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Bio e fml_oct 01-13

  1. 1. ……………………………………… Page 1 of 1 Bio - Dr. Richard Bruno CEO - Beyond If TM Corporation October 1, 2013 Richard Bruno began his career in 1971 as a university professor and researcher in solid state physics. Desiring more hands-on challenges he joined the multinational N. V. Philips in Germany in 1974 as a laboratory research manager and seven years later became a chief technology officer for Philips first in the Netherlands and then in the USA. At Philips, for over sixteen years, he managed several disruptive innovations, such as solar-energy collectors, heat-pump systems, the Minitel terminal, Philips computer games-consoles and the Compact Disc in its various formats. All these products positively impacted the lives of millions of consumers worldwide. He launched his first startup in 1989 in the Karaoke space and, from then on, became a successful six-time repeat entrepreneur in the multimedia, games, digital video and audio codec chips, video conferencing and information security spaces. After twenty years as an entrepreneur he is now focusing his energies on mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs, managing technology investments, assisting in formulating government-industry innovation policies, and playing an active role on both public and private boards. Richard Bruno is the CEO of Beyond If Corporation, an IT consulting company he founded in 2000. He is currently a member of the Tenere Inc., Univalor Inc. board and, a member of the PassWordBox Inc., OMSignal Inc., Wajam Corp., McGill University Research, Walter Surface Technologies and the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies advisory boards. He is also well known as an expert witness for corporate intellectual property cases as well as being an expert in the management of innovation. Between 2004-12 he played an active role as the founder and former chairperson of Quebec Angels (Anges Quebec), a two term member of the National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program advisory board, a member of the CVT Corporation advisory board, a two term board member of the Foundation of the Mayor, a board member of Toon Boom Inc. as well as having been a board member of Hexagram Inc., the SAT, Stromatec Medical Devices Inc. and Medical Intelligence Inc.. During this period Richard Bruno also served as a venture partner at Cycle Capital Management, Cycle-C3E Capital, iNovia Capital, MSBi Capital and the director of McGill University’s Office of Technology Transfer and Industry Funded Research. His past businesses included karaoke production systems1, multimedia chip sets for video games and DVDs2, video conferencing chip sets3, blockbuster films-based strategic games for personal computers4, internet website production tools5 and internet security solutions & services6. Richard Bruno was a senior manager at Philips N.V. in Germany, the Netherlands and the US, where for sixteen years he developed, standardized and launched several global products including: the Compact Disc in several formats, digital signal processing chip sets, video console & games7, renewable energy devices, energy efficiency systems8 and the Minitel terminal. These products have been used by many millions of consumers worldwide. As CEO of Beyond If Corporation Richard Bruno and his team provided interim management, IT and product related consulting services to several dozen Fortune 1000 companies in Europe, Asia and the USA as well as policy reviews for public sector and government organizations in Canada, Alberta, Quebec and Vermont. During the past twenty-five years he also served on numerous corporate boards in the US, Japan, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Canada. Richard speaks five languages, obtained his Ph.D. in Solid State Physics from McMaster University in 1971, an honors B.Sc. degree in Physics from McGill University in 1967, and an Executive Program MBA from Michigan University Ann Arbor in 1988. He was a professor of physics at the Technische Unversitaet Muenchen (‘71-73), of epidemiology at the C.H. Ludwig Maximillian Universitaet (‘73-74) and of computer science at DePaul University (’99-00). Richard has an extensive network of business contacts at major corporations in Europe, Japan and the USA. He also has authored over a hundred and fifty publications, patents and books. 1 Prism Interactive Corp 2 GCA Corp 3 GCT Corp 4 Alliance Interactive Corp 5 Digital Frontiers Corp 6 Beyond If Corp 7 Odyssey, MSX 8 Photo thermal and photovoltaic solar collectors, heat pumps, heat recovery systems, thermal and electrical energy storage, energy control and smart grid systems