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Mark Osborne - Brighton SEO April 2019 The Seedy Underbelly of Keyword Research And Search Intent


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Mark Osborne - Brighton SEO April 2019 The Seedy Underbelly of Keyword Research And Search Intent

  1. 1. Who The Hell Am I? SEO Manager @MarkSEOsborne Real creative twitter handle right?
  2. 2. What Wonderful Agency Do I Work For?
  3. 3. What Dodgy Looking People Do I Have To Work With?
  4. 4. Why is this talk all about the “seedy underbelly”?
  5. 5. 1. Why am I still looking in the same unreliable sources for keyword data? 2. There must be ways to be better aligned to how users are actually searching and how the main man Mr Google ranks websites?
  6. 6. Probably More Like This Though
  7. 7. On A Dark Journey SAFETY FIRST!
  8. 8. Starting With Places Where I Can Find More Keyword Inspiration
  9. 9. I managed to find some sources that weren’t just other keyword tools!
  10. 10. NEXT
  11. 11. Advanced Search
  12. 12. Also found loads of questions and topics here
  13. 13. Loads of questions, unsurprisingly!
  14. 14. Blogs as well
  15. 15. Topic Spaces
  16. 16. These little guys can help as well
  17. 17. Wade passed all the “dank” memes
  18. 18. And there is a subreddit for everything full of interesting keyword opportunities
  19. 19. From This
  20. 20. /r/CrappyDesign
  21. 21. To more useful ones like this
  22. 22. /r/PersonalFinance
  23. 23. Honorable Mentions!
  24. 24. What is the search intent behind the keywords?
  26. 26. But there is a problem
  27. 27. The old search intent model is broken. As its to narrow for modern searches!
  28. 28. Old model looks something like this
  29. 29. So what does the best version of search intent stages look like for today's searches?
  30. 30. The perfect article came out of the our amazing Blue Array newsletter Suttle plug for newsletter sign ups
  31. 31. Content Harmony had broken this down into 9 stages
  32. 32. Link Link
  33. 33. 1. Research 2. Answer 3. Transactional 4. Local 5. Visual 6. Video 7. Fresh/News 8. Branded 9. Split
  34. 34. So now we there are more relevant stages to intent, wonderful!
  35. 35. Kind of wonderful...
  36. 36. When deep in the rabbit hole of keyword research you can end up with thousands of keywords
  37. 37. And i’m way too lazy to assign 9 search intent stages to thousands of keywords
  38. 38. Content Harmony are working on this so keep an eye out, but not going to be anything for a while :(
  39. 39. So I had to resort to going further on this seedy journey
  40. 40. I started looking beyond the usual tool sets of SEM Rush, Ahrefs, etc
  41. 41. For a tool which could assign the intent stages for me
  42. 42. I stumbled upon the recently updated Twinword Ideas tool
  43. 43. Twinword covers intent but just not in depth enough detail
  44. 44. It only gets us about half way on there!
  45. 45. So I went back to Mr Google
  46. 46. To see how what I could find on how Google is deciding what ranks where based on intent factors
  47. 47. After a bit of digging I found out Google was sharing the information!
  48. 48. On the Google Cloud natural language section & it’s FREE! LINK
  49. 49. The magic all happens in the try API section
  50. 50. You can put any text in here and it will give you details on how Google is seeing the content
  51. 51. Entities is initially quite ugly looking and rather unhelpful
  52. 52. Keep scrolling and you get to the good stuff
  53. 53. You can use the sentiment section for full page reviews to go in depth, although the best way to use it is...
  54. 54. For featured snippets As it shines a light on why Google has chosen one You can use it to compare your suggestions against the competing one
  55. 55. Syntax is also great for featured snippets, as it shows how Google is understanding the relationships between words
  56. 56. Sentiment is useful for analysing important on pages elements to compare against competing articles -H1,H2, H3 etc etc -Opening paragraph -Synopsis
  57. 57. Example: Ranking position 1 “Best ways to do SEO?”
