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Email Marketing Strategy and Tips for Business Owners


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A customer shouldn't just be for Christmas. If you are a business owner and you're not communicating regularly with your customers by email, maybe you should. Customer loyalty, repeat business, referrals, cross-sells and website visitors are just some of the benefits available. These slides will help you review whether email is right for your business. It also summarises the main steps to set-up email marketing, from capturing email addresses, gathering ideas about what to write, and the technical set-up plus tips for regular broadcasts.

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Email Marketing Strategy and Tips for Business Owners

  1. 1. A Customer shouldn’t be just for Christmas How business owners can use Email Marketing to generate extra sales & business By Mark Stonham – –
  2. 2. Your Email Experience Receiving email?  Sending email? ? ?  All of us do  Few smaller businesses We read what we value use email marketing  Large companies use it, because it works!
  3. 3. My Email Marketing Experience Email Newsletter 25  Trade-show promo years ago @ IBM for Welsh Agency Member benefits News –  Mortgage Finance 8k recipients Promotions to 100k News and Offers to Van  Training Provider Owners & Small Fleet mixed content Managers newsletter Vehicle Finance  My weekly ‘Funnel promotions Friday’ to contacts
  4. 4. Mark StonhamSkills Endorsementson LinkedIn ProfileHighly rated forEmail Marketing
  5. 5. Email Marketing Myths SPAM Not effective Difficult / Technical Hard work / time-consuming You need to be creative You need to write well
  6. 6. Six wise men – for best email results• What – do you want to achieve?• Who – are you going to send the email to?• Why – should they open and read your email?• How – should they respond?• When – is the best time to send them something?• Where – are you going to find people?
  7. 7. What – do you want to achieve?  More Customers?  More Sales?  Bigger Purchases?  More Frequent?  New Markets?  Referrals?
  8. 8. TIP – What do you talk to your customers about?  Relationship building chat  Loyalty – invite revisit  Sharing helpful knowledge  Tips on choosing – pre-sales advice  Tips on using – after-sales education  Seasonal tips – what’s changing?  Education – maybe run a class? These are a great starting point for what to put into your emails.
  9. 9. Template Design & Style  Newsletter  Multiple Items  Single Item Bulletin  Announcement  Single Message  Multiple Message  Bulletin  Plain Text vs HTML
  10. 10. Mailchimp Templates
  11. 11.
  12. 12.
  13. 13.
  14. 14. How does your email look in the in-box?
  15. 15. Does the ‘From’ and Subject line stand out?
  16. 16. Getting Started  Collect Email Addresses  List Management  Template  Content  Analytics  Website  Social Media  Offline
  17. 17. SIX Tips for Email Success  Provide Value – you are the expert!  Use alongside other activity – integrate  Focus on set-up – maybe get help  Develop a routine – and keep it going  Build your LIST – but keep it personal  Develop your Customer Community
  18. 18. Wurlwind Support Email Marketing Review and Action Plan Email Marketing Set-up Assistance Email Marketing Automation  Welcome sequence after website registration  Or after meeting someone face to face
  19. 19. Wurlwind Project Roadmap Ideal Customers Value Proposition Goals Engage &Campaign ROI Selling Steps Nurture Activity
  20. 20. Email Results: More happy customers, More sales & money, Obedient Email Marketing Contact Mark Stonham @ Wurlwind to discuss ways to generate more sales