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Welcome letter from smartvt


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Welcome letter from smartvt

  1. 1. Sunday, June 2 2013Dear Colleague,You have taken the first step pushing toward to what GE’s Jack Welch calls “LifetimeEmployability” using’s Methodologies. Welcome aboard!When Jack was hiring during the tremendous growth and success of the GE Days he’d tellExecutives – “I can’t promise you that you that you will work for GE for the remainder of yourcareer --- but I can promise you Lifetime Employability.”To be sure Jack Welch protégé’s continue to lead powerfully successful organizations all over theglobe.Toward That End:Herein is your New Member Welcome Kit with information about our group, how wework, and our expectations. You should work through the outlined tasks as soon as possible so youwill receive the most value for your time and money.SMARTvt operates under several basic and key assumptions: Members accept the premise that The New World Order in Employment requires that we,the Knowledge Worker, are individually and solely responsible For OUR Education,Training, Skill Development, Rapid Adoption, Assimilation, Deployment of NewTechnologies and Processes, and possess levels of accounting, technology, legal, sales,budgeting, and branding acuity. Members will observe rules of confidentiality with regard to private and personalinformation exchanged between and among group members and understand thatconfidential trade secrets and other legal matters are not to be shared outside SMARTvt.; Members will learn one another’s strengths / weaknesses and become advocates; Expanding your contact channel is key to success and members will work diligently onexpanding their business networks using recommended online tools; Members will display volition and initiate tasks for the group to explore, for the benefit ofall;  Members understand that their participation, attendance, and forward thinking arekey to the success of the group.We look forward to your active membership and contributions to the group.Sincerely, on behalf of the CEO and President, Michael J. Kipp, CPA,Mark Renkert, Mcsl, Chairman of the Board© SMARTvt – 104 Country Club Drive East, S. Burlington VT 05403 – Tel 802-318-4136
  2. 2. / www.smartvt.comA new way to drive job and wealth creationNew Member Immediate Tasks and AssignmentsI. You are invited to interview with Team Members before joining. No direct services will beprovided prior to payment of fees, but you’ll get an opportunity to meet members, take part in groupdiscussions, and decide if the fit is appropriate for your needs. You can join SMARTvt Group on Linked InGroups. When you decide to join SMARTvt we suggest you go to SMARTvt Linked In Groups/. Once you decide to enroll you’ll be expected to pay the enrollment fee of $845. Make checkspayable to, 104 Country Club Drive East, South Burlington, Vermont 05403 You may submit your resume to Mark Renkert ( during this time but itmust be on file. Please make sure your cell phone is included. Electronic copies are preferred. A resume will be prepared for you if you do not have one. Expect to receive an intense writtenquestion-set that will be part of a complete bio-psycho-social evaluation. In some cases there canbe up to 250 questions. You will be required to complete these questions within a set time-frame.II. Upon payment of fees, you will be scheduled to meet with one or more of the Senior Executives toreview your profile and determine your strengths, weaknesses, and goal viability.Upon payment of fees, you have several tasks to complete essentially at the same time. Thesetasks are to add you to the groups, social network sites, and other tools we use to facilitatecommunication, meeting planning, and networking opportunities. All of the online tools we use are free.III. Linked In profile Please create a Linked In profile. You may include SMARTvt as an affiliation within your Linked In profile; your Function is“Member.” You will be assigned a Function upon determination of your Subject MatterExpertise and review of your Work Product. Join the LinkedIN group and issue invitations to current members tobuild your network. Work on building your profile: your background work, your volunteer work, connectingwith people from your past and current employment, people you meet at conferencesand meetings. Please aim for 10 new connections per week. Everyone you meet andknow is a potential Linked In Resource, Recommendation or Referral.
  3. 3. A new way to drive job and wealth creation You should join other LI groups related to your Subject Matter Expertise. See othermember profiles for examples. You are expected to join a minimum of two groups inaddition to SMARTvt. You should create a Twitter Account and tie it to your Linked In profile. You should create a account to present examples of your Work Productthat will be attached as either Projects or Publications on you LI profile. Post an update to your status bar on Linked In, something like "Special Report –Economic Indicators Call For Growth…" Linked In is a professionaltool: no one cares if you had a bagel for breakfast. They do care if you are working oninteresting projects or attending meetings and such. You should join other LI groups related to your Subject Matter Expertise. See othermember profiles for examples. You are expected to join a minimum of two groups inaddition to SMARTvt. You are expected to participate intellectually within thesegroups. You should write at least 10 Recommendations for other professionals you know onLinked In using the “Recommend This Person” drop down menu. Yourrecommendations will give a good indication of how you think – do this well. You should then get at least 10 recommendations that support your Subject MatterExpertise and your Work Product Example. You must also open a free Skype Account and learn how to use skype. And your skypename must be accessible to SMARTvt members (tutorial: ) Another Powerful Work Product Example Display Tool is – you can createa free blog and publish your work for all to read and post this as a publication to you LIProfile under Publications. (tutorial: )III. Please be sure to add a digital photograph to all of your online profiles and send a copy of it to MarkRenkert.IV. Create a SMARTsheet account at is an online collaboration tool where we canhave whiteboard discussions, post documents for editing and retrieval, calendar tasks, etc. Members’resumes are posted in their “workspaces” for all to review. Also we use SMARTSHEET to collaborate onWhite Papers and other documents. (Tutorial: Post your resume to your SMARTSHEET workspace Invite other members of the group to your new workspace. If we are not invited to thespace we can’t leave comments on your documents. Enroll for the free product. SMARTvt uses this application tocollaborate and coordinate work related consulting assignments and importantSMARTvt Projects.V. Please join the SMARTvt group on Linked IN
  4. 4. VI. Join Twitter, and Link it with your Linked In profile. You may not want topost but you should FOLLOW some groups and businesses in your area of interest or yourcommunity. Suggestions: SMARTvt, SMARTvtMark, sullivaninfo, Pouteaux, JBRiendeau, BurtonSnowboards, restaurants, etc.VII. Please complete the Myers‐Briggs assessment at the link‐bin/ and sendresults to Mark Renkert.A new way to drive job and wealth creationVIII. When you have completed these tasks, you may request the electronic logo file for SMARTvt.orgor so you can order business cards. Your business affiliation is, your role orposition is “Member.” Sample cards from Vistaprint will be provided as examples. Vistaprint is onecompany offering FREE or very inexpensive business cards. See Please be sure to review the site and become familiar with the brandingstatements.2 Please monitor your positions of interest and companies posting to and SevenDays While you are networking and building your brand you should be monitoringthe "regular” media to target companies in your areas of interest. Remember these postings are alsoConsulting Opportunities. All interesting positions that you find on‐line should be forwarded to theCareer Advisor managing your case.XI. You will be added to SMARTvt’s email distribution list and youll see all the other member emails.Once you are in my SMARTvtSheet group (Tutorial: youll find a copy of membersnames and phones posted there and updated on a regular basis. Largely most Group Communication isvia either SMARTSHEET or Linked In Groups SMARTvt (Tutorial )XII. We work with many of the Pierson principles (see Reading List) and Ill be asking you to sign theMembership Agreement that comes from Pierson. Please send a signed copy to Kathie Sullivan; if you cansend electronically, it’s preferable.A new way to drive job and wealth creationReading ListWe have found many of these materials to be helpful in our group activities.Pierson, Orville. The Unwritten Rules of the Highly Effective Job Search: The Proven Program Used bythe Worlds Leading Career Services Company
  5. 5. _________. Highly Effective Networking: Meet the Right People and Get a Great JobPink, Daniel H. A Whole New Mind: Why Right‐Brainers Will Rule the Future_________. Free Agent Nation: The Future of Working for YourselfRobinson, Alan G. Ideas are Free: How the Idea Revolution is Liberating Peopleand Transforming Organizations (speaker at recent Burlington Chamber ofCommerce event)Quinn, Robert E. Deep Change: Discovering the Leader Within(Rebecca recommends from her course work)Kotter, John P. The Heart of Change: Real‐Life Stories of How People ChangeTheir Organizations (Rebecca recommends)A new way to drive job and wealth creationCode of ConductSMARTvt and the Job Club are safe spaces for growing and learning. Because of this, someguidelines for conduct must be set in place and observed by all.Respect for the IndividualWe all deserve to be in an environment where we are treated with dignity and respect. SMARTvt iscommitted to creating such an environment because it brings out the full potential in each of us, which,in turn, contributes directly to our success. We cannot afford to let anyone’s talents go to waste.Examples of unacceptable behavior include but are not limited to: Physically harming others Verbal Abuse or Bullying – In person or on‐line Using intimidation tactics and making threats Sabotaging anothers work or job candidacy
