PHD Virtual Image-based Backup for Citrix XenServer


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This presentation shares information about PHD Virtual's Image-based backup for Citrix XenServer environments. This solution is a simple and cost effective alternative to those who are still wrestling with agents and writing scripts to perform backups.

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  • Lets get started by helping you understand a little more about our company…PHD Virtual provides the absolute best value in backup & disaster recovery assurance virtual and cloud environments.We help customers dramatically reduce the costs and risk of recovery within SLAsMore than 6,000 customers worldwide rely on our products (our customers are a who’s who among the Fortune 500 and we serve 1000s of mid-market companies too)Thanks to the amazing reception we have had from customers we have had 13 consecutive quarters of record revenue growth – This makes us one of the fastest growing software companies around the globeAnd, as you can imagine, our company has been recognized as standing out from our peers by receiving numerous awards as well as a direct investment by Citrix
  • Have you ever sat through a presentation and struggled to understand how that company is different from competitive alternatives? We believe its very important that we help you understand what sets PHD Virtual apart.Our approach for delivering unmatched value can be summed up in 3 simple differentiators:We deliver effective data protection and infrastructure monitoring products that are powerful, scalable and deliver value in minutesOur products are exceptionally easy to use – you’ll never need to read a manual, take a training course and you can install and be fully configured in less than 10 minutes – what Apple is to consumer electronics – we are to virtualization managementOur products are priced at a fraction of the cost of competitive alternatives – great technology shouldn’t be so expensiveIts why our customers represent our ultimate fan club… read quote
  • Its also why we’ve experienced amazing growth – and we fully expect the growth to continue
  • Lets turn to our award winning products and start with our Data Protection product called PHD Virtual Backup and ReplicationPHD Virtual Backup and Replicationprovides advanced data protection powered by our unique Virtual Backup Appliance architecture. It is the #1 Virtual Backup solution and supports both VMware and Citrix.Let me start by covering few key items before we give you an overview of specific capabilities and how it compares against competitorsLike all PHD products, its super easy to use, it installs and configures in minutes, requires no training and you can literally set-it- and forget itFor most customers its all about time to recovery and you’ll find no one is faster – and no product performs faster – We know that backup windows are short – so you need a product that moves at the pace of your businessYou’ll find we use significantly less storage than any other alternative because of our powerful source-side de-duplication capabilities and incremental back-ups which store only changesOne of the key differentiators of our product is our Virtual Backup Appliance architecture. This patented capability is our secret sauceThe VBA plugs directly into the hypervisor Offers the most effective virtual backup at the lowest cost – because our unique VBA architecture requires no physical machines or 3rd party software - lets take a look at how it in more detail…
  • The VBA is truly unique. The best way to describe this is to help you understand how it compares to architecture delivered by our competitors – Competitive alternatives:Add complexity and cost:They require separate physical servers and 3rd party software deployed outside the virtual environment (Veeam for example requires a separate windows based proxy server –and you'll have to maintain this –patch it upgrade it, secure it…what a hassle! And you’’ need an adapter (HBA) for the storage)Load balancing and solving for fault tolerance is more complex tooHarder to scale: Ease and speed of scaling is a primary driver of virtualization –your backup product should never limit this benefitTo scale you'll need to deploy and manage multiple physical serversLets contrast the this approach to the PHD’s VBA:Simple and less expensive:The VBA has a 100% virtualized footprint. This means it deploys as a virtual appliance, is managed directly from the v-sphere or XenServer hypervisor and requires no physical servers or additional softwareAdditional VBAs are easily deployed which enables you to quickly meet your organizations performance requirements or fault tolerance needsScales Quickly and easily: You can quickly deploy VBAs to scale and meet to meet enterprise needs – and its all done seamlessly within your virtual environment
  • PHD Virtual Image-based Backup for Citrix XenServer

