Kinney engineering


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Kinney engineering

  1. 1. Moe Kinney 949 Lake Rd. C: 802-488-4955 Milton, VT 05468 H: 802-893-7262 Seeking a technical position with opportunities for collaboration in a variety of science, engineering and business disciplines. Work Experience ________________________________________________________________________ IBM Microelectronics: Advisory Engineer. ASICs and EDA groups. 1998-2013 Synopsys DesignWare Developer Designed and implemented standard-cell based components in Verilog and VHDL to facilitate datapath/bitstacking layout. IP was delivered to ASICs customers as Synopsys DesignWare libraries in 250nm, 180nm , 130nm and 90nm technologies. Synthesis/Physical Synthesis Methodology Developer Responsible for the development, support and documentation of synthesis, physical synthesis and design planning methodologies for Synopsys, Cadence and Magma tool offerings. Integrated multiple software tools into seamless design flows based on the IBM ASICs Methodology. Documented and provided customer support for these tools and methodologies. Methodology Test Developer Developed testcase designs using Verilog HDL and SDC assertions for exercise of IBM ASICs design methodology. Gathered testing requirements from all tool and methodology teams and developed testcase designs suitable to exercise all tools and features. Successfully pushed for a “flow based” approach to model, software and methodology development and test starting with 65nm technology, vastly improving development quality. Project Manager Led a major and successful development effort for incorporating 3rd party memory IP in 65 nm and 45 nm ASIC designs. Scheduled and coordinated development for all stages of design methodology including, but not limited to RTL synthesis, scan insertion, physical design and test generation. Developed PERL and TCL software for creation and checking of IP models for IBM memory BIST and repair system used on all 45 nm and 65 nm ASIC chips. Coordinated customer support and IBM Design Center support for this system. Software Developer Primary development, support and test engineer for TCL-based software used for IBM ASICs power estimation and signoff. Correlated .lib and IBM NDR based power estimates between IBM tools and Synopsys PrimeTime PX. Developed scriptware for fine tuning switching activity numbers for accurate power estimation. Co-developed a models-based methodology for calculating detailed memory switching activity from high level design parameters.
  2. 2. Skills ________________________________________________________________________ Synthesis and physical synthesis methodology development and support with Synopsys, Cadence and IBM design automation software. Strong background with Synopsys Design Compiler. Experience with Cadence RTL Compiler, Magma tools and multiple IBM-developed electronic design tools for timing, floorplanning, layout and power estimation. Experience with Verilog HDL, VHDL, PERL and TCL. Familiar with .lib, LEF, DEF, PDEF, SDF, SAIF, SDC and other semiconductor industry standard design and data formats. Solid background with low-power design methodologies including design synthesis and optimization with multiple voltage threshold devices, voltage islands and voltage binning. Strong Unix/Linux skills. Excellent communication, public speaking, writing and presentation skills. Education ________________________________________________________________________ University of Maine at Orono 1995-1998 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, summa-cum-laude: 1998 Bates College: 1990-1994 Bachelor of Science in Economics: 1994 Health _______________________________________________________________ Height: 6'1” Weight 200 lbs Blood Pressure 126/80 Total Cholesterol Level: 118 mg/dL Triglycerides Level: 54 mg/dL Other ________________________________________________________________________ 1 patent pending Toastmasters International Certified Advanced Communicator & Advanced Leader. Four time Synopsys Users Group (SNUG) author. References ________________________________________ Sue Bentlage, Functional EDA Development Manager 802-324-3063, Christopher Kiegle, Advisory Engineer 802-769-7618,