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Want to get started or to improve your use of Social Media? This presentation outlines a 5 step blueprint and 5 practical, actionable tips and hints per step. It will help B2B salespeople, marketing and management to understand ways they can use Social Media for Business and B2B marketing and sales. It identifies Social media as part of an overall lead generation, lead nurture and customer service approach. Various social networks such and LinkedIn and Twitter and tools like Wordpress and Hootsuite are covered.
Apologies in advance for the sound quality.

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  • An indicator of your Commitment is your Influence which you build up over time.If you use Twitter you may have seen the Klout score referred to.Klout is an application that measures influence, and scores it up to 100.It started off by assessing Twitter profiles and has since added Facebook and LinkedInWhat is interesting is the logic behind it – taking 25 or more factors Primarily assessing how others behave towards you, - Do they comment, like, retweet, add you to Lists, and many more behaviours.##If you want an objective measure to track and maybe you have a competitive streak in you, this could be seriously useful, and maybe addictive.I wonder How long before it is a topic of conversation around the office or with prospects and customers, or at dinner parties?That might sound trivial but Klout is about turning the tables.It’s not what you say about yourself, it’s what others say (and do) about you! that matters in Social Media, as this spreads your message far wider and with much more impact. When your peer group, customers etc. endorse you this will increasingly carry great sway with prospects.And it should be Reciprocal – give to gain.Take look at your customers; How can you increase their standing in Social Media and increase their business performance.Do things that help them and they’ll probably do things that help you .Earn the right for an endorsement, and make it easy to spread the word. For example by creating quality content.#Done well and they (or others) reciprocate and provide referrals, introductions and help your online reputation.
  • Getting back onto the Sales topic and Since the focus is on lead generation1. What is a good lead for you? What Qualification Criteria? Is it MAN or SCOTSMAN or some other method?Agree between marketing & sales2. Buyers may be well down the buying process – you may be on their short-list and final evaluation.Qualify well – and see what action the buyer will take – will they complete a qualification questionaire?3. Then, who researches and spots NEW opportunities online? Is Marketing, Sales, Outsource. Or is it everyone? Company Culture?Where to look? Are you able to use tools as the back-bone to do this yet?4. Once you engage in Social Media, map out ways to migrate that contact onto email or other in-house system. It’s more private, it’s more trackable, and you can keep a back-up. And if that creates an opportunity then manage that through with CRM for 1:1 follow-up – phone calls, meetings etc. There are ways to take over the Social Media information to give you a more complete picture in CRM.5. And don’t forget to recycle leads and opportunities that don’t close, in this longer sales cycle climate.
  • Have the information available from Social Media on your key contacts:Use this as a Bridge into a conversation – right time, right topic, right tone. This is great relationship building and could be a great lead generation technique.Make connections in Social Media – start with LinkedIn!Start creating or build out - Single view of customer. Outlook 2010 + Social Media Plug-in Social CRM – sCRM.
  • Social Media for Business Blueprint 2 a

    1. 1. Social Media for Business – a Blueprint for Success<br />Using Social Media effectively to help you generation leads<br />5 Step Blueprint – for B2B salespeople and companies<br />Mark Stonham<br />Business Development Director<br />Marketing & Sales Technology Consultant<br /><br /><br />MarkStonham on LinkedIn<br />@markjstonham<br />@hostedCRMapps<br />@SocMedB2SME<br />
    2. 2. Social Media Networks<br />
    3. 3. B2B Sales Challenges<br />o High-quality leads <br />o High volume of leadso Lengthening sales cycle<br />MarketingSherpa2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report, Jen Doyle, Senior Research Analyst,<br />
    4. 4. B2B Examples<br />Integrated (Tech)<br />EMC Cisco Systems <br />Integrated (NonTech)<br />Omni Hotels & Resorts BrightstarCorp.<br />Twitter<br />Mongoose Metrics Vistaprint<br />LinkedIn<br />Accenture Global Crossing<br />Facebook<br /> American Soc.of Mechanical Engrs<br />Viral Video<br />Cisco Systems Microsoft Corp.<br />Blog<br />Sybase Inc. OptifyInc.<br />Closed Community<br />LexisNexis Risk Solutions Psion<br />
    5. 5. www.indium.com17 Blogs, Engineer to Engineer600% increase in leads<br />Indium Example<br />
    6. 6. ShipServ Example<br />RESULTS<br />Website<br />Website visitors increased by 59 %, Page-views increased by 70 %<br />1,000s downloads of a white paper<br />Community<br />1500 members in ShipServ Maritime Video views growing <br />LinkedIn and Twitter = traffic sources<br />Business statistics<br />Contact-to-lead up 150%<br />Lead-to-opportunity conversion up 50%<br />Campaign mgmtcosts down 80%<br />sales-ready leads up 400%<br />Break-even on the $30,000 in 3 mnthsvs estimated $150,000 trad.<br />
    7. 7. 1. Audience - Attract<br />1. Where is your B2B Audience?<br />LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Slideshare, etc.<br />2. Research – understand your target audience<br />Listen in on discussions in Groups & monitor<br />3. What Problems & Issues do they have?<br />Plan Buyer Personas, Keywords, Content Map<br />4. What is your Personal & Brand Persona?<br />What will make you stand out & be memorable <br />5. Unlock the knowledge in you/your company.<br /> Blog about your expertise – Search picks it up<br /> Go Multi-Media & Multi-channel & COPE<br />
    8. 8. 1a. Listen to the Market<br />Google Alerts<br />
    9. 9. 2. Value - Engage<br />1. Connect to your customers & partners <br />Connect on LinkedIn, or other networks<br />2. Start to contribute<br />Add comments to LinkedIn Groups and Blogs<br />3. Create ‘on-brand’ content on your website Create a mini campaign in various media & time <br />4. Identify opinion leaders and reach out to them<br />Post on their blogs, re-tweet their stuff, Share on LN<br />5. Seek comments & feedback in what you write<br />Engage and get discussion going<br />
    10. 10. 2a. Tools to help you engage<br />
    11. 11. 3. Commitment - Nurture<br />1. Encourage people to connect, follow & subscribe <br />To you/co on SM, and to your Email nurture via plugins<br />2. Build Relationships <br /> 1:1 & 1:Many, for the buy now and the buy sometime<br />3. Multi-touch ‘Welcome’ & Follow-up<br />Bite-sized, single issue, keyword focus, how-to<br />4. What’s the Compelling Event for the Buyer?<br />Drip feed ‘qualifying’ topics into the content stream<br />5. Influence<br />Build your reputation, your reach, your visibility<br />
    12. 12. It’s not what you say about yourself, it’s what others say (and do) about you! <br />3a. Influence - Klout<br />
    13. 13. 4. Destination - Transact<br />1. What is a qualified lead or opportunity for you?<br /> Agree among your team – feed into nurture<br />2. Prepare to move quickly with hot leads<br />Buyers may now be much better educated<br />3. Who will spot new opportunities, and where?<br />Marketing or Sales? Manual or assisted?<br />4. Move leads and opps to CRM for 1:1 follow-up<br />Make Social Media Connection for sCRM<br />5. Recycle<br /> Put non-sales-ready leads back into nurture<br />
    14. 14. 4a. Add Social to CRM<br />Add Social Media feed for your Key Contacts. <br />Gives you additional information for relationship building. <br />
    15. 15. 5. Develop - Deliver<br />1. Monitor progress<br /> Against hard & soft goals<br />2. What content gains the ‘best’ results?<br />Test by doing more of what appears to work<br />3. What Social Media communities deliver?<br /> Track clicks ie. Link Shortener stats<br />4. Encourage others to ‘Talk about you’<br />Visibility, Social Proof & Influence <br />5. Give it time<br />1-3 months for each phase or building-block<br />
    16. 16. 5a. Stats & Trends<br />
    17. 17. Summary<br />Social Media for Business <br />A Blueprint for Success<br />5 steps and 5 tips per step<br />B2B Sales Challenges:<br /><ul><li>higher quality leads,
    18. 18. more leads,
    19. 19. longer sales cycle </li></li></ul><li>Next Steps<br />Exit Questionnaire<br />Workshop - TBC @ Wizard Office Yate<br />Wizard Systems - Website, email, social media<br />Systems implementation & integration<br /><br />Wurlwind - Website, email, social media<br />Social Media Review & Action Plan<br /><br />@markjstonham@hostedCRMapps@SocMedB2SME<br />QUESTIONS<br />