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CEO Benchmark Portal Letter


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CEO Benchmark Portal Letter

  1. 1. Dr. Mateczun - President UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans 9800 Healthcare Lane MN006-E200 Minnetonka MN 55343 07-12-2016 Reference: Letter of Commendation Dear Dr. Mateczun, We are pleased to inform you that your contact center has earned recognition as a Certified Center of Excellence. Our certification process, originally developed at Purdue University, requires that your contact center be both efficient and effective, providing service that is of superior quality and lower overall costs compared with other centers in your industry. Under the leadership of Mark Riddlesworth, your contact center has effectively optimized the use of people, processes, and technology to consistently deliver a level of customer service that surpasses most others in your industry. We benchmark the performance of thousands of customer service call centers in over 50 different industries, and can therefore say with confidence that your contact center is operating on par with the top 10% of all contact centers in your industry. This is difficult to do and represents a noteworthy achievement. We also recognize that this level of performance doesn’t happen unless the senior executives of the company support the management team of the contact center. Thank you for recognizing the importance of the contact center on your company and its impact on your all-important customers. Again, congratulations on achieving a very significant milestone for your contact center. Please enjoy knowing that your customers are being serviced by a Center of Excellence. Respectfully yours, Bruce Belfiore CEO of BenchmarkPortal 126 E. Constance Avenue Santa Barbara, CA 93105