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ACEN Updates for the 2023-2024 cycle

  1. ACEN Updates 2023 Timeline for fall 2023
  2. ACEN Goal The goal of our network is to create standardization within and across the externship process that result in positive changes for all stakeholders.
  3. What Students Tell Us 2021 SAA Survey Data 77% Applied to at least one ACEN site 48% Believed ACEN improved the externship application process Jamsek and Romero, Mixed Methods Analysis of Student Perspectives on the AuD Externship, Audiology Today, Mar/Apr, 2023
  4. What Academic Programs Tell Us  Application deadline later in September allows us more time to work with students.  We encourage our students to only apply to sites that will provide them with the experience they are seeking.  A unified timeline provides ample time to negotiate educational training agreements, prepare students, coordinate with externship sites, etc.
  5. What Clinical Sites Tell Us  The ability to update the website when externship positions have not been filled is beneficial.  There are times when we as a clinic have had a student for an earlier placement and know that we would like that student to complete their externship with us.  Likewise there are times when students are restricted geographically in where they can consider applying due to family or financial constraints.
  6. 2023 ACEN EXTERNSHIP TIMELINE Date/Time Comments Application Deadline Friday, September 22, 2023 Interviews Begin; First Round offers can be extended Monday, September 25, 2023 First Round Offers can be extended anytime between Monday September 25, 2023 and Monday October 23, 2023 at 11am EST. Students cannot be required to respond prior to Tuesday October 24, 2023 at 7pm EST (offer stands until October 24, 2023, 7pm EST). Students can choose to respond at an earlier date/time. If the student accepts they need to withdraw all other applications. Interviews complete Friday, October 20, 2023 First Round externship offers concludes Monday, October 23, 2023 (11 am Eastern; 8 am Pacific) Student response deadline for First Round offerings Tuesday, October 24, 2023 (7 pm Eastern; 4 pm Pacific) Subsequent Offers Begin Tuesday, October 24, 2023 (7 pm Eastern; 4 pm Pacific) Reposting unfilled positions Tuesday, October 24, 2023 (7 pm Eastern; 4 pm Pacific) Unfilled positions can be indicated on the ACEN website and students who have not found an externship can indicate interest.
  7. Responsible Partners Activity Deadlines Students work with University Externship Coordinator to identify sites and submit applications Students submit applications Friday 9/22/2023 Interview offers should be forwarded to student and University Externship Coordinator and Student should respond to the invitation. Students not being offered an interview should be notified by the Externship Site (include Externship Coordinator) Not offered an interview Invited to Interview Interview(s) Start 9/25/2023; End 10/20/23 Early offers should be communicated to the student and the Externship Coordinator. Early Offers: Site is allowed to make offers early (between 9/25-10/20/23) for first choice candidates but cannot require the student to make a commitment. Offer must stand through the first standard round (10/24/23) 9/25/23-10/20/23 If the student accepts, all other applications should be withdrawn immediately. Student Accepts Student prefers to wait to respond at standard response time (10/24/23) Student Declines 9/25/23-10/20/23 Offers should be communicated to the student and Externship Coordinator. First round of standard offers extended 10/23/23 (11am EST; 8am PT) If student accepts, all other applications should be withdrawn immediately. Student Accepts Student does not receive an offer Student Declines Externship Sites can re-post any remaining openings on the ACEN site so Externship Coordinators and students can be aware of remaining opportunities. As these are filled, Externship sites should indicate this on Subsequent 10/24/23 (7pm
  8. Application Process NO CHANGE IN 2023 Students work with University Externship Coordinator to identify sites and submit applications. Deadline for submitting applications: Friday September 22, 2023
  9. Interview Process NO CHANGE IN 2023  Clinical sites review applications and determine who they would like to interview.  Interview offers are forwarded to the student and University Externship Coordinator.  Student responds to the clinical site accepting or declining the interview.  Clinical sites should also notify students and University Externship Coordinators if a student not be offered an interview.  Interview period: Monday September 25, 2023 to Friday October 20, 2023  If previous offers have not been made, offers can be extended on Monday October 23
  10. Options for Extending and Accepting Offers You have a student that has been with you for a previous placement or following a final interview you know that you would like to have that student complete their externship at your site. The student knows for professional, personal or financial reasons that you are their first choice clinical site. Following the interview with that student, you offer them the externship. THE STUDENT CAN Immediately accept the offer. The student should notify other sites that they are withdrawing from consideration. Acknowledge the offer and wait to decide until completing other interviews and learning of other offers. They notify sites of their decision by Tuesday October 24 at 7:00 p.m. EST Decline the offer and continue interviewing. The student should immediately notify the site that they are declining offer of externship.
  11. If a student is offered a position and opts to continue interviewing and consider all options, sites may not rescind the offer.
  12. Advantages to Students  If they have a definitive idea of which site or regional location they want or need, there is no need to expend time and/or finances to interview at additional sites.  As offers cannot be rescinded by the site, the students will have more time to investigate and think on all of the aspects of an externship at each site (cost of living, moving, stipends, work demands, experiences offered, etc.)  If after interviewing with a site, and receiving an offer, they definitely know that an externship in that clinic or location is no longer what they are interested in.
  13. Advantages to Clinical Sites  May reduce the time required to interview potential externs.  If positions are not filled by the Tuesday October 24 response deadline, openings can be posted on the ACEN website. This lets students and University Externship Coordinators know where openings exist. As these positions are filled, sites should remove the opening from the ACEN website.
  14. Advantages to Academic Programs Students may have externships secured earlier and may have positions more in line with their personal and professional goals.

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