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Mark R Clearvision Intro (June 2016)


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Mark R Clearvision Intro (June 2016)

  1. 1. World Leading Software Experts Mark Reid EMEA Sales Manager Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Experts
  2. 2. Facts and Stats ● Est. 2005 ● UK HQ, USA, Ireland and India offices ● Enterprise & Platinum Atlassian Experts since 2007 ● Specialists in Git since 2007 ● Official Atlassian Training provider ● Global Enterprise & Central Government client base
  3. 3. 8000+ Successful projects with 700+ happy clients.
  4. 4. 700% Team growth since 2011.
  5. 5. 1st Expert accredited
  6. 6. Award winning
  7. 7. ● Account Management ● Training ● Support ● Consultancy ● Managed Hosting ● Bespoke Development ● Spectrum
  8. 8. Account Management Experienced global team of 14 ● Largest and most experienced team in the Atlassian world ● 2 level Account Management for all accounts ● Discounts on licensing ● Free 30 day licenses (plugins + core products) ● Managed License Renewals Team
  9. 9. Direct contacts with key Atlassian team in Europe/USA
  11. 11. Clearvision has been a great partner and has delivered above and beyond our expectations. - Susan, Applications Manager CASE STUDY
  12. 12. Clearvision never fails to provide a reliable and helpful service. - Phill, Application Manager
  13. 13. We were able to utilize a specialist and precisely define the architecture needed as per our team and company goals. - Brian, IT Operations CASE STUDY
  14. 14. With outstanding technical expertise in data migrations, we now trust Clearvision to meet all our CM requirements. With Clearvision every project is a success. - Ludovic, Process and Tools Manager
  15. 15. ● Account Management ● Training ● Support ● Consultancy ● Managed Hosting ● Bespoke Development ● Spectrum
  16. 16. Learning by doing! Hands on exercise driven training, with pre-course skills gap analysis and after care follow-up.
  17. 17. Training Clearvision training courses help you get the most from your tools to maximise your investment. ● The focus is on your learning journey - what’s your end goal? ● Then it’s about getting your team to really participate, ask questions and contribute to their own learning. ● With follow-up exercises, free materials, eBrochures, certificates of attendance and more.
  18. 18. Plus you learn your way: On your premises or Clearvision’s. Remotely through webinars. Completely bespoke courses. eLearning solutions.
  19. 19. Atlassian Training ● Covering the entire Atlassian stack ● Covering all user levels ● Free training eManuals per course ● Instances for hands-on training Including these popular courses and more.
  20. 20. Agile Training ● Certified Agile Training ● Comprehensive materials covering: PSM I & PSM II ● Free training eManuals per course ● Agile for software development and business teams ● Instances and environments for hands-on training ● Onsite training
  21. 21. Git Training ● Courses covering command line, clients, and other related software ● Free training eManuals per course ● Courses for all abilities ● Hands-on lab exercises Including these popular courses and more.
  22. 22. How we get Git right. Enterprise experience of IBM to Atlassian and Git including: Clearvision is considered a global Git expert by Atlassian. We presented to well over 300 attendees at Atlassian’s own Getting Git Right Events in London and Dublin. A global change program with and training for 1000s of users at and
  23. 23. ● Account Management ● Training ● Support ● Consultancy ● Managed Hosting ● Bespoke Development ● Spectrum
  24. 24. Enterprise Grade Support Atlassian Premier Support The unlimited support package built for the Enterprise.
  25. 25. Enterprise Support ● 24/7 support for Atlassian tools ● Unlimited support tickets ● Procured licensing Plus add-ons from Clearvision: ● Unlimited open source support ● Annual upgrade package ● Administration upgrade ● Annual health check
  26. 26. Pay-as-you-go Support For Atlassian and open source No contracts, complete coverage: expert support with flexibility.
  27. 27. Purchase support when you need it. Complete coverage for Atlassian and other tools. Industry leading SLAs for global coverage. 20 hours ‘pay-as- you-go’ available.
  28. 28. ● Account Management ● Training ● Support ● Consultancy ● Managed Hosting ● Bespoke Development ● Spectrum
  29. 29. Best Practice Solutions Help, health checks, advice and more for Atlassian and open source software. ● Worldwide onsite or remote help and guidance ● Installs, configurations and roll-outs ● Migration strategies, Agile methodology adoption ● Health checks and advisories ● Workflow and process creation ● Branding to boost user adoption
  30. 30. Beautiful Intranet For all teams and organisations Boosting user adoption and deeply enhancing for your intranet is easy with Linchpin, the social intranet built on Atlassian Confluence.
  31. 31. ● Personalised home pages ● Targeted editorial content ● Fully customisable themes, navigation, spaces and templates ● Improved intuitive content and file sharing ● Seamless integration of chat and other apps for collaborative workflows
  32. 32. Trusted, tested Atlassian-skilled contractors The ACP is your resource for long term contractors skilled in JIRA, Confluence and the entire Atlassian stack, brought to you from Enterprise Atlassian Experts, Clearvision. Get a dedicated in- house resource without the high costs. Have the back-up expertise of Atlassian Experts Clearvision. Trust you’re getting the skills and experience for success.
  33. 33. ● Account Management ● Training ● Support ● Consultancy ● Managed Hosting ● Bespoke Development ● Spectrum
  34. 34. Managed Hosting for Atlassian A real Enterprise alternative to Atlassian Cloud Safe and secure, Atlassian in the cloud the way you want it.
  35. 35. Hosting ● Fully scalable ● Already in use by key Enterprise accounts & UK Government ● Options around ○ Hosting only ○ Fully Managed Service ○ Or Managed Service only (on your cloud/server)
  36. 36. ● Account Management ● Training ● Support ● Consultancy ● Managed Hosting ● Bespoke Development ● Spectrum
  37. 37. Bespoke Development Custom plugins and add-ons We excel at making (and developing) the most out of your tools.
  38. 38. Customising is key Customisation of Atlassian products and Atlassian plugin development. Experience in: ● JAVA web applications.NET web applications ○ (ASP.NET, TSQL, MS SQL server, Silverlight, WCF) ● Python web applications (Django, Flask..) ● Apps for mobile devices (native - iOS/Android, Hybrid/HTML5 (PhoneGap/Cordova), mobile optimized web apps (JQM)) ● MuleESB based integration
  39. 39. ● Account Management ● Training ● Support ● Consultancy ● Managed Hosting ● Bespoke Development ● Spectrum
  40. 40. The new, flexible and visual way to organise your team and projects. Integrating the best of Atlassian and open source, for a collaborative solution.
  41. 41. Market leading apps proven to help you get more done. Access anywhere, anytime with secure cloud hosting. Get real time decisions from teams across the globe. User, data and process management made easy.
  42. 42. Process Manager JIRA processes made easy. Extract and deploy processes (perfect for testing), manage versions, and run reports from the Spectrum dashboard. Project Wizard Create projects across JIRA, Confluence, and Bitbucket in minutes. All projects, all tools, all in one place.
  43. 43. Thanks for your time UK - (0) 845 459 9530