Grow Your Business By Being Recognised As The 'Go To' Person


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In 2012, there were more new business start ups in the UK than ever before (over 484k new business). There are more of us, more businesses competing for our customers and our customers with more choice. However, most businesses look the same.

Here's how to go from a service provider with a ton of competition to and expert in your industry.

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Grow Your Business By Being Recognised As The 'Go To' Person

  1. 1. How To Grow Your Business By Being Recognised As The‘Go To’ Person In Your Industry
  2. 2. Some Stats To Chew OverThere are 4.8 million private sector businesses inthe UK, the highest since estimates began in 2000.Business Population Estimates (BPE)Small and medium business account for 99.9%of all private sector businesses in the UK.Business Population Estimates (BPE)British entrepreneurs broke records in 2012, withstart-up numbers up by 10% to 484,224 businesses(over 440k in 2011).Start-Up Britain
  3. 3. You can influence behaviour by manipulatingor inspiring.When you inspire you build a community.Be seen as the authority. It’s all about positioning yourselfas the logical choice.
  4. 4. 1)AudiencePosition yourself as the logical choice.Attract then engage.Energy directed toward solving the right problemsfor the right audience in the right way.What’s the thing that will attract people who lovethe way you do things?The higher your audience trusts you, the morelikely they will do business with you.The goal is engagement.
  5. 5. 2)Have A PersonalityDecisions are based onrelationships.Don’t be ‘that guy’Stop trying to pretend to be likeothers. Be honest, transparentand authentic.If you want to be considered anexpert, who’s worthy of yourattention, you must have anopinion.Change from theWHAT to the WHO.
  6. 6. 3)CommunityTilt your marketing objectives from selling to helping.The opposite of being egotistical is to be altruistic(do what we can to help the causes and the people wecare about).The future for branding is to ask ‘what can I do foryou?’Give enough value on your website/blog that theywant to stay in touch and learn more. Deliver themgreat content to share.
  7. 7. 4)Tell Your StoryPut out the welcome matt.Tell your audience 1) Who you are 2) Why you’re different 3)Why people should careShare how your brand makes their lives better.Social media is the great level playing field for all.Go from a service provider with a ton of competition to an expert inthe industry.Don’t forget the 3 Ps – POINT IT, PROVE IT, PERFORM IT
  8. 8. 5)PromoteMost people blast theirmessage out to the world,hoping to gain attention.What’s worked.Lack of success toinactivity is the worstfailure ever.Penny arcade analogy.Remember it’s not aboutyou, it’s about youraudience.
  9. 9. 6)OverdeliverWho delivers the most value wins.You grow and succeed because of the things competitors do and don’tdo. Commit to overserve
  10. 10. The six ways to bepositioned as the ‘go to’person:- Know Your Audience- Have A Personality- Create A Community- Tell Your Story- Promote- Overdeliver
  11. 11. Treat people as if theywere what they oughtto be and you help themto become what they arecapable of being.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832)
  12. 12. Thanks for your @heyidgroup