Align your company around customer advocacy - and succeed


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In this age of social web disruption, what should marketers focus on? SEO has constant capricious changes, buyers are drowning in a sea of content, the social mob is difficult to harness for our advantage. Buyers are tuning out email and ads. My hypothesis is the best way to cut through the clutter is to surround buyers with social proof, and the best way to do that is mobilize customer advocates to generate more referral leads, online reviews, social media buzz and customer stories.

Advocates are more than just a great way to generate sales efficiently. I believe that they are the best way to organize a company - advocacy should be the goal of a company. Evidence is presented highlighting how a focus on advocacy drives better marketing results, company performance, and helps everyone in the company align with a feeling of integrity.

How to mobilize advocates? What makes advocates tick? Some insight is provided on these items as well.

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  • This is a crazy time to be a revenue marketer … you have these new platforms – social, mobile, big data, predictive analytics … what should we be focusing on? Where’s the great new place to find new customers? But we need to figure it all out, because otherwise, it is going to be like a scene from a bad horror movie!
  • Let’s take Rap Genius, now called Genius because they are more than just rap, as an example. They were on top of their game … every time you looked for a song on the web, you would find them above the fold. Absolutely brilliant at SEO. But then one day Google changed their search algorithm, and they went from hero, to zero. If you are dependent on Google to drive your eyeballs and revenue, then …
  • You can get eaten alive!
  • Proliferation of content marketing … if a content tree falls in the forest and you’re not around to hear it, did it really fall?
  • Organizing around the customer – with customer advoacy as the key goal
  • First, is that advocates want to feel like part of the team. They identify with your company and your products. They do not want a wall between themselves and your company, because they think of themselves as an extension of your team. Our customers have given their program an identity, and an identity for their advocates as well – just like The Leafs Nation from my hometown hockey team. They want to be consulted on everything from product design to marketing campaign ideas – feedback has drug-like effects in the brain and advocates just can’t wait to give it to you – so give them a forum.
  • Second is measurable impact. Advocates want to understand the positive effects that they have on your business. When they give you a referral, they want to know that it’s in demo phase, that it closed in 45 days. When they provide you with data for a case study, they want to know how many people have read it, and have provided positive comments on it. We humans – and indeed, all organisms – are hardwired to receive feedback, so make sure that you provide it.
  • Third is social currency. Advocates may claim that they are altruistic, but I don’t believe it. We humans are powerfully motivated to improve our situation, to make sure that we can put food on the table. Advocacy helps us do that, by building a reputation for being knowledgable, for having connections, for driving successful transactions. We want to be mavens and are rewarded for doing so. That’s why industry awards, like those Eloqua Markies back there, for ranked awards like top X under Y are so popular. Status, recognition, social currency, helps advocates differentiate and get ahead. So use your advocate program as a way to drive that.

    Want to see some results? I’ll talk through some of our customer results and then get into some of our metrics at Infuitive.
  • Align your company around customer advocacy - and succeed

    1. 1. Customer Obsession and the Rise of Advocate Marketing Presented by Mark Organ, Founder and CEO @markorgan | @influitive | #advocatemktg
    2. 2. This is a crazy time to be a marketer. @markorgan | @influitive | #advocatemktg
    3. 3. Constant changes to SEO
    4. 4. Constant changes to SEO O
    5. 5. Proliferation of content marketing
    6. 6. Proliferation of content marketing
    7. 7. Explosion of social channels & communities
    8. 8. Explosion of social channels & communities
    9. 9. In this era of disruptive change in how our customers buy, how can we … @markorgan | @influitive | #advocatemktg
    10. 10. Align with our stakeholders
    11. 11. Build the gorilla in our markets
    12. 12. Sleep well at night, because we are living with integrity
    13. 13. The way to align our companies and win is by organizing around the customer, with advocacy as the key goal. @markorgan | @influitive | #advocatemktg
    14. 14. So I had a discovery…
    15. 15. THE GOAL: Maximize Throughput While Minimizing Inputs and Costs
    16. 16. What is throughput for a software company?
    17. 17. But then I wondered…
    18. 18. Advocates are THE GOAL
    19. 19. Net Promoter Score was a good start, but flawed.
    20. 20. David Skok’s 1 Day Sales Cycle
    21. 21. Every rapid buying process had advocates deeply involved.
    22. 22. It was difficult to generate more advocate activity, but The Markies awards were a standout success.
    23. 23. Alignment and success with advocates
    24. 24. Systematically generate leads at scale and convert.
    25. 25. Maximize the value of the company.
    26. 26. Sleep well at night.
    27. 27. We need to organize around advocates @markorgan | @influitive | #advocatemktg
    28. 28. The Next Frontier: Marketing – Customer Success Alignment
    29. 29. Enlistment is a core process, required for profitability
    30. 30. What makes advocates tick? @markorgan | @influitive | #advocatemktg
    31. 31. Once we get beyond physical needs… 6 year old girls are compelled to advocate for what they love.
    32. 32. What motivates advocates? (1) Part of the Team
    33. 33. What motivates advocates? (2) Measurable Impact Measurable Impact
    34. 34. What motivates advocates? (3) Social Currency Social Currency
    35. 35. Companies that are organizing around their advocates @markorgan | @influitive | #advocatemktg
    36. 36. 37 Act-On implemented a powerful referral program for their advocates to willingly introduce hot prospects.3 209 Generated over 209 high quality leads in six months Created $175,000 in sales pipeline Converted referral leads at 5%, blowing through industry standard lead conversion benchmarks by more than 500% 500%
    37. 37. 38 DocuSign encourages their advocates to spread their positive sentiment on as many product review sites as possible, which influences sales pipeline Influenced more than In pipeline via Reviews Referrals Testimonials Social Activities 2000+ Acts of Advocacy
    38. 38. 39 Ceridian creates an environment for their advocates to network with their prospects, in turn, shortening their sales cycle.5 Generated over 20 high quality sales references In a few months: 35 Shining testimonial videos.Case studies and testimonials.
    39. 39. 40 Brainshark used their advocates to generate a tidal wave of social media engagement across a variety of social networks. boost in social media engagement In just a short span of time we were able to increase our social engagement on Twitter by 106%, not including multiplier effect from the social networks of employee and customer advocates - Influitive really enabled us to expand the reach of our content on social. Sabrina Cote, Social Media Manager
    40. 40. @markorgan | @influitive | #advocatemktg
    41. 41. Here’s how @markorgan | @influitive | #advocatemktg
    42. 42. It’s time to put our best people, disciplined processes and appropriate technologies around advocacy if we are going to succeed as marketers. Thank you. @markorgan | @influitive | #advocatemktg