  6. 6.  Stalking online or in‐person. Making malicious, false and harmful statements about others. Publicly disclosing anothers private information. Create a Culture of Open and HonestCommunication At SMARTvt everyone should feel comfortable to speak his or her mind, particularly withrespect to ethics concerns. We all have a responsibility to create an open and supportive environmentwhere everyone feels comfortable raising such questions. SMARTvt will investigate all reported instancesof questionable or unethical behavior. In every instance where improper behavior is found to haveoccurred, The Bench will take appropriate action.Dress CodeWe never know who will show up to our meetings – often there are Senatorial, Congressional andGubernatorial visits. For that reason, we must at minimum, be in business casual at every meeting.A new way to drive job and wealth creationAttendanceIt is expected that members will attend each session in‐person or on‐line. It is a matter of respect tocall or send an email to one of the Bench if you cannot attend. Missing meetings is grounds fortermination. “The Bench” is the term for Senior Leadership at SMARTvt.AccountabilityEach of us is responsible for knowing and adhering to the values and standards set forth in this Code andfor raising questions if we are uncertain about policy. If we are concerned whether the standards arebeing met or are aware of violations of the Code, we must contact the HR department.SMARTvt takes seriously the standards set forth in the Code, and violations are cause fordisciplinary action up to and including termination.A new way to drive job and wealth creationCopyright 2005‐2006 Orville Pierson. All rights reserved.The Job Search Work Team ContractAs a member of the (Name of team) __SMARTvt – SMART Holdings USA__ Job Search Work Team at(Name of sponsoring organization) ____________JM Fitzgerald Foundation_______________I agree to:1 Engage others within SMART when possible via skype, email, groups or in‐person. I understand
  7. 7. that the team needs to have information on my search in order to help me, so I agree to submit a weeklyprogress report to the team each week for the duration of my search. I will give my weekly progressreport (the first three items only) and see that my numbers are posted on the Job Search ProductivityWall Chart.2 Treat Team Members with RespectI understand that it is up to each and every member to make the team a pleasant and effective group,so I agree to honor commitments. I will arrive on time or early for meetings, fulfill my promises toothers, follow all rules of the team and working to ensure each meeting is productive for all teammembers, including myself.I agree to resign from the team in person if I decide to leave it before finding a new job. I understand thatunexpected disappearances of team members are disturbing to the team and that integrity and goodmanners both require my departing in a way that brings closure for all team members. I agree to supportfellow team members in whatever ways I can. This includes offering honest opinions and feedback tofellow team members about their plans and strategies in a positive and caring manner. I agree togenerally treat others as I would like to be treated.3. Make a Final Report to the Team when I find a new job – and provide refreshments (donuts or someother treat) for the team at the first meeting after I accept the job. I understand that celebrating successand understanding the pathways to getting there is important to the team, so I agree to use the standardFinal Report form to provide the team with a debriefing of my search. I will summarize my progressstatistics for my entire search, describe the major phases or chapters of my search, tell what I saw asmost useful and productive in the course of theA new way to drive job and wealth creationsearch and where the team was most helpful. If I am unable to attend the first team meeting after Ifind a new job, I agree to provide a written report to another member to read for me.I agree to provide donuts or other appropriate treats for the entire team on the day the final report isscheduled, whether I am able to attend that meeting or not.4. Donate Two to Four Hours to Other Team Members outside of the weekly meetingI understand the team works because members help each other get the work done, so I agree to donate aminimum of two hours and a maximum of four hours each week to assisting other team members. Iunderstand that observing the maximum is just as important as observing the minimum, since myprimary duty is to find myself a new job. Specifically, I will look for opportunities to: participate in one ofthe team’s committees chair one of the team’s committees work with a new member to help them getstarted on the team work with other members one‐to‐one on some facet of their search that I am good at– for example, resume writing, letter writing, interview practice, Internet research or any other searchrelated workI understand that this agreement does not require me to do anything that I am uncomfortable with oranything that causes me or my family undue hardship. I will also do whatever I reasonably can to be a
