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World of Spice, offers you a huge range of herbs and spices to chose from. We import herbs and spices from India, Vietnam, Egypt and many more locations. We blend and pack the herbs and spices into high quality PET plastic jars for your convenience. Please look through our profile we hope you will find it interesting and we welcome any comments or questions you may have. Thank you for looking, Regards Mark.

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World Of Spice Company Profile

  1. 1. Why choose... as your supplier of Herbs, Spices and Natural Seasonings...
  2. 2. Over thyme we have acquired a wealth of... EXPERIENCE with over 100 years of knowledge, we take pride in selecting the finest herbs and spices... Our reputation is your reputation and we can guarantee that you will always receive high quality products, which ensures the long term success of your business.
  3. 3. QUALITY We’re red hot on... we test all our raw materials in UKAS accredited laboratories... We take samples and send them off to UKAS laboratories so we can ensure an accurate result. Recalls can cost millions and although it is common practise to rely on suppliers results, we feel in today’s climate you cannot be too safe, our customers can buy with confidence. We reject all materials when they fall outside safe limits. We do not just test for today, we look ahead at legislation. This means when new legislation comes into force your products will comply.
  4. 4. We offer 5 star superiority... we are accredited to BRC and conform to HACCP... We hold this accreditation so that our customers can see we are serious about quality. We are audited each year and all our systems are tested, for traceability, food safety and much more.
  5. 5. We can supply you with absolute mint... PACKAGING We have a fantastic range of packaging options for you... We offer packaging to suit every business. The Premium Colour Coded PET jars gives you maximum visual appearance, easy to hold, a low unit cost, with a huge range to choose from and a large premium colour coded PET jar which offers a very low price per kilo. We also offer fully recyclable cartons for the environmentally concerned.
  6. 6. We hold a large stock of... HERBS, SPICES & SEASO NINGS and can nutmeg the competition on delivery We understand that an item which is not delivered is essientially a lost sale to you. To avoid short deliveries we are committed to carrying much larger stocks, which we can deliver quickly when needed.
  7. 7. PEPPER 1170 Ground Cumin BLACK PEPPER 1175 Whole Cumin 1000 Coarse Ground Black Pepper 1230 Ground Dill Seed 1001 Fine Cracked Black Pepper 1235 Whole Dill Seed 1005 Cracked Black Pepper 1240 Ground Fennel Seed 1010 Ground Black Pepper 1245 Whole Fennel Seed 1015 Whole Black Pepper 1250 Ground Fenugreek Here is a product list of... 1255 Whole Fenugreek ALLSPICES, WHITE PEPPER 1275 Ground Ginger 1045 Ground White Pepper 1285 Ground Mace 1040 Mignonette White Pepper 1290 Whole Mace 1060 Whole White Pepper 1295 Ground Mixed Spice 1300 Mustard Flour OTHER PEPPER 1305 Whole Brown (Black) Mustard Seed 1035 Whole Pink Peppercorns (Baies Roses) 1310 Whole Yellow (White) Mustard Seed herbs and seasonings currently available in PET plastic jars; 1067 Whole Szechuan Peppercorns 1315 Ground Nutmeg 1020 Whole Green Pepper 1320 Whole Nutmeg 1025 Five Pepper Mix 1335 NS Paprika 1027 Four Pepper Mix 1340 Paprika 1032 Lemon Pepper 