Smar tvt outplacement 2012


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Smar tvt outplacement 2012

  1. 1. The Value of SMARTChanging The Way America Thinks About Work
  2. 2. A Competitor’s Product
  3. 3. $2,950 Traditional Outplacement Platinum Plus 12 Outplacement Package12 months of career transition support consisting of:1. 24 total hours of one-on-one telephone consultation2. 24/7 access to the Quest for Success™ Online Career Portal for 15 months3. 30-page personalized report that covers such areas as motivational traits,4. 10 top job areas to pursue, vocational analysis, personal analysis and learning styles5. Access to an interactive program allowing the displaced employee to see how their motivations match the job profile for a particular job of interest6. A 1 hour one-on-one telephone consultation to review career assessment results7. 12 months of access to an online interactive interview prep tool8. Resume writing by a professional resume writer9. An ASCII version of the resume needed for posting the resume online10. A cover letter written to highlight the displaced employees strengths11. Resume posting to to a database of 10,000 executive recruiters and 3 online career sites12. A Personal Salary Report and a Job Search Guidebook13. Use of e-mail and telephone consultations to allow us to effectively work with displaced workers located throughout the country14. Cost: $2,950 USD per displaced employeeDivision of Quest Career Services, LLC
11436 Marketplace Dr. N, Ste 217
Champlin, MN 55316
Toll-Free: 1-888-430-2637
Fax: 763-447-3379
  4. 4. Our $1,400 Product
  5. 5. SMARTvt transforms the Structurally UnemployedOur members can answer “So … what do you do?” with“With SMARTvt I work with a confederation of Subject Matter Experts where I apply my expertise for their clients providing solutions to …”
  6. 6. SMART’s Offerings Are a $9,000 Value! The SMART Program
  7. 7. SMART’s Offerings Are a $9,000 Value!No Promises -- all but six SMARTvt Alumni found work within 45 days for every $10K in income they sought• Business Card, Title Eligibility, Contract Assignment Eligibility, Leadership Eligibility, Multi-Functioning Multi-Dimensional Consulting Assignment Training (if you qualify)Why it works: Nathan Azrins groundbreaking research used a Community Support Model. In 1973 Azrin conducted longitudinal studies applying a new modality in finding jobs in economically depressed areas in the US and discovered that people found work in one-quarter the time and at one-third-higher compensation than those in the control group. (Azrin, 1973, Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis)
  8. 8. SMART’s Offerings A $9,000 Value What We Do• Transforming the Unemployed / Underemployed• Training• Paid Consulting Work under the flag of SMARTvt• Management Leadership as a member of "The Bench" led by Michael Kipp.• The SMARTvt staffer becomes more adaptable, learns a new technology, a new accounting system, a new method for brand development, a new system for engineering complex projects, a new software for collaborative learning such as Sosius, Huddle, WebEx, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Xing.
  9. 9. We Teach You How to Beat Online Application Systems
  10. 10. We Directly Telephone Solicit and Advocate for Our Participants
  11. 11. SMART’s Offerings Are a $9,000 Value!• SMARTvt’s Program is recognized by the Vermont Department of Labor and is the only Private Outplacement Program with State Tuition Paid for Eligible Participants
  12. 12. SMART’s Offerings Are a $9,000 Value! The Career AcademyPhase 1: Social Media Expertise: Plugging yourself in and learning to develop relationships with Decision Makers
  13. 13. What to do first
  14. 14. SMART’s Offerings Are a $9,000 Value! Contact SMARTvt Today! 802-318-4136
  15. 15. SMART’s Offerings Are a $9,000 Value!•How networking through seeking work is ‘notworking’• Creating Value from seeking work• Avoiding the Act of Helplessness• The Value-Offer Inquiry: asking and giving• Establishing a new Career Identity• Discovery through Lifestyle Examination• Affordable Career Changing – Earning money while you change careers• Avoiding Comparison Bias in the interviewing process
  16. 16. • Live résumé reviews• Who not to ask for résumé advice• Showing specialization with your résumé• Showing empiricism on your résumé• Avoiding a résumé that appears to wander• Learning to use your résumé as a business proposal• Crafting the résumé for the reader and not for you• Resume differentiation• What not to do if you are not at the top 3% of your peers• Using language on your résumé germane to your target
  17. 17. SMART’s Offerings Are a $9,000 Value!• Telephone calls: what it means when you hear “Great! Send me your resume.” Hint: it means you haven’t done your work• Live Group cover letter reviews• Cover letter 101 -- writing a Business Proposal in a cover letter• How to truly know your Value Proposition• Proposing to solve a problem you have confirmed via research• Stealth research methods• Craigslist weapon system• Which names to mention in your cover letter• Creating a need for your expertise and how to do it• When, after interviewing, you don’t win the job – this technique can put you back into the game
  18. 18. The Call-Work Program• Interviewing 101• What to do when you hear “We’ll let you know, we still have some other candidates to meet.” What does that really mean?• ‘Walking into’ a Cold Call – just stopping by won’t work. If you do – how to do it right• ‘Stalking’ Decision Makers (not really!)• How to join Trade Groups• What Networking Groups not to join• “Backdoor Marketing”• How to grab back onto a slipping opportunity through preparation• Your 30 second response to “So ... tell me about yourself.”• Critical questions you must always ask and the answers to expect• Who held this position last? Why this is important• Strategies for dealing with rejection
  19. 19. They “Already Have A Candidate”• Why was the job advertisement created??• Define the employer’s expectations for them• How much does it cost to leave this position unfilled?• Group interviewing -- group dynamics -- working the group -- key questions to ask during a ‘Mob Interview’• The Preferred Candidate: How to tell when you’ve been called into an interview that ’brackets’ a preferred candidate. That is, you were selected to interview to make another candidate look good, and how to turn that around with one key question• Unemployed: how to avoid network shunning and appearing desperate with your SMART business card
  20. 20. The Full Program
  21. 21. SMART’s Offerings Are a $9,000 Value!Contact SMARTvt Today!info@smartvt.org802-318-4136