  58. 58. H1
  59. 59. Synopsis
  60. 60. H2
  61. 61. Use categories to find new ways to group keywords
  62. 62. This is all great, but is there a way to actually see in practice how intent can effect what actually shows up in Google’s SERPs?
  63. 63. Although i'm fairly tired of keywords and intent at this points it seems worth exploring more
  64. 64. Deciding there must be a way to scrape Google’s SERP results pages and pull out the intent from there. Off we go to everyone's favorite frog...
  65. 65. Ok, second favorite
  66. 66. While searching to see if there was a way Screaming Frog, could do it. I came across an article that explained exactly what was needed
  67. 67. So a gold star goes to Rory Truesdale from Conductor for the main steps on this - Awesome article that needed sharing!
  68. 68. LINK
  69. 69. These are the main steps Ross gives
  70. 70. Generate Google search urls EXAMPLE
  71. 71. Here is the link to a template that will generate them for you
  72. 72. You can get fancy with the Google urls by adding in the amount of result you want to scrape and different countries, there is more details in Ross’s article
  73. 73. Once you have the urls for the search terms that you want to scrape, go to Screaming Frog and change the crawl mode to list
  74. 74. CHANGE SETTINGS TO: ● Configuration > Spider > Basic > Uncheck all boxes ● Configuration > Spider > Rendering > JavaScript (from the dropdown – this is generally required to scrape elements of a page that Google uses JS to inject into the SERPs) ● Configuration > Speed > Max Threads = 1 (because you don’t want Google to block your IP) ● Configuration > Speed > Limit URI/s = 1.2
  75. 75. Put in custom XPATH extractions for: meta titles //div/h3 meta descriptions //ol/div/div/span That extract TEXT
  76. 76. And Crawl Away...
  77. 77. Screaming Frog will then crawl Google’s SERPs and pull out the meta descriptions and meta titles for the websites that are rankings from position 1 and so on as specified
  78. 78. Don’t worry, you won’t have the same regrets as pub crawl cat
  79. 79. Then go to extraction all the way down at the bottom of the side nav and export the results
  80. 80. This is where we add the intent to all of this and get an idea of how Google is using intent
  81. 81. Time for spreadsheet number 2 link where you upload the data you just exported to
  82. 82. Ross provided a spreadsheet which is similar to this one but only covered 2 intent variable. With some Regex help I’ve expanded the sheet out to cover up to 7 of the 9 Content Harmony stages
  83. 83. Once data added will looks something like this
  84. 84. Automatically puts in the intent stages for the meta descriptions and meta titles screaming frog pulled out
  85. 85. 3 similar themed search terms Business Loans, P2P lending & Crowdfunding Business Loans - Is more divided between Research and Transactional Stages
  86. 86. 3 similar themed search terms Business Loans, P2P lending & Crowdfunding Crowdfunding - Mostly Research stage
  87. 87. 3 similar themed search terms Business Loans, P2P lending & Crowdfunding P2P lending - More Transactional on broad term but longer tail term goes more research based
  88. 88. But how does this show how Google interprets similar keywords differently?
  89. 89. Well in this example... Mainly Google classes intent as: Business loans= Research/Transactional Crowdfunding terms = Research P2P lending terms = Transactional
  90. 90. Spreadsheet 2 tips: - You can adjust Regex code with the different modifiers depending on what you looking at - If get stuck annoy me on twitter @MarkSEOsborne and will help out
  91. 91. This is the end of my “seedy” seo journey to date :( I’m still working on a way to get all 9 stages into the spreadsheet - follow me on twitter for updates @MarkSEOsborne
  92. 92. Sorry if it wasn’t that seedy so here is some tits to make up for it
  93. 93. OH! We are hiring for lots of SEO roles if interested and live around Reading area
  94. 94. Will share full deck after on Twitter
  95. 95. Thanks for listening to me Waffle on