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Fast Track Your Research Impact


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Introductory slides from the popular training course by Fast Track Impact, showing you the principles behind their relational approach to generating impact from research. Find out more at:

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Fast Track Your Research Impact

  1. 1. Why do you do research? Question:Question:
  2. 2. 5 WAYS to Fast Track your Research Impact Thinkingt ools
  3. 3. Question:What is impact?
  4. 4. Question:What is impact? benefit
  5. 5. Question:What is impact? Who benefits?
  6. 6. The good that researchers do in the world Question:What is impact?
  7. 7. The good that researchers do in the world Question:What is impact? Long-term impacts: • Economic • Environmental • Social • Health/wellbeing • Cultural Identify shorter-term, intermediate impacts that are impacts in themselves but could also be stepping- stones to the longer-term impacts above. Name impact types or examples…
  8. 8. Capacity building Understanding and awareness Economic Attitudinal Environmental Health and wellbeing Policy Other forms of decision-making and behaviour change impacts Cultural Other social
  9. 9.  Significant: the degree to which the impact has enriched, influence, informed or changed policies, practices, products, opportunities or perceptions of individuals, communities or organisations  Far-reaching: the extent and diversity of the communities, environments, individuals, organisations or any other beneficiaries that may have been impacted by the research Evaluating ImpactImpact that matters is…
  10. 10. The heart of the impact agenda in… 2 metaphors 2 words
  11. 11. Empathy
  12. 12. Priorities Question:
  13. 13. 5 WAYS to Fast Track your Research Impact Practical tools
  14. 14. Who has a stake in my research? 1. Stakeholder/publics analysis template 2. Impact planning template Practical tools
  15. 15. Who has a stake in my research? Three I’s: 1. Who is interested? 2. Who has influence (to facilitate or block impact)? 3. Who is impacted? Why? Publics and stakeholder analysis
  16. 16. ...adapt to your own needs Stakeholder/publics analysis
  17. 17.
  18. 18. @fasttrackimpact