1344 Hot Smoked Paprika 1345 Pickling Spice SPICES 1350 Ground Pimento 1070 Ground Aniseed 1355 Whole Pimento 1075 Whole Star Anise 1385 Ground Turmeric 1085 Ground Caraway 1390 Vanilla Pods 1090 Whole Caraway 1462 Mulled Wine Sachets 1095 Ground Cardamoms 1100 Whole Green Cardamoms NUTS, SEEDS AND BERRIES 1102 Whole Black Cardamoms (Elichi) 1360 Whole Blue Poppy Seed 1110 Cayenne 1380 Whole Sesame Seed If you are unable to find a product, not 1115 Ground Celery 1383 Whole Black Sesame Seed listed or require a different packaging 1120 Whole Celery 1515 Juniper Berries option, we have an extensive stock of spices, 1125 Crushed Chillies 1529 Pine Nuts 1130 Whole Chillies 1530 Pumpkin Seeds herbs and seasonings, which we can blend 1134 Chilli Flakes Freeze Dried 1535 Sunflower Seeds and package in PET plastic jars, cartons and 1135 Chilli Powder bulk, ranging from 50g to over a kilo*. 1139 Santa Cruz Chilli Powder SEASONINGS 1140 Ground Cinnamon 1400 All Purpose Seasoning 1145 Cinnamon Sticks 6 inch 1405 Barbecue Seasoning 1150 Ground Cloves 1407 Beef Steak Seasoning 1155 Whole Cloves 1410 Cajun Seasoning *Depending on density 1160 Ground Coriander 1412 Smoked Cajun Seasoning 1165 Whole Coriander 1413 Blackened Cajun Seasoning
  8. 8. 1415 Celery Salt 3215 Parsley 1420 Chicken Seasoning 3220 Cut Rosemary A1 IPSWICH 1425 Chilli Con Carne 3245 Rubbed Sage 1430 Chinese Five Spice 3265 Rubbed Tarragon FLEXISTOWE HARWICH 1440 Fish Seasoning 3266 Cut Tarragon M11 COLCHESTER 1442 Four Spice Mix 3275 Rubbed Thyme M1 A1(M) 1450 Italian Seasoning 1456 Jerk Seasoning GARLIC AND ONION CHELMSFORD A12 1460 Lamb Seasoning 1265 Garlic Granules 26/40 M25 M25 WORLD OF SPICE 1466 Pilau Rice Seasoning 1267 Minced Garlic 8/16 A127 M40 1467 Piri Piri 1270 Garlic Powder LONDON BASILDON SOUTHEND-ON-SEA 1470 Pork Seasoning 1445 Garlic Salt M4 1473 Thai Seven Spice 1323 Onion Granules A2 DARTFORD 1524 Ras El Hanout 1324 Black Onion Seed (Kalonji) M3 1580 Salad Seasoning 1327 Minced Onion M25 M20 M2 RAMSGATE 1590 Pizza Seasoning 1330 Onion Powder 7055 Mexican Fajita Seasoning 1465 Onion Salt M23 7725 Harrisa Spice 1498 Crispy Fried Onion DOVER 7875 Special Cajun SUNDRIES FOLKESTONE CURRY 1477 Arrowroot 1180 Curry Powder Hot Madras 1480 Baking Powder 1185 Curry Powder Mild Madras 1484 Gluten Free Baking Powder 1190 Curry Powder Mild 1485 Sodium Bicarbonate 1205 Curry Powder Korma 1490 Cream of Tartar If you would like to know more about World of Spice 1210 Curry Powder Roghan Josh 1525 Monosodium Glutamate 1550 Gelatine Powder and how best we can help you with your herbs, spices 1220 Curry Powder Tandoori 1222 Curry Powder Tikka 1602 Coarse Sea Salt and seasonings, please contact: 1225 Curry Powder Vindaloo 1607 Citric Acid 1260 Garam Masala 1640 Ascorbic Acid HERBS FREEZE DRIED 3000 Rubbed Basil 1022 Whole Green Pepper Freeze Dried 3010 Whole Bay Leaves 1134 Chilli Flakes Freeze Dried 3030 Boquet Garni Sachets 1278 Ginger Flakes Freeze Dried 3035 Rubbed Chervil 3002 Basil Freeze Dried 3045 Chive Flakes 3052 Chive Rolls Freeze Dried 3050 Air Dried Chive Rolls 3057 Dill Weed Freeze Dried 3055 Dill Weed (tips) 3267 Tarragon Freeze Dried 3070 Herbes Italiennes 3075 Herbs De Provence BREAD PRODUCTS Bebington Close Billericay 1497 Vegetarian Bacon Bits Essex CM12 0DT 3085 Rubbed Marjoram 1499 Mediterranean Sprinkles Tel: 01277 633303 3095 Rubbed Mint 1496 Piri Piri Crustings Fax: 01277 633036 3195 Mixed Herbs 1498 Crispy Fried Onion 3206 Rubbed Oregano
  9. 9.