get away from the office Solution #4
  28. 28. Without variety, you risk seeing the participants become slowly disengaged. Solution #4
  29. 29. Problem #5 Lack of ongoing communication between employer and training company
  30. 30. The training company needs to treat their client as if they’re in a relationship with them. Solution #5
  31. 31. Provide regular feedback to HR on identified issues or progress, making suggestions on changes to the program as they go along. Solution #5
  32. 32. What can firms do better to ensure their HiPo program is a success and delivers ROI?
  33. 33. The key to a successful program is communication!
  34. 34. Trainer HR Team Line Manager Have open communication
  35. 35. All decisions are taken with the most important person in mind: the participant
  36. 36. These programs take up a lot time but aren’t your most promising employees worth it?
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