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The Magic of Madiba


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Today I am honouring the life and legacy of the iconic Nelson Mandela with a poem titled "The Magic of Madiba. As boy growing up in Kingston, Jamaica I became aware of Nelson Mandela's imprisonment and the oppressive apartheid regime in South Africa through reggae music. As a high school and university student and youth leader advocated for the freedom of Nelson Mandela and freedom of black South African from apartheid. Nelson Mandela showed me the true meaning of humility and grace.

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The Magic of Madiba

  1. 1. This is my tribute to the life and legacy of to the iconic Nelson Mandela, my idol. The Magic of Madiba My Madiba, your Madiba Hail my Madida Hail your Madiba Hail the world’s Madiba Hail Nelson Mandela For your militant stance against white domination You were imprisoned for 27 years With dignity you sacrificed your freedom For the freedom of South Arica from apartheid Spending 18 years on RobbenIsland confined to a small cell Your influential and courage set the world on fire To free South Africa from apartheid The magic of Madiba Your unbending will set South Africa free Freed from prison on February 11, 1990 Youbecame president ofa free and democratic South Africa Youshowed us and the world all things are possible And showedus how to live in peace and harmony You showed us how to forgive Even those who gave you the floor for a bed The magic of Madiba Where others would have held hate you showed love Rather than recrimination you led peace and reconciliation And even stood against black domination With a bit of humour and imperfections You showed us the richness of humanity And became an inspiration for all to see And a symbol of hope for the world The magic of Madiba My Madiba, your Madiba Hail my Madida Hail your Madiba Hail the world’s Madiba Hail Nelson Mandela
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