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Possibilities of Social Media to Promote International Collaboration


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Possibilities of Social Media to Promote International Collaboration

  1. 1. The Possibilities of Social Media toPromote International Collaboration Presented by Hua Sun Shandong University of Arts and Mark D. Puterbaugh Eastern University emtacl12 - emerging technologies in academic libraries 2 October 2012 Trondheim, Norway 
  2. 2. Macro-Collaborations Large Institutional Projects   Tempus Programme, European Commission  OCLC WorldCat  University of Tennessee, USA – Makerere University, Ghana
  3. 3. Micro-Collaborations Individuals using Social Media  Usenet, Listservs, etc.  Facebook Librarians  Library Related People  Help a Librarian
  4. 4. Help A Librarian founded by Heather Negley Bring together librarians from different countries Help each other answer questions.  Share resources.  Knowledge and Enhance.  Cultural Understanding. Free reference service helps librarians connect anonymously to another librarian a world away.
  5. 5. Library Related People founded by Aaron Tay A Facebook group that welcomes all library related people. Over 1,000 members from all over the globe.
  6. 6. Information Sociology founded by Dr. Myungdae Cho Introduced students to the power of social media. Provided an international group of mentors. Feed back 24/7.
  7. 7. Chinese History and Culture LibGuide A Micro Collaboration Hua Sun and Mark Puterbaugh First international collaboration for Warner Memorial Library. Share expertise. Open communication. A collaboration between 2 individuals founded on social media.
  8. 8. Physical Distance  7000 miles apart.  12 to 13 hours apart.  Asynchronous communication.Best Practice:Time differences can be difficult to overcome. Share the burden.
  9. 9. Technological Variations  Facebook  Google Docs  MSN Live  Skype  EmailBest Practice:Never rely on a single tool for communication.
  10. 10. Cultural Differences Look for common ground!  Language  Campus cultures  Personal differences Shandong University of Arts Eastern UniversityBest Practice:Be flexible! Long distance collaboration requires both parties tounderstand that there are differences in worldview.
  11. 11. Promise and Benefits of International Collaboration Experience new technologies. Sharing information. Sharing cultural differences. Opening channels between libraries and the parent institution. Promoting the library and the professional staff.
  12. 12. Sustainability  Connections within the Institutions.  Is there more that can be done?  Keep the dialogue going. Shandong University of Arts  Taking it to the next level.Best Practice:Advertise! Let people know what you are doing. Eastern University
  13. 13. Conclusion ”Small is Beautiful --networking makes us stronger” Seminar la Biblioteca Oraşului Helsinki .