Building A Research Centered Communication Program From The Ground Up


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Presentation given at the Institute for Public Relations\' 2009 Summit on Measurement.

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Building A Research Centered Communication Program From The Ground Up

  1. 1. Building a Research-Centered Communication Program from the Ground Up   Mark  R.  Phillips   October,  2009   Ins:tute  for  Public  Rela:ons’  Summit  On  Measurement   Portsmouth,  New  Hampshire   1  
  2. 2. Applying RPEE to Resource Management   •  Research   •  Plan   •  Execute   •  Evaluate   RPEE  helps  manage  the  communica:on  process.   It  also  can  help  manage  communica:on  resources.  
  3. 3. Communication Capability Gap Analysis (2007)   Research Plan Execute Evaluate ID & Monitor & Align Disseminate consolidate clip print opportunities advisories opportunities coverage (editorial & & activities Monitor & congressiona Pitch media clip l calendars, Coordinate broadcast tours, ops HQ, field and coverage Conduct events, etc.) partner conferences Monitor & activities / interviews clip online ID & build relationships coverage Allocate Disseminate with editors releases resources Analyze & journalists (text, photo, coverage Prepare & video) track Report engagement Post online coverage & materials assessments
  4. 4. Media Engagement Process   Research  &   Execu;on   Planning   VOCUS:   press  release   VOCUS:   distribu:on   media  research   VOCUS:   media     online  newsroom   coverage     CKPR:   CKPR:   opportunity  research  &   pitching  &  placement   outreach   VOCUS:   broad-­‐spectrum  media   monitoring   USO   (tac:cal  awareness)   Cision:   Communica:ons   TV  monitoring   KD  Paine:   strategic  media     eNR:   assessment   print  &  online  monitoring   &  monthly  repor:ng   Assessment  
  5. 5. Building a Team   Communication Leadership Operations Development & Entertainment Website and Publications Account Human Resources Account Social Media Account
  6. 6. Applying  RPEE  to  the     Communica:on  Process   Research   Plan –   With  whom  do  we  need  to  communicate?   Execute –   Communicate  about  what?   Evaluate   –   What  are  the  best  ways  to  communicate?   –   What  do  we  want  to  achieve?  
  7. 7. USO  Stakeholders   Corporate Partners USO Individual Employees Donors Troops & USO Military Media Volunteers Families Congressional Board of Caucus Governors Celebrity Entertainers
  8. 8. Applying  RPEE  to  the     Communica:on  Process   Research   –   What  are  our  long-­‐range  goals?   Plan   –   Objec:ves:    What  does  communica:on  need   to  achieve  to  support  these  goals?   Execute –   Build  an  overarching  communica:on  plan  to   Evaluate   achieve  strategic  goals  (long-­‐term)   –   Build  suppor:ng  communica:on  plans  to   achieve  tac:cal  objec:ves  (short-­‐term)   Strong,  mutually  beneficial  rela8onships  and  effec:ve   communica:on  with  stakeholders  are  key  elements  of  the   USO’s  new  strategic  plan.  
  9. 9. Applying  RPEE  to  the     Communica:on  Process   Research –   Tradi:onal  media  rela:ons   Plan   –   Na:onal  (Colbert,  Today,  NY  Times)   –   Local  (stakeholders  point  the  way)   Execute   –   Community  rela:ons  (events  &  programs)   Evaluate   –   New  media  rela:ons  (e.g.,  bloggers)   –   Social  media  (Facebook,  Twier,  Ning)   Cross-­‐pla]orm  integra:on  is  key.   Rather  than  fixa:ng  on  specific  channels,  make  informa:on   available  for  easy  stakeholder  access.  