    1. 1. Image-based Backup for Citrix XenServer
    2. 2. Agenda • Corporate Overview • PHD Virtual Backup Overview • Product Features • Deploying XenServer Backup • Q&A
    3. 3. Who We Are Best value in data protection and recovery assurance for virtual & cloud environments • Reduce the cost of assuring data, application and business service restoration within SLAs Experiencing record growth • 13 quarters of record growth • 6000+ customers Industry leadership • Two-time winner Best of VMworld • Only backup DR company Citrix has invested in • Product of the year: Search Server Virtualization • Reader’s choice award: Virtualization • Highest rated product: InfoTech • Fastest growing start-up: Who We Serve
    4. 4. What Makes PHD Virtual Unique? Unmatched Value: Effective products: • Powerful and scalable • Value evident out-of-the-box Easier to use: • Easy to download, install and use Lower cost: • Priced at a fraction of the cost of competitors Ultimate Fan Club! “I can’t afford to spend much time managing backups. PHD makes the process a piece of cake. How they put so much functionality into such an easy to use product, I don’t know, but they did”. - Marek Friedl, Hardt Equipment “PHD Virtual allows you to easily deploy multiple Virtual Backup Appliances that create unprecedented scalability, without the cost and complexity of other solutions.” - Virtualization Blogger, Roy Mikes
    5. 5. Customer Success Consistent Customer Growth 150 700 300 1200 1500 2100 3500 5000 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
    6. 6. PHD Virtual Backup & Replication • Supports Citrix XenServer v6.1, v6.0 and earlier versions • Installs and configures in 10 minutes and requires no training • Rollback Recovery • Performs 3 to 5 times faster on incremental backups • Uses less storage than any competitor • Unique Virtual Backup Appliance plugs into the XenServer Hypervisor; scales quicker and easier • Requires no physical machines, 3rd party OS or software
    7. 7. Image-based Comparison Agent-based Image-based Expensive Inexpensive Difficult to deploy Easy to deploy Limited Flexibility Supports almost all OS and databases Works in physical and virtual environments Works in virtual environments
    8. 8. Backup Storage Primary Storage The VBA Architecture Advantage Virtual Backup Appliance 100% Virtual Footprint No Physical Servers No Additional Software Backup / Proxy Server Physical Server Operating System Backup Software SAN Attach (HBA) Maintenance Backup Storage Primary Storage VIRTUAL BACKUP APPLIANCE OTHER PRODUCTS VS. Backup / Proxy Server
    9. 9. PHD TrueDeDupe™ Technology True Source Side Data Deduplication Deduplicated Backup Data Virtualization Host • VBA processes and dedupes data before leaving host • Unique data compressed & written to backup storage • Customers regularly see 25:1 dedupe ratios • Reduces backup storage requirements by 96% • Reduces network impact and optimizes data transfer
    10. 10. Full and Incremental Backup Mode Full FullInc Inc Inc Inc Inc Inc Inc Inc Inc Inc Ideal Targets Cloud Network (CIFS) Dedupe Tape Virtual Full Initial V Full V Full V Full V Full V Full V Full V Full V Full V Full V Full V Full V Full Full & Incremental Attached Virtual Disk
    11. 11. Application Aware • Small application installed in the guest (PHD Guest Tools) • Ensures application consistency • Performs Microsoft Exchange Log Truncation – Combined with Digiscope email recovery, provides a complete data protection story for virtualized Exchange • Executes additional scripts for other applications, such as SQL server – Before and after a snapshot – After a backup
    12. 12. E0008DD3. log E0008DD2. log E0008DD4. log PHD Tools Application Aware Backups – Exchange Log Truncation 1. Snapshot is taken and PHDVBA communicates with the PHD Tools 2. PHDVBA performs the backup of your Exchange VM 3. PHDVBA communicates to the PHD Tools to truncate the Exchange logs.
    13. 13. PHD Virtual Dynamic Recovery Dynamic Recovery Technology • Quickly Restore Full VM - Standard or Rollback • Quickly Restore Virtual Disk • Instantly Recover App Object • Instantly Recover File or Folder Specific Data, Faster All VM Data, Longer Recovery Time Recover the Right Level of Data Quickly and Efficiently No Additional Physical or Virtual Infrastructure Required
    14. 14. PHD TrueRestore™ Technology Backup Storage Deduplicated Backup Data TrueRestore™ Technology TrueRestore™ Technology – Confidence in Restore • Backup data integrity checked during backup process • Data integrity checked during restore process • Ensures restored data matches original source data • Increases confidence in your ability to restore
    15. 15. Virtual Machine Replication • Replicate Virtual Machines for DR – Single pass backup and replication • No additional snapshots for replication • Replicate without impacting production – Intelligent Data Replication – Replication Seeding – Verify Replicated VM’s with Test Mode
    16. 16. Virtual Machine Replication 1 2 Virtual Machine Replication 1. Replication VBA Reads Backups from PHD Backup Storage and Rehydrates VM’s 2. Replication VBA Restores VM’s to the Replicated VM Storage in a “powered down” state. Production Host Replication Host Production Storage Replicated Storage Backup Storage De-duped & Compressed Replicate VM’s for DR Replicate From Backup Storage No Additional Snapshots Intelligent Data Replication Optimized Virtual Machine Replication
    17. 17. PHD Virtual Open Export PHD Virtual Open Export 1. PHD Virtual Open Exporter converts Backups to compressed OVF Files. 2. (Optional) Tape backup software sweeps OVF Files to tape storage. Tape Storage PHD Backup Storage De-duped & Compressed Windows Tape Server Temporary Storage 1 2 Export Backups to Standard OVF Backup Faster to Tape Storage Archive Backups Offsite Restore Without Any Software Optimized Portability of Backup Data
    18. 18. Demo: Backup for Citrix XenServer
    19. 19. Q&A 866-710-1882 (USA and Canada) +1-267-298-5320 (International)