  8. 8. resource to the team or individual team members for six months after I am re‐employed, making aneffort to donate a total of 10 hours during those six months. To the degree that it is practical andrealistic, I will share my contact lists and target company information with one or more team memberswhen I have a new job.5. Abide by the rulesI agree to abide by all of the other rules of the team as outlined in The Pierson Method book, and I agreeto abide by the rules of the organization sponsoring the JSWT program. I understand that my failure tolive up to my agreements in this contract can result in the leader asking me to leave the team.Signed (new team member) __________________________________ date: __________Signed (experienced team member) ____________________________ date: __________Signed (experienced team member) ____________________________ date: __________Signed (experienced team member) ____________________________ date: __________A new way to drive job and wealth creation(THIS LANGUAGE is from an earlier draft. I’ll review to make sure the ideas are reflected in eitherpage 1 or the Code of Conduct. )11. Finally, our expectations of each of you:a. Respect for each memberb. Become familiar with the skill sets of fellow members so you can be an ambassador to others. You willreceive the same in return, naturally.c. Attendance at meetings (we understand absences for job interviews, appointments, currentemployment.) The bulk of our work comes from seeing each other and sharing. If you are currentlyemployed we dont expect to see you weekly. We do expect you to participate in other ways.d. Deposits to the "relationship bank": you get to make withdrawals if you have made deposits. If youhave come to us expecting to be given solutions and do not expect to put effort back into the group, wemay not be the right fit.e. Respond to email and RSVP to events when postedf. Spend time on your work objectives and SMARTvt from week to week.homework, if you will.i. Give considerable thought to your expectations for future work. If you want to be a nurse and you donthave a nursing degree, we can only help you find education programs. We cant help you find job as anurse otherwise! So have realistic expectations!g. When we review business plans you are expected to treat all information as confidential. In fact, what
  9. 9. we discuss in our meetings about companies, job searches, negotiations: all confidential.Final Report to the TeamPage 1Name (print) __________________________________Team name ___________________________________Date _________________________________________One of your commitments to your team is to debrief the team on your entire career advancementproject when you finish it. This debriefing is of great importance to the team because it enables yourteammates to better understand their own search projects.Your thoughtful debriefing will help others succeed more quickly, as well as consolidating thelearning of the project for your own future reference. In giving the report verbally, please use thisoutline as the basis for a 10 to 15-minute presentation to the team. If you need to start newemployment immediately or are otherwise unable to give the report in person, please transmit itthrough a teammate or in writing in the same format. Please include:1 Description. A brief description of your new position and organization or details of other careeradvancement. Please mention the two or three things about the job or the organization that were mostimportant in your decision to take it – what you like best about them.1. Overall Progress Summary. Please calculate the grand totals from your Pierson Progress Chartusing the chart on the other side of this sheet. Post these on a separate wall chart, reserved for thispurpose.2. The Story of Your Search. Please briefly (in about five minutes) tell the story of your entire jobsearch project. In doing so, divide it into phases or chapters, each with a descriptive title. In givingyour report, name each of the chapters and give a very brief description of what happened in each.Again, this is an excellent learning experience for you teammates, since some who hassuccessfully completed the project usually has a new perspective on it.3. Strategy. As your project proceeded, did you modify your Project Plan (i.e. your ProfessionalObjective, your Core Message or your Target Market criteria)? If so, when and why?4. Success Factors. What were the most important factors in your success? How did the team (orindividual teammates) help you succeed?5. Advice. Now that you have successfully completed your job search, what advice would you giveto your teammates who are still working on their projects? Please keep this to one sentence.Copyright 2005-2006 Orville Pierson. All rights reserved.Final Report to the TeamPage 2
  10. 10. Averages and Totals for Your Entire SearchTotal length of search: ________ weeksCopyright 2005-2006 OrvillePierson. All rightsCategory Average per week Total for search TOTAL HOURS Direct mailAdvertised positions Search Firms Other Letters TOTAL LETTERS Generalnetwork (include search firms) Target company Misc. contact Target company Peercontact Target company Decision Maker/above Follow-ups with DecisionMaker/above TOTAL CONTACTS