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  1. 1. Clarkson UniversityChemical Engineering
  2. 2. History Born: Tinmouth, Vermont – A rurual community supporting the City of Rutland and not far from Glens Falls and Albany, NYPersonal: High School Varsity Basketballand Baseball and numerous year-roundoutdoor Adventure Sports
  3. 3. Education Clarkson University  Majoring in Chemical Engineering ○ Minor in Mathematics ○ Concentration in Materials Engineering  GPA 3.89 Second semester Sophomore Mill River Union High School  Graduated top 10 percent
  4. 4. Classes Completed all first year engineering classes Organic Chemistry Thermodynamics Advanced Chemistry Lab Project Based Learning / Engineering:  AutoCAD  MATLAB  LabVIEW  Microsoft office
  5. 5. Advanced Chemistry Lab Group leader in semester project Studied and reached alternative bio fuels for wood pellets Results: Willow has a quick renewal cycle and has minimum contents of ash, chloride and potassium making it a potentially good alternative to wood pellets
  6. 6. Paying The Bills: Danaher Floor Restoration  Cleaned, scrubbed and refinished gym floors  Developed interpersonal communication skills dealing with school administrators  Demonstrated hard work and commitment working 12+ hours a day when needed  Used problem solving skills when situations arose  Showed team work and leadership while heading groups Lawn Care  Spring/ fall clean up, mow and trim
  7. 7. Community Building /Awards National Honor Society Green Mountain Boy’s State Key Club  Officer senior year Rod Sedegran Award (given to one senior in each sport based on work ethic, leadership and team work)  Baseball  Basketball  Overall (given to one male and female in senior class)
  8. 8. VALUES
  9. 9. Here’s Where You Can FindMe: Linked IN: Email: Telephone: (802) 417-7164 Slideshare: Twitter: er Skype:AGoyetteEngineer