  10. 10. Applying  RPEE  to  the     Communica:on  Process   Research –   Media  content  analysis  (volume,  tone,   prominence,  dominance,  share,  OTS,  etc.)   Plan –   PSA  (OTS,  compe::ve  ranking,  value)     Execute   –   Online  engagement  (traffic,  pos:ngs,   Evaluate   comments,  downloads,  etc.)   –   Dona:ons   –   USO-­‐wide  Key  Performance  Indicators    Tie  communica:on  outcomes  to  organiza:onal  KPIs.   KPIs  include  customer  sa:sfac:on,  employee/volunteer   reten:on,  corporate  partner  &  celebrity  recrui:ng,  etc.  
  11. 11. From  Volume  to  Meaning   23  
  12. 12. Communica:on  Metrics   Communication Metrics Performance Impact (Efficiency) (Effectiveness) Stakeholder Output Process Outcome Stakeholder Opinions & Stakeholder Awareness & Stakeholder Behavior Metrics Metrics Metrics Attitudes Relationships Understanding Event-to-press Story Pitching Volunteer # Releases Sent A&U: USO Programs O&A: USO Programs Satisfaction release time Success Rate (# & %) Hours & Longevity Individual Event-to-publication Media # Events Photographed A&U: USO Services O&A: USO Services Donations (Direct mail Trust Time Coverage & online, # & $) Print: Volume, Tone, Event-to-Video A&U: Giving O&A: USO as charity of Corporate # Events Videotaped Impact, Discussion Commitment Time Opportunities choice Donations (# & $) Share, Topic Share TV: Volume, Tone, % Web Pages Corporate Partnership # Events on Website Impact, Discussion Control Mutuality Current Renewals Share, Topic Share Radio: Volume, Tone, Relationship Type % Publications New Corporate % Events Photographed Impact, Discussion (communal vs Current Partnerships Share, Topic Share exchange) Turn-Around Time for Web: Volume, Tone, Congressional % Events Videotaped Center Support Impact, Discussion (caucus membership) Requests Share, Topic Share Turn-Around Time for PSA Run Rate (TV, Celebrity Participation % Events on Website Partner Releases Radio, Print, Web) (# celebs & # events) Customers Served Press Release PSA Media Value (TV, # Collateral Produced (via centers, Accuracy Rate Radio, Print, Web) entertainment, etc.) % Products Developed Web Traffic On Time Importance Media Support: PSA runs
  13. 13. Goals   Provide an effective communication program Provide adequate Provide effective brand Provide effective PSA Provide effective PR resources to execute management program program mission Provide adequate fiscal Increase efforts to Produce high-quality Increase stakeholder Develop team with resources to execute standardize use of USO PSAs for TV, print, radio, understanding of USO required skill sets mission brand outdoor and online use mission Ensure brand integrity Increase positive Ensure employee skill- Provide necessary funds Provide cost-effective by providing effective stakeholder attitudes to-job match to execute mission PSA distribution usage guidelines toward USO mission Effectively manage Provide professional Provide IT systems for outside counsel’s brand Expand PSA audience Increase earned media development to enhance diverse team with monitoring and reach coverage critical skills multiple projects enforcement Increase communication Build positive esprit de Integrate all Increase PSA audience opportunities for senior corps communication activities impact leadership Effectively integrate USO & vendor communication efforts Ensure consistent messaging in all USO- generated media
  14. 14. Nested  Communica:on  Metrics   Communica:on    •  Outputs   •  Process  Efficiency   Performance   •  Outcomes   Stakeholder   •  Awareness  &  Understanding   •  Opinions  &  Agtudes   Impact   •  Behavior   •  Sa:sfac:on   Stakeholder   •  Trust   •  Commitment   Rela:onships   •  Power  Sharing   •  Percep:on  of  Rela:onship   26  
