4 Serious Reasons Conan O'Brien is an Influencer


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Today I am endorsing Conan O'Brien as a Linkedin Influencer. Linkedin is the premier social media for professionals and the business community. Linkedin in serious business and not to be poked fun of!

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4 Serious Reasons Conan O'Brien is an Influencer

  1. 1. 4 Serious Reasons Conan O’Brien is an Influencer Dear Conan O’Brien, My name is Mark McKenzie and I would like to share with you 4 serious reasons I believe you should be a Linkedin Influencer.Linkedin is the premier social media for professionals and the business community. Linkedin in serious business and not to be poked fun of! Conan O’Brien I am absolutely confident in you as a leader and an influencer. Last Thursday I had the opportunity to present my Leaders Leave Legacy Workshop to the City of Mississauga Employees’ Toastmasters Club. During my presentation one of the participants lamented that she did not consider herself as leader. However, I assured her that everyone is a leader. Conan O’Brien, you are a leader and you should be confident in yourself. As you pursue your goal to become a Linkedin Influencer you should remember that while care is an important attribute of great leaders, leadership is also about ability to influence others to achieve specific goals. Let me share with you another example from my workshop last week. At the end of the session a gentleman told me that my emphasis on the fact that everyone is leader resonated with him. He told me a story about how his daughter’s teacher corrected him when he told the teacher that he did not consider his child as a leader. Conan O’Brien you do not need such a reassurance because in the field of entertainment and comedy you are clearly a leader and an influencer. My endorsement is therefore for you to be a Linkedin Influencer similar to the flamboyant and vivacious Richard Branson. I know it will take you a while to overshadow a personality like Richard Branson who once shaved his legs, swapped his boxer shorts for a pair of stockings and dressed as a stewardess after losing wager. I am confident about the extreme you will go to gain the Linkedin Influencer status. Twerking with Miley Cyrus could do you no harm in your campaign. Let us get serious. Here are 4 serious reasons I am endorsing you as a Linkedin Influencer: You are not just an entertainer you are actually funny at times Most influential people are known for their outstanding oratorical or public speaking ability. Conan O’Brien, you have excellent communication skills. You are an entertainer and as a matter of fact you are actually funny at times. I found your Linkedin rant and troll to be entertaining and funny. Your outstanding oratorical skills complemented with your sense of humour will make you not just a Linkedin Influencer but rather a Linkedin Influencer Entertainer just as Richard Branson is the Linkedin Influencer Entrepreneur. Let me share a little secret with you. I am member of Toastmasters International which offers the one of the best communication and leadership programmes in the world. If you want to improve your communication skills, you are welcome to visit my City Centre Toastmasters Club at noon on a Tuesday or find a club near you to receive a frank evaluation and useful feedbacks.
  2. 2. You are enthusiastic about your goal to a Linkedin Influencer Conan O’Brien I know you have passion for your goal to become a Linkedin Influencer. You have passion for the things you do. I first took notice of your passion in June 2009 when you moved his entire team to Los Angeles to take over Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show”. In 2010, after youwere slapped in the face by NBC you once again demonstrated your passion as an entertainer and comedian. You assembled your team, opened a Twitter account, and began your "Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour." In addition to your passion you also have the powers of persuasion. Without the powers of persuasion, how else can we explain your almost 100K followers on Linkedin? I am now following you on Linkedin. Please accept my status as follower as my public endorsement and commitment to your cause to be a Linkedin Influencer Entertainer. You should also remember that great leaders are also great followers. They know when to lead and when they need to be led. In this respect, you should not view my following that I am just a follower but rather that we are both leaders and influencers. We all know that the driving force behind influence is passion and enthusiasm. Conan O’Brien you are not short of passion and enthusiasm. My endorsement is not merely for you as a Linkedin Influencer Entertainer. I am also crowning Enthusiastic Linkedin Influencer Entertainer.However, let me caution you about social media. In the age of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ just to name a few your friends, followers and influencers are fungible. Reciprocity is a key part of the culture of social media. You must demonstrate appreciation to your followers. They hold the power to unlike, unfriend or unfollowand therefore, they can easily erode your Linkedin Influencer status with a click and flick of the mouse. Conan You Find Fun in Things Influential people usually find the positive in most things. You on the other hand find fun in most things. To be totally honest it was not until I read you satirical rant on Linkedin about Linkedin Influencers that you caught my attention. Arm with your sense of humour you ripped through Linkedin’s reputation as social media hub for serious professionals and the business community. It was funny and you made me laugh. However, seriously I enjoy blogs written my most Linkedin Influencers. Richard Branson is one my favourite Linkedin Influencer. As a daily blogger I am working assiduously to develop a similar presentation style to Linkedin Influencers. My goal is to one day become a Linkedin Influencer like youand may be you and I will share a corner office in cyber world. On the point of you being funny I have one request of you. Please don’t make fun of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. He is already too funny. A joke from you would be poking fun at the joker Rob Ford! Have you heard that he is now figure head mayor rather a bobble head mayor? You Caught My Attention
  3. 3. You caught my attention with your Linkedin troll. Your focus to be a Linkedin Influencer is admirable. You have taken this one very simple idea and you are driving it forward with focus, intensity and passion. Yesterday I noticed that even Richard Branson got caught up in your idea. Conan O’Brien, I would like to wish you the very best in your campaign to be a Linkedin Influencer. Conan O’Brien you are not just a leader, today I endorse you as an Enthusiastic Linkedin Influencer Entertainer. Best Wishes, Mark McKenzie is a leading Subject Matter Expert in financial services regulation and supervision as well as a professional motivational speaker, corporate trainer and youth mentor. He can be contacted by email mastbmckenzie@gmail.com or by telephone 647-406-4622. Read my blog http://mastbmckenzie.blogspot.ca/ and always write me a comment and share. Follow me on Twitter @mackynacky. Connect with me on www.youtube.com, Google+, Facebook and Linkedin.