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Smx London - Mark meijs - PPC automation tactics you can use today!


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This is the presentation that I gave on SMX london on 21-5-2019. It entails how we should view and use automation as PPC specialists.

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Smx London - Mark meijs - PPC automation tactics you can use today!

  1. 1. @Mark_Meijs
  2. 2. @Mark_Meijs My first job in PPC was creating Sitelinks on ad group level.
  3. 3. @Mark_Meijs We already use automation everyday, using automation within our daily jobs is nothing more than common sense.
  4. 4. @Mark_Meijs If there is a traffic jam, then pick another route for me.
  5. 5. @Mark_Meijs You can tie automation to PPC in a lot of different ways, but I will focus on optimization.
  6. 6. @Mark_Meijs Bidding, Hygiene and growth are the 3 pillars in PPC optimization.
  7. 7. @Mark_Meijs Let’s start with Bidding!
  8. 8. @Mark_Meijs Why should you have the ambition to automate? First of all the frequency of optimizations. Manual vs Automated bidding - Frequency - Bid Modifiers - Performance
  9. 9. @Mark_Meijs Secondly, automation will take all available signals into account.
  10. 10. @Mark_Meijs And thirdly, bidding at query level.
  11. 11. @Mark_Meijs However, is your account ready for automated bidding? Account factors: ● Maturity ● Complexity ● Thresholds Business factors: ● Cost / Benefit ● Current man hours ● Cost of missing out
  12. 12. @Mark_Meijs Where are you on the PPC bidding maturity roadmap? Manual Bidding1 Semi Automated2 Engine autobidding3 Cross-engine autobidding 4 PPC bidding maturity
  13. 13. @Mark_Meijs Moving to phase 2. Semi Automated2Manual Bidding1 ● Map your process ● If this then that ● Create a safe test environment
  14. 14. @Mark_Meijs Moving to phase 3. Engine autobidding3Semi Automated2 ● Select an account with enough data (not your most important) ● Make sure that you have steady performance ● And a steady performance target
  15. 15. @Mark_Meijs & to phase 4. Cross-engine autobidding 4Engine autobidding3 ● Create cost / benefit analysis of third party tools ● Determine tool (& provider)
  16. 16. @Mark_Meijs The key difference between manual and automated bidding is the shift in your daily work.
  17. 17. @Mark_Meijs We can actually divide hygiene into 2 parts Important hygiene factors • What and where am I serving and are there problems? • What impression am I making on potential customers?
  18. 18. @Mark_Meijs First check in account hygiene should always be. Are my campaign settings correct? • Ad Rotation • Country • Language • Serving • Targeting • Audiences
  19. 19. @Mark_Meijs And are you optimized in all markets across all search engines?
  20. 20. @Mark_Meijs Bottlenecks exist in every account. Automation can help identify them so you can fix this. • Solution 1: Shared budgets • Solution 2: Automated rule • Solution 3: Script + manual action
  21. 21. @Mark_Meijs Bottlenecks exist in every account. Automation can help identify them so you can fix this. Solution: Implement this script and take manual action.
  22. 22. @Mark_Meijs QS is still the X factor for your performance. If QS is Your CPC vs. QS=7 is 10 Discounted by: 30,00% 9 Discounted by: 22,20% 8 Discounted by: 12,50% 7 - 6 Increased by: 16,70% 5 Increased by: 40,00% 4 Increased by: 75,00% 3 Increased by: 133,30% 2 Increased by: 250,00% 1 Increased by: 600,00%
  23. 23. @Mark_Meijs Are we actually serving our ads at all? Free script.
  24. 24. @Mark_Meijs Scripts often only solve 1 problem & tools help you solve several problems quicker.
  25. 25. @Mark_Meijs We often forget that our ads are the first impression that we make as a company. 404
  26. 26. @Mark_Meijs Our ad copy shapes the perception of the company Common ad copy mistakes ● Incorrect prices ● Power phrases ● Incorrect spelling ● {dynamic} copy that does not make sense We are actually showing that we are not trustworthy.
  27. 27. @Mark_Meijs You can monitor this partly via free tooling! I’ve assembled some free templates: Datastudio: • E-Com Datastudio template. • Lead-gen Datastudio template. • Non-profit Datastudio template. • Multi-channel Datastudio template. Supermetrics • Basic PPC Dashboard template. • Advanced PPC dashboard template.
  28. 28. @Mark_Meijs And finally automating for growth!
  29. 29. @Mark_Meijs Your quickest win is making sure you are optimized across all search engines.
  30. 30. @Mark_Meijs Automating for growth usually starts with automated campaign creation & syncing.
  31. 31. @Mark_Meijs For some clients 50% of their revenue comes from the top 20 search terms. Optimize your structure to monetize your leading search terms 100%.
  32. 32. @Mark_Meijs 70% of the time growth in in what you already have in your account. Situation: Opportunities When identified, you can easily: • Make structural changes to your setup. • Add keywords to your account • Bid accordingly
  33. 33. @Mark_Meijs
  34. 34. @Mark_Meijs