  15. 15. What  Communica:on  Data  &   Metrics  are  Important?   •  Volume:   •  Media  Type   •  Message  Content   –  Pos:ngs   –  TV   •  Message  Integrity   –  Opportuni:es  to  See   –  Radio   •  PSA   •  Share  of  Discussion:   –  Newspaper   –  Opportuni:es  to  see   –  Peers/Compe:tors   –  Magazine   –  Ranking   (External)   –  Online  News   –  Media  value   –  Departments   –  Social  Media   •  Stakeholder   (Internal)   •  Geography   Engagement   –  Programs  (Internal)   •  Demographics   •  Rela:onship  Quality   •  Prominence   •  Dominance   •  Visibility   27  
  16. 16. PSA  Campaign  Rankings   28   (Nielsen rankings)
  17. 17. PSA  Media  Value  &  ROI   Program Cost: $850,000 Media Value: $70,000,000 2008 (simple) ROI: 8,000% 29  
  18. 18. Key  Performance  Indicators   Full  messages   High  visibility   Neutral  coverage   Posi:ve  coverage   Overall  coverage   30  
  19. 19. How  we  do  it  …   What  we  do  …   >2.5M  prepaid   Opera:on  Phone  Home   phone  cards   Engaged,  pro-­‐bono   United  Through  Reading   >30,000  videos   board   Connect  troops   Well-­‐governed   135+  worldwide   Engaged,  pro-­‐bono   with  home   advisory  council   USO  Centers   2008:    6.9  million  visits   Good  business   Free  Internet  cafes   BBB  Wise  Giving   prac:ces   Free  Private   Alliance  member   Telephone  Network   ‘08  Charity  Navigator   Efficient   1.5M  since  2003   ra:ng:    3  stars   89%  of  $  spent  go  to   Opera:on  USO  Care   $75  package  for  $25   programs   Non-­‐profit   Package   Items  troops  request   Hello  from  the  Home   Front   LiJ  the  spirits  of   USO  Mobiles   Services  on  the  road   troops  &  families   Serve  NG  &  Reserves   from  home   Road  2  Recovery   1.5M  donors/year   Individual  donors   Supported  by   Comfort  duffels   $35  average  gis   Donors   Opera:on  Enduring  Care   Entertainment   Strong  corporate   Emergency  $  assist.   support   Care  Pages:  Connect   Corporate  partners   Long:me   injured  with  family   rela:onships   Deployable  center   826,000  vol  hours   Deliver  comforts  of   USO  in  a  Box   Web,  phones,  games   (2008)   home   Volunteers   Service  remote  areas   $15.7M  vol  hours   value  (2008)   Tailor  to  unit  needs   USO2GO   ~400  worldwide   Employees   Enable  meaningful   Games,  sports,  food,   involvement   crass,  furniture   Donate  :me/talents   MEGS   Gaming  anywhere   Actors,  musicians,   Celebrity  Entertainers   comics,  athletes   Delivering  life-­‐changing   Hi-­‐vis  ambassadors   experiences  around  the  globe   Entertainment  tours   2008:  60  tours  /        556  events   Strong  bipar:san   support   Troops  +  Stars  =  fun   Congressional  caucus   Pro  vs  GI  Joe   Connects  deployed   106  Sesame  Street  Shows/ ~175  members   76,000  families  entertained   troops  w/family  
  20. 20. Social  Media  ac:vity   32  
  21. 21. Integrate  Engagement   33  
  22. 22. Media  &  Online  Giving   34  
  23. 23. What’s next? 35  
  24. 24. On the Measurement Front   Correlate data from: –  Mainstream and social media –  PSA campaigns –  Web traffic and online donations With data on: –  National public opinion –  Organizational climate –  Customer satisfaction –  Online sales –  ?   37  
  25. 25. Takeaways   •  Consider the desired end-state from the beginning •  Let long-term goals guide the RPEE process •  Focus on the most important outcomes, given time and other resource constraints –  Nobody has the resources to do everything –  Focus on what is achievable and meaningful •  Demonstrate results to leadership –  What communication achieves –  What that means •  It’s an ongoing process
  26. 26. Mark R. Phillips VP, Communication USO 2111 Wilson Boulevard Suite 1200 Arlington, VA 22201 (703) 908-6458 Twitter: Mark_Phillips Skype: MarkRussellPhillips LinkedIn: