Social Media Optimisation


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How can I use social media to let people know about my business, my services and my products. Read on to find out the secrets of social media marketing.

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Social Media Optimisation

  1. 1. Social Media MarketingMark OLeary -
  2. 2. Social Media & Website GoalsImprove Search Engine PlacementIncrease the number of site visitorsMark OLeary -
  3. 3. Business GoalsIncreased Brand AwarenessMore EnquiriesMore SalesBetter ROIMark OLeary -
  4. 4. Targeted Social NetworksFacebookTwitterYou TubeLinked InPintrestFlickrSlideshareAny others that suit your businessMark OLeary -
  5. 5. Do I need a websiteNot Necessarily•Each site can act independently and you can achieveyour business goals on each siteHowever•Why not centralise your business goals and direct thetraffic toward that one area•More MeasurableMark OLeary -
  6. 6. First Step - MeasureYou cant track improvement unless you first measure your current statusMark OLeary -
  7. 7. What should I measure?• Current social media activity if any• Number of visitors coming to your site• How many come from each of the social media sites?• How many come from other sources?• What pages do they like?• What pages turn them off?• Where do they exit the funnel?Mark OLeary -
  8. 8. How do I Measure?Social Media TrackingFacebook InsightsTwitter - media/best-free-twitter-analytics-tools/Mark OLeary -
  9. 9. Facebook InsightsMark OLeary -
  10. 10. Website StatsGoogle analyticsFreeLoads of FeaturesEasy to setupTrack at least a months activityMark OLeary -
  11. 11. Mark OLeary -
  12. 12. What Next?• Set Social Media Goals• What is the one thing I want to achieve with my campaign?• Build a Facebook following?• Drive traffic to my site?• Build brand awareness on Twitter?• Showcase products on Pintrest or Flickr?Mark OLeary -
  13. 13. And• Set a timeframe and goal for a campaign. It must be measurable.• Examples• 1000 likes on my Facebook business page in 30 days• 100% increase in site visitors in 3 months• 10 extra enquiries on my website each weekMark OLeary -
  14. 14. So FarYou know where you standYou know what you wantYou know how long it should takeBefore you begin your social media campaign ask yourself:Is my website ready?Mark OLeary -
  15. 15. Is my website ready?• Is my site acceptable for viewing?• Is my site current?• Do I have complete control over my content?• Does my site have appealing content to draw visitors in?• Can I encourage my visitors to signup/buy?• Is my site fast? www.pingdom.comMark OLeary -
  16. 16. Starting your Social Media Campaign• Signup• Link your social media accounts• Find friends and acquaintances• Thank people for following you and being your friendMark OLeary -
  17. 17. Post(Write)• Post something interesting that others will be interested in• Include a link back to the original content on your site• Don’t beat people over the head with the hard sell – make it sound appealing• Post links to other websites that you find interestingMark OLeary -
  18. 18. Comment and Reply• Comment on others posts• Reply to those who comment on your post• Reminds them that you exist• Shows them that you are interested in a certain topic – even better if that topic is in your market area• All of their followers or friends will see your contentMark OLeary -
  19. 19. Promote Other Peoples ContentRetweet or shareGoodwill trade-offLikely to be reciprocatedMark OLeary -
  20. 20. Specific Tips for Different Networks - Facebook• Create an informative business page• Ask friends to like your page• Post interesting comments on your business page, not press releases• Run a competition for those who like your business page• Thank people for liking your page• Reply to comments• Get your own Facebook URLMark OLeary -
  21. 21. Twitter• Create a good profile• Tweet regularly• Include link to your web page in the tweet• Include hash tags #socialmedia• Geolocated hash tags #socialmedia #ireland• Retweet regularly• Reply often• Thank followers• Automate using TweetdeckMark OLeary -
  22. 22. Linked In• For Business• Let customers find you• Post to show your industry knowledge• Business status updates and achievements• Endorsements• Recommendations• Search for employeesMark OLeary -
  23. 23. SlideshareMake use of your presentationsShare on other networks tooPlace the transcript on your website if you are short of contentMark OLeary -
  24. 24. Track Your TimeTime is moneyAutomate where possibleConnect AccountsWordpress -> Facebook, Twitter and othersOutsource?Mark OLeary -
  25. 25. Measure and RefineMeasure and refine as you progressChange the focus if necessaryEnsure your site continues to support your social networksMark OLeary -
  26. 26. Lookback and learnWhat went well?What went wrong?If you didn’t reach your goal, why?How can you improve your next campaign?Mark OLeary -