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Linkedin Roadmap - plan your Social Selling journey with Wurlwind


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When planning a journey it helps to have a roadmap. From the LinkedIn Training courses I run I know that Sales Leaders and Business Owners appreciate guidance when assessing and planning how best to use LinkedIn. I've identified 5 levels, which I term Basic, Professional, Engaging, Social and Influencer. Against each I've indicated LinkedIn Profile characteristics, LinkedIn related activity, indicative time required and potential results. Assess where you and your team are now. Identify where you'd like to get to. Plan the steps and progress you'll need to make. And if you need guidance, training or support please do get in touch with me, Mark Stonham at Wurlwind.

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Linkedin Roadmap - plan your Social Selling journey with Wurlwind

  1. 1. Leveraging LinkedIn – the journey to Social Selling L5 - Influencer Where are you on your LinkedIn Journey? L3 - Engaging Mark Stonham LinkedIn Trainer Social Selling Consultant L2 - Professional Level 1 - Basic • Name • Default Headline • Skeleton roles • Minimal/No background • <50 contacts • No activity • Not checking VIE * • Not inviting people • Photo • Custom URL • Full Contact Details • Custom Web URLs • All Roles, with text • Education • Skills • 50-200 contacts • Weekly check on VIE * • Invite Customers to connect • Generocity evident • Trigger events highlighted • Multi-media added to profile • Testimonials Given & Rec’d • Expertise & Authority evident • in profile wording • in content created • in behaviour • in insight given • in contact journey • 500+ contacts • Groups - 20+ prof + cust sector • Endorsements hitting 99s • 1000+ contacts • Group Top Contributor • Running a group? • Check VIEN * 3 x daily - mobile • Curating Content • Daily Status Updates • Links to own / company articles • Group activity daily • Contributing • Initiating • Always on – mobile + assistance • Creating Content • Blogging • Slideshare • Video L4 - Social • Custom Headline • Summary re: • target audience • market issues • customer value • results/evidence • Roles show customer value • Keyword focused profile • 200-500 contacts • 10+ Groups • Endorsements building 50+ • Daily check on VIE * • Commenting into Home Stream • Find + Invite people to connect • 30 -60 minutes / day •10 hours + per wk incl. content • 60 minutes+ per day • <30 minutes / week What’s your plan to get to the next level? • No time spent on LinkedIn Barely online Invisible Vehicle Chassis Bring Offline Online Building Network Axle Value focus Starting Conversations Hub Dialogue focus Developing Relationships Spokes Community focus Reinforcing Reputation Rim Minimum benefit Possibly detrimental Support Offline activity Occasionally found Customer Mgmt Focus Underpin Outbound Regularly Found Tactical Lead Gen Accelerate Outbound Inbound Inquiries growing Opportunities by Referral Replace Outbound Inbound Fills the Funnel Strategic Social Selling * VIE VIEN – Views, Invites, Emails, Notifications Copyright Wurlwind 2014 Find and connect with us on LinkedIn and at #LinkedWin