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Energy Effective: Working with SPECIFIC


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Buildings As Power Stations

Published in: Technology
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Energy Effective: Working with SPECIFIC

  1. 1. Working with SPECIFIC Dr Christian Bryant Research Commercialisation & Industry Engagement Manager Buildings as Power Stations 5th October 2016
  2. 2. A National Innovation & Knowledge Centre • 150+ People • State of the art Laboratories - £450M BayCampus • 50+ Partners (Research andIndustry) • A pipeline of technology to be commercialisedby industry • Functional coatings on glass and steel • Systems integration and demonstration at buildings scale • Unique facilities to scale up (PMRC) & demonstrate (SHED) technologies • Bringing together construction and energy fora distributed energy system Transforming Buildings into Power Stations that Generate, Store & Release Energy at Point of Use @ BBIC @PMRC @ SAIC @ SHED Building Integration of Solar Thermal and Heat Storage in conjunction with PV and electrical storage
  3. 3. ‘Research Led – Industry Inspired’ Photovoltaics Building Scale Aqueous Batteries Solar Thermal Collection and Storage System Integration and Building Demonstration
  4. 4. Why do we work with Industry (ii) Aim to create new business opportunities (i) integrate developments into providing local energy storage and distribution solutions integrate developments into whole building (system) demonstrators and applications • Proof of Concept Development & Scale-Up • Building Demonstration and System Integration Building integrated PV Diurnal Storage H-RAFSystem Inter-seasonal Storage Water purification coating SPECIFIC’s Active Classroom ‘A National IKC will deliver impact by enhancing wealth generation of the businesses with which they work’ Delivery of economic growth by collaboration with others Investigating and developing new disruptive technologies
  5. 5. What do we offer? SKILLS / EXTERNAL ENGAGEMENT • Industry Training(MeTAL) • MaterialsAcademy • PublicEngagement SPECIFIC RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT • Applied R&D (PV, Storage, Release) • Centre for DoctoralTraining • MRes &PhD • Proof ofConcept SCALE-UP BUSINESSDEVELOPMENT / INDUSTRYENGAGEMENT • Research Commercialisation • CollaborativeR&D • Knowledge / Technology Transfer • Developing SupplyChains • Partner / Business Models • DevelopingCommercialisation routes for opportunities • Economic Development @ SPECIFIC • DevelopingValue Propositions • Scale-up of R&D @ PMRC • Trialling Pre-Commercial Opportunities BUILDING INTEGRATION (BUILDINGS AS POWERSTATIONS) • Systems Integration • PilotInstallations • Modelling (BuildingPhysics) • Demonstrators • Roll out and adoption (with partners) INDUSTRYPARTNERS SMEs KTNs INNOVATEUK EPSRC WELSHGOVERNMENT DECC H2020 BRE PARTNERS MARKETS Advice Training (WBL through to EngD) Analysis & Testing Collaborative R&D TechnologyTransfer Proof of Concept Scale Up Demonstrators ………. Building Demonstrator Programme (Roll out and adoption with partners)
  6. 6. Our Innovation Pipeline Building Demonstrator Programme Buildings being self-sufficient by generating, storing and releasing their own electrical energy This approach is also capable of time shifting energy through storage ‘Concept to Commercialisation’ ‘Full innovation spectrum’ • Applied R&D • Proof of Concept • Scale-up • Building Demonstrator
  7. 7. Ways of Working with Us • Strategic - LongTerm • Project- based Many ‘funding vehicles’ for collaborationopportunities UK e.g. Innovate UK (Energy Catalyst, Collaborative R&D Calls) Wales e.g. Welsh Government (Smart Innovation, Innovation Vouchers) EU e.g. Horizon 2020 (variousstrands) ….plus multi-agency challenge-led programmes(SBRI) • Direct Funding of Opportunities /Projects • CDT (Eng. D £9k / annum - 4 years) & MRes • WEFO (ERDF); Innovate UK; EPSRC – Targets /KPIs • Required to report on Activity andImpact
  8. 8. A snapshot of our collaborations
  9. 9. How do we engage with others? • Developing and enhancing relationships (Companies andHEIs) • Responding to Wales / UK / EU Challenges & Opportunities • Networks & Special Interest Groups (KTNs) • Participating in Foreign Direct InvestmentActivities • Participating in Sector Based TradeEvents • ERDF - Actively engaging with WWV SMEs • Responding to Wales / UK Public Sector & LocalAuthority Tenders
  10. 10. Our Goals…and partnership opportunities! We are flexible how we work with others SPECIFIC will aim to deliver (with its partners) - 2016-2021 Now……SPECIFIC @SHED • GenerateTechnologies • System Integration Technologies • Release Technologies • Inter-seasonal Heat Storage • Diurnal Heat Storage • 20p per watt peak building integratedphotovoltaics • Building Scale Batteries that offer off grid paritystorage • Inter-seasonal solar thermal generation and storage • Building demonstrators across residential industrialand commercial sectors (new build andretrofit) • An enhanced concept to commercialisation platform with aligned industry and academic partners • Be a catalyst for a new £1bn industry • 1000’s jobs through its developed supplychains ........Earlier SPECIFIC’s Active Classroom Have an Idea? Want to know more? Think we can help? .....Let us know!