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Membership privileges

  1. 1. M e m b e r s h i p Membership  
  2. 2. M e m b e r s h i p Membership  
  3. 3. M e m b e r s h i p Membership  
  4. 4. M e m b e r s h i p Membership  
  5. 5. M e m b e r s h i p Membership   T h e r e ’ s P o w e r i n G r o u p s
  6. 6. M e m b e r s h i p Membership   Membership Privileges: Governed by members, for members, who stand aligned to four core principles: • A community of peers. • Lifelong education and idea exchange. • A safe haven of trust, respect and confidentiality. • A uniquely personal experience. What Enrolled Members Receive: • A Powerful Linked In Brand Message • Declared SME or SMP (Subject Matter Expertise or Subject Matter Preference ) • Guided Work Product Example Creation • Credentialing and SME / SMP Training • A Mentor assigned to support you and your SME / SMP • Formal Senior Business Launch Training • A Consulting Role Position Title related to SME / SMP (Provisional )
  7. 7. M e m b e r s h i p Membership   • A Business Card (Provisional ) • A Potential Role With a Leading Consulting Company (Provisional ) • An Accurate Read on Employability • Note: 3 – 4% of enrollees fail – enrolling in SMART does not guarantee employment – complying with the program will boost the employability score of 100% of participants – though not enough to land a professional job. No matter the geographic location, industry sector, management model or scope of business, SMART Holdings USA – is sought after for professionals seeking best practices, big ideas, bold vision and a world- class network of trusted peers. WORLDWIDE MEMBER COMBINED COMPANY STATS Median revenue: US $38.1 million
 Median number of employees: 200 - 500
 Combined revenue: US$2.7 trillion
 Combined number of employees: more than 17 million A Powerful Professional Resource First, largest, longest-tenured of its kind, SMART Holdings USA is committed to connecting in a trusted community and a desire to help each other keep growing – personally and professionally. Members also connect with mentors through SMART HOLDINGS USA - SMARTVT.ORG’s graduate organization, “The Bench” and its elite cadre of professionals — a community of successful business leaders who are ready and willing to share their expertise. A World of Opportunity No other Job-Club has a General Assessment of Employability tool as powerful as SMART HOLDINGS USA – Members have nearly and instant snapshot of the employment viability. A Lifelong Learning Lab SMART HOLDINGS USA - SMARTVT.ORG offers adventure and education all over the world, whether it’s an industry roundtable in Moscow, case studies and connections at Harvard, or a climbing expedition in Tanzania. SMART Holdings USA brings together more than 3,000 alums with practice
  8. 8. M e m b e r s h i p Membership   thought leaders to address key issues in business, politics, philanthropy and more. The SMART HOLDINGS USA - SMARTVT.ORG Leaders’ Program has attracted a global enrollment of professionals with new members every day. Video-Conference OppTalks, global conference calls and industry roundtables offer targeted insights for entrepreneurs, family business leaders and professionals. SMART HOLDINGS USA - SMARTVT.ORG’s education alliances connect members with the latest thinking and research, including access to content. SMART HOLDINGS USA’s has deep outreach that facilitates enrollment into Undergraduate and Graduate Schools with selection accredited college and university alliances. SMART Holdings USA is a powerful employment and education facilitator for Veteran’s Groups. SMART Holdings USA, Legal Services Division, with key legal alliances has represented professionals on Non-compete Agreements, Severance Agreements, Termination, Employment Agreements, and other legal matters relating to Employee-sided Employment. No other organization in the US has represented as many Professionals who have appealed being-denied unemployment. 100% of the cases accepted by SMART have resulted in favorable results. Trust Among Peers SMART HOLDINGS USA - SMARTVT.ORG’s forum is the safe haven and sounding board professionals need. From the outside, FORUM is a simple concept: small groups of members who meet to share challenges and concerns in an atmosphere of confidentiality and trust. From the inside, however, FORUM is the genome of the organization: the shared DNA that takes the SMART HOLDINGS USA - SMARTVT.ORG’s network beyond powerful to profound. No other membership asset is more highly valued than the open, honest exchange made possible by this powerful tool for connection and communication.
  9. 9. M e m b e r s h i p Membership   Members choose from a range of forums, which are also available to spouses, partners and young adult children. Going Beyond Business SMART Holdings USA – supports and strengthens every aspect of life: business, personal, family and community. This “whole person” approach distinguishes SMART from other executive employment organizations. Personal development programs and modules sharpen leadership acumen by testing mind-body fitness on physical challenge courses, providing life-balance coaching or initiating the vital practice of succession planning. SMART’s personal networks deepen members’ passions and advance their pursuits, whether they love to golf, ski, have interest in organic farming or playing music. From couples’ retreats to seminars for spouses and partners to youth leadership development, a wide range of opportunities bring the benefits of SMART Holdings USA – to the entire family. Investing in the Future For professionals with an interest in social action and philanthropy, SMART offers social engagement networks focused on economic development, sustainability, public diplomacy, and more. From solar-powered planes to keeping water clean, learn how members are changing the way the world thinks about work. S M A R T S Specific & Useful - “What it is and how you can use it.” M Measurable – “Effectivity, volume, ratio, %, > <, evaluations “ A Attainable – “Not empty words or hollow ideas” R Relative - “Trending, Current, Contemporary, In-demand” T Timely - “On-time, Calendar, Day, Week, Month or Year”