Mark Organ presentation on disruptive marketing technology for IHR 2013 conference


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Mark Organ's presentation on disruptive marketing technology for the IHR 2013 conference. Includes some background on Eloqua and Influitive, the two major companies Mark was/is involved in leading, and how disruptive technologies were key in the formation and growth of both. Advocacy as a concept may be thought of as another disruptive wave that is hitting the marketing software and HR software space, and this was discussed in some detail, along with big data and mobile as having further disruptive potential.

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Mark Organ presentation on disruptive marketing technology for IHR 2013 conference

  1. 1. UnleashingDisruptiveTechnologiesTo Grow Your HCM Software BusinessMark Organ, CEO of@markorgan; Tweet #disruptive
  2. 2. I Have Only One Word For You
  3. 3. 360 Custom Burgers Per Hour
  4. 4. Disruption in Pairs - Most Powerful
  5. 5. Dialing 4 Dollars
  6. 6. Death of a Salesman
  7. 7. My Disruptive Pair
  8. 8. Disruption can be Deceptive …!… and rather unattractive, at first2000-2001
  9. 9. Product-Market Fit? J!2004
  10. 10. The 1 Day Sales CycleDAVID
  11. 11. Marketing Automation is a Platform
  12. 12. Marketing Automation is a PlatformBURNINGList, AttentionSpoilageDeliverability
  13. 13. Marketing Automation is a PlatformBURNINGList, AttentionSpoilageDeliverabilityAvailabilityofDeep Knowledge
  14. 14. “Inbound Marketing” will save usNOT!Vision without execution is hallucination.T. EDISON
  15. 15. “Inbound Marketing” will save usNOT!Vision without execution is hallucination.T. EDISONContent without advocacy is masturbation.M. ORGAN
  16. 16. We Have Content Overload
  17. 17. Contagious Content HelpsSix key STEPPSSocial  Currency  Triggered    Emo3on  Public  Prac3cal  Value  Stories  
  18. 18. Advocacy Cuts Through the ContentClutter
  19. 19. Advocacyis becoming a New PlatformReferralsProduct reviewsBlogcommentsReferencesRetweets,likes, sharesDiscover Consider PurchaseRetain InspireMediainterviewsUser groupsProductsurveysCustomerAdvisoryBoardsAnalystinterviews
  20. 20. Advocacy ≠ Social7% Social Network93% Other WOMSource: Forrester
  21. 21. What Motivates Advocates?1. Part of the Team
  22. 22. What Motivates Advocates?2. Measurable Impact
  23. 23. What Motivates Advocates?3. Social Currency
  24. 24. Advocate marketing captures their enthusiasm and turns it intoa powerful force for igniting business growth.All companies have championsCapture their enthusiasm and ignite your growthAll Companies Have ChampionsHand-carved sign
  25. 25. Advocate Marketing atHis mission:Developcustomerreferences andtestimonials thataccelerate thesales cycle andenhance Ektron’sreputation in themarketplace.
  26. 26. 500% increase inawardsubmissions26 customervideos capturedin 2 days17 positiveproduct reviewson Quora#1 searchresult inGoogle!Advocate Marketing at
  27. 27. His mission:Coordinate, developand assist Act-Onsproduct roadmapenhancementsthrough closecoordination withcustomer advocates.Advocate Marketing at
  28. 28. 36 super high quality new referral leads in Q1thanks to his referral program100X higher survey response from advocatesAdvocate Marketing at
  29. 29. The Advocate Experience is CrucialADVOCATE
  30. 30. Another Disruptive platform: Mobile
  31. 31. And Another Disruptive platform:Big Data
  32. 32. Thanks For Your Attention!@markorgan#disruptiveQUESTIONS?
  33. 33. vvAbout InfluitiveInfluitive helps B2Bmarketers recruit,mobilize andrecognize an army ofadvocates that outselltheir best sales reps.Who we are:Founded in 2010HQ in Toronto, San FranciscoPrivate, VC backed, >$11Mraised