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Presentation on using mobile for mystery shopping presented by Mark Michelson at the Mystery Shopping Provider's Association European Conference in Sardinia, May 2

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MMRA Mobile Mystery Shopping

  1. 1. Mobile Mystery Shopping Capturing the Customer Experience in the Moment Mark Michelson Executive Director, MMRA Atlanta, Georgia #mmra #mmra
  2. 2. Actually, please turn them on and share your thoughts/notes using twitter: #mmra1 #mmra
  3. 3. Change is Growth• "Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable." – William Pollard2 #mmra
  4. 4. What is Mobile?• It’s the ability to connect to the internet and other people from anywhere, anytime• Portable (wifi) and Network (cell) connectivity• Smart phones, Dumb Phones, Tablets, Laptops3 #mmra
  5. 5. The Exo-Brain• Google already functions as an ‘exo- brain’. The device many of us carry in our pockets harnesses millions of servers worldwide and fulfills what we’d otherwise expect from our education and memory.4 #mmra
  6. 6. Why understand shoppers in themoment with Mobile MS?• It’s not about mystery shopping for mobile devices… – it’s about using mobile devices to help bring the shopper experience to life• Mobile is the preferred personal media• More mobile devices are being used to connect to the internet than desktop computers5 #mmra
  7. 7. Why understand shoppers in themoment with Mobile MS?• Best way to know what shoppers are really doing and when they are doing it – Real time data tracking and time stamping – Validated with geo-location – Enhanced reporting with video/photo/audio6 #mmra
  8. 8. Mobile MS helps clients• Store managers, who are increasingly mobile, should be able to quickly access shop information at their finger tips• Text alerts with links to access to specific content7 #mmra
  9. 9. Early Days of Mobile MS and MR• Adoption of traditional mystery shopping and marketing research methods… – Store/merchandising audits – Hidden video – Shopper diaries – IVR/satisfaction reports – Intercept surveys8 #mmra
  10. 10. Early Days of Mobile MS and MR• ….to new technologies – PDA’s (e.g. Palm Pilot) – SMS/Text – Spy cams – Cameras• But it was slow to be adopted by participants and clients – mostly because it involved device management• Smart Phones changed the game9 #mmra
  11. 11. Types of data Mobile MS provides• Qualitative & Quantitative – Behavioral: What shoppers do while shopping – Observational: What shoppers observe – Sentiment: What shoppers say/think – Emotional: How shoppers feel while shopping10 #mmra
  12. 12. Types of data Mobile MS provides – Sensory: How shoppers perceive sights, sounds • Future inputs will include temperature, eye tracking and more – Passive: Geo-location, timing, media engagement, Packaging scans (UPC and QR codes)11 #mmra
  13. 13. Apps, Mobile Enabled Web (MWAP),and SMS/Text – Apps – allow for data collection without being connected to web. Data transmitted when best signal is available (wifii for videos, etc.) – MWAP – requires constant connection to web – SMS/Text – data can be transmitted, but difficult to synchronize with existing platforms12 #mmra
  14. 14. Advantages of Mobile MR/MSPresented by Remy Bleijendaal from TNS Nipo at MRMW conference• Mobile MR (MS) advantages include – Immediacy, fewer recall issues – Shorter surveys leading to higher data quality – Contextual richness – Respondent convenience – Greater reach in emerging markets – Greater youth engagement13 #mmra
  15. 15. Challenges with Mobile MS• Issues with Mobile MS include: – Screen size – User experience and questionnaire length – Validity of self-reported data – Whether to calibrate previous data or move forward with new methodologies14 #mmra
  16. 16. “OMG” & “WTF”Shared by Kristin Luck of Decipher at MRMW Conference• OMG – O – Online tracking data – M – Meta-data in photos – G – Geo-location• WTF – W – Wandering device ID’s – T – Too complex privacy polices – F – Fees for SMS and data streaming15 #mmra
  17. 17. Ethics and Standards in Mobile MS• Mobile is very personal media – Research participants consent with opt-in permission – Transparency gains trust – Self-editing and review before approval – The right to be forgotten – Cost to participant for data access• MMRA is working with major associations including ESOMAR, QRCA and MSPA to create codes and guidelines for privacy assurance16 #mmra
  18. 18. Which vendors have Mobile MSapps currently?17 #mmra
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  23. 23. MoleShopper: a m obile app f or m ystery shoppers 5/ 29/ 12 7:51 AM A mobile app for mystery shoppers! Volume Accuracy Confirmation When your mystery shoppers use MoleShopper: Each shopper gathers more information, so your client gets more data per shop Your client gets more accurate data: all data is time- stamped and geo-tagged Its easier to recruit shoppers, since each shopper spends less time memorizing questions and documenting the shop Interested? Leave your contact information and well contact you as soon as its released! Contact me! © 2012 http:/ / m / Page 1 of 222 #mmra
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  31. 31. Mobile MS Trends• Shorter questionnaires = more actionable info• More targeted assignments – take a photo of “x” display• More validation and transparency of everything – Image geolocation tags, shopper location at time of reporting• Near Field Communications will help target more precise location in stores• Dissipated workforce through apps – Gigwalk, Roamler• Tech cowboys30 #mmra
  32. 32. Predictions for Mobile MR/MSPresented by Robert Moran at MRMW conference• Three of the possible futures could be: – Power to the people • Dissipated workforce displaces traditional mystery shopping – E-Agency • MS firms replaced by e-lancers and tech developers catering to DIY clients – Portal power • All key consumer data are integrated in a single online portal31 #mmra
  33. 33. The Opportunity is Yours!• Use mobile to bring mystery shopping reports to life• Start slowly by adding services – not replacing them• Engage shoppers beyond observations• Clients need to keep people’s trust –learn best practices of mobile marketing research• It’s about transparency and collaboration – bringing the true customer experience to your client32 #mmra
  34. 34. Want to Know More?• Join MMRA – MSPA members can save $50 on registration• 3 Conferences Per Year• Last month in Amsterdam – 180 attendees• Next one in Cincinnati July 18-2033 #mmra
  35. 35. Thank You ForYour Curiosity! Mark Michelson #mmra #MobileMR #mmra