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SMART Holdings USA - Product and Services Offering

Published in: Business, Technology
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Catalog smar tvt

  1. 1. G e n e r a l A s s e s s m e n t o fE m p l o y a b i l i t y P r o d u c tReveal SMP (Subject Matter Preference)Reveal SME (Subject Matter Expertise)Predict Job Finding OutcomePredict Job Search DurationKnow Your MarketabilitySMART Holdings USA – SMARTvt.orgJob Club ProductGuaranteed Jobs Product13 Week GAE+ ProductEmployability TestingCohort University ProductSMP Selection ProductSME Field ProductMedia Launch ProductSMART MagazineLinked IN ProductEmployer Referral ProductOutplacement ProductRetained Executive SearchC-Suite Brand ProductVeteran’s Re-employmentERP – HIE – HIT – EMRAuthorship / EditingProductLogistics Pic-Pak-ShipProductLargest Job Club Sponsoring Organization in the WorldCATALOGO r d e r To d a y : 8 0 2 7 7 7 2 1 4 6
  2. 2. Corporate Systems Product- Leadership Inspiration / Nurturing Innovation- Governance / Shareholder Psychology- C-Suite public-perception - Johari Window- Unlocking Opportunity Maximization- Emotional Intelligence & Competition- Strategic Human Capital Optimization- “Removing the psychological barriers to organizationalsuccess ensuring every agent of an organization has thebest interest of the organization and its shareholders inmind. Avoiding Poor Governance, Missed Opportunityand Wasted Resources using the tools of psychology.”Dr. Tyler Gould.
  3. 3. Forbes Magazine: “US’s Most Acquiring CFO….” US MostBuying CFO, Michael J. Kipp, CPA will help you Value, Buy, or MergeYour Enterprise and feature some of the strongestFinance Minds in the Northeast.Click Photo
  4. 4. College / University Product with Sonya Cisar How’d you like to guarantee your students a job withintheir discipline upon graduation. Would you want your child’s college to assure you thatyour investment was covered. has a Guaranteed Jobs UponGraduation Product with a Money Back Promise.Guaranteed Jobs Upon GraduationProduct+ =
  5. 5. Healthcare Electronic Systems Healthcare Information Technology Healthcare Information Exchange Electronic Medial Records Patient Record Information Systems Expertise provided by Milan Caha Systems Selection, Upgrades, Installation, andOperation
  6. 6. Outplacement Product Guaranteed Job Upon Termination Product The Most Viable Re-employment System in the US by Dr. MikeOlson. Building Lifetime Employability “Up In The Air” YourFastestMostEffectiveRoadBacktoEmployment
  7. 7. Enterprise Resource Systems Tying all the pieces of your business together –globally by Bruce Miller.ERP Work Product ExamleRFID Work Product Example
  8. 8. Pic-Pak-Ship-Warehouse Product
  9. 9. Veteran’s Re-employment ProductPower Resources For Military Officers – that get High PayingJobs Fast…..
  10. 10. Failure Test Engineering
  11. 11. Technical WritingPracticeLead–ScienceTechnicalExpertC.HoweClickforProfile
  12. 12. - Magazine
  13. 13. Motion Graphics Acorn – Love YouClick “Acorn” For AmazingVideoClick Image
  14. 14. Quickly by Mark Renkert, Mcsl, Chair Computer Engineering Lean Six Sigma Technical Product Marketing Wire / Cable Engineering Medical Device Prototyping Competitive Intelligence Packaging Design GSA Facilitation Information Security Legal Research – Case Building Human Resources Management / Training