Product Engineer / Product Manager / Channel Manager / Commercialization Expert


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Product Engineer / Product Manager / Channel Manager / Commercialization Expert

  1. 1. Nathan Ayer, Product Manager Phone: (415) 6246732 │Email: ****Work Product Evidence On Linked In Profile **** Linked In: Enterprise-wide Project Management Durables/Consumable and Technologies Enterprise-wide project manager of large, complex commercialization projects for durables/consumables: can create and manage to a development timetable, interpret/translate design with engineering, interpolate/integrate financials strategically. Application Engineering, Product Management professional with concrete expertise in product salability-development and sales acceleration in consumer product and technology sectors. A move-to-market-focused, driven, hands-on facilitator with a tenacious commitment to excellence. Direct interaction with inventors/developers, venture capital and shareholders in driving the products to the buyers. Process: Create a product, building a business and exit.  Technical Excellence: Profit-making experience using Autocad, review in Pro-Engineer, Solid Works to Rapid Prototype and perform Engineering Design and Revision Reviews as both service & manufactured product. Hands-on Engineering Technician.   Collaborative Engineering Product Management. Design & Engineering Collaboration with Engineers/Group (Altitude Inc) (Daoust Design Inc) (Skerpa Design): provided direct input and hands-on work using AutoCad and Solid Works for Engineering Design and Review Teams. Success in the identification and analysis of opportunities to establish products for markets within Consumer and Technology Channels.   Finance: Solid evidence providing competitive analyses of products while executing field visits/data on packaging and pricing. Coordinated market research and discussed findings with marketing, research and development, sales and lab personnel and organized and conducted strategy-planning meetings. Drove brand with groups, sales, reps, and senior management.   Change Agent: Collaborated as part of a senior management team to successfully built organizations and to lead organizations out of “Product Obsolescence” situations and developed and implemented best practice process changes. [Sled Product]   Global Operations: Experience in international business operations, including North America and Asia.   Strategic Planning: Successful in establishing strategic direction and vision. Working with senior operational leaders, I drive a shared organizational vision for my products defining and communicating executable goals, tactics and measures of success.   Financial Performance Improvement: Successful at working within the organization to create performance-based cultures. Critical member/contributor of mgmt. team that increased value of NEOS/ULU with combined exits of $9MM. NEOS sold to Norcross/Honeywell, ULU sold to Chaco/Wolverine World Wide. NEOS and ULU were majority owned and run by Linckia. At ADK implemented a corporate rollout and associated best practices. Core Competencies Technical -Ideation -Prototyping -Product viability studies -Financial modeling -Life Cycle Calculations -Concept-to-Launch -Re-launching Engineering Review -Solid Works -AutoCad -Pro-Engineer Management -Recruiting/teambuilding--Staff development -Project management -Best practices -IT implementations Performance Improvement -P&L management -Problem identification -Corrective actions programs -Cost improvement initiatives Strategy -Business planning -Forecasting -Innovation -Informed Opportunism -Crowdfunding -Private Exchanges
  2. 2. Nathan Ayer, Product Manager Phone: (415) 6246732 │Email: ****Work Product Evidence On Linked In Profile **** Linked In:  Packaging: Managed services of independent creative vendors in developing labels and merchandising pieces and provided information regarding vendor performance or proposed new vendors. Created and modified existing advertising brochures and other point of purchase marketing materials and labels for products. Collaborated with packaging dept sourcing/design of packaging for new products.
  3. 3. Nathan Ayer, Product Manager Phone: (415) 6246732 │Email: ****Work Product Evidence On Linked In Profile **** Linked In: Professional Experience Product Manager – Drive-to-market-channel distribution ( 2012 - Present ADK Pack works is a consumer products manufacturer and market innovator in permanent adaptable totes and carry-along product. ADK Packworks™ has created a semi-rigid, lightweight, internal frame that folds easy for storage and stays upright, independent of load. A removable cooler can be purchased for greater shopping flexibility. Applications Engineer – Product Engineer 2005 - Present (Delivered 10 major products) (One medical device application) Linckia LLC Venture Firm ( With Linckia, innovations need not stay dormant. We have established Linckia to be a concept-to-market "venture development company" with technical, financial and managerial expertise. By applying our product development system, the Linckia Process™, our experienced management team and network of providers will turn ideas into actions and nurture innovations from concept to market giving innovators a rapid return.  Accomplished Application Engineer, Product Manager/Product Engineer within the Consumer Good/Consumer Electronics Marketplace. Worked with a Venture Funded "Concept-to-Market" innovative engineering-driven organization that can take an idea, create a functional prototype, drive it through either Foreign Manufacturing or US and then deliver it to a Channel, Retailer, or Direct-to-Consumer.  Assisted with High-Tech Firms creating AutoCad or Solid Works platforms that were able to plug directly into a larger ERP Manufacturing Program.  My role was to insert specific expertise within the Process-Step required to drive the creation of a "Sellable" Product.  Insertion point varied. Some inventors required a prototype, some required Engineering Diagrams or Part Schematics, Inventory List, Manufacturing Resource Planning, or direct insertion into a Distribution Channel.  Presented powerful Financial Modeling Capabilities - able to cost each segment of the process and offer product viability studies.  Created Evolving “Roadmap” tool-boxing a standard series of actions necessary to launch product and system. Product Manager Grate Ideas ( 2006 -2009 Applications Engineer, Product Manager Professional Affiliations Member of Project Management Institute (PMI) Board of Directors, SMART Holdings USA, Field Application Engineers Group Of-Council board of directors – Economic Development Team Education
  4. 4. Nathan Ayer, Product Manager Phone: (415) 6246732 │Email: ****Work Product Evidence On Linked In Profile **** Linked In: Ithaca College, 2005 Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics; Double Minor: Business, Theatre Venture Capital Mentorship: Work Product Examples: