9 Ways To Accelerate Property Sales


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By modifying and improving your communications can show a marked improvement in your property sales.

Here's 9 ways for a successful sales campaign.

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9 Ways To Accelerate Property Sales

  1. 1. Communicate Effectively & Accelerate Property Sales Communicate Effectively & Accelerate Property Sales MINI GUIDE
  2. 2. The brief upturn in UK property activity in the first three months of 2012 has faded, according to Halifax bank and Nationwide building society. However, as in all walks of life customers/prospects get excited and take notice when they perceive a product/ home that offers a benefit. The key to success of the property sales process is to focus on the message and presentation to motivate buyers. A point to remember is to always offer a benefit that is relevant to their lives. What is the focus for successful sales communication? Is it a message with clarity? Is it establishing expertise? Is it being targeted? Is it building a rapport to educate and inform? The following guide highlights nine key areas to provide armoury to the sales team to help generate a profitable and successful campaign. NINE Ways To Accelerate Property Sales “ “ By modifying and improving your communication, you can realise a dramatic improvement in your sales results.
  3. 3. NINE WAYS TO INCREASE PROFITS, PERFORMANCE & SALES According to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), during May 2012, residential sales fell in April, for the first time since September 2011. No one can become complacent. A co-ordinated and cohesive property communications strategy is imperative. The following key points are intended to open doors faster and close property sales, by providing benefits to the lives of potential homeowners. 1) CGI A picture paints a thousand words. There is a thin line between a CGI that looks ‘okay’ and what looks ‘WOW.’ The key with CGI’s is that they are malleable and the focal point for a successful sales campaign. From site hoardings, an online presence, to all print formats, this sells the vision and presents the overall perception within a realistic setting. 2) CGI Flythroughs Progressing from a static CGI to moving imagery, helps depict an environment and show interior detail. This also becomes flexible by being controlled and presented in a number of formats. Presented to prospects as a branded DVD/USB, available to view online or to promote the developers’ calibre and vision to a wider audience as a corporate branding exercise i.e. via YouTube, the use of fly-throughs play an increasingly important role.
  4. 4. 3) Micro-sites Property websites (or micro-sites) don’t have to be a gushing explanation of lifestyle fit, but to provide the potential homeowner with key property information namely, CGI, site plans, floor plans, location and the calibre of the developer. This is a cost effective route when the elements have already been produced. The key focus for any micro-site is ‘benefit communication’ or WII-FM (What’s In It For Me). 4) Database Generation It is vital to build leads and the simplest way is to create a database via the micro-site for any interest made and responses direct to an email ‘in-box.’ It’s easy to set up with potential to turn prospects into buyers. This can be used effectively by directing traffic from site boards, any advertising and via the micro-site. NINE WAYS TO INCREASE PROFITS, PERFORMANCE SALES CONT’D A co-ordinated and cohesive property communications strategy is imperative. “ “
  5. 5. 5) Branded Developments Generating a name for a development and then creating a distinct brand in terms of logo/icon assists every sales tactic by presenting a clear and credible identity. The logo and name would be evident in all collateral delivered (both online and offline). 6) Site Plans / Floor Plans It is vital to communicate a new property in an easy, but effective way. Rather than including drawings direct from an architect, the easiest way for the potential homeowner to visualise space is to look at a floor plan that contextualises the development in terms of material definition for floors and a real ‘easy on the eye’ interpretation. NINE WAYS TO INCREASE PROFITS, PERFORMANCE SALES CONT’D Whilst every endeavour has been made to provide accurate information in relation to external and internal finishes, Kentmere Homes reserve the right to alter or vary the design and specification at any time for any reason without prior notice. These details are intended to provide an indication of the general style of our development and house types. Any plans and drawings are illustrative only and may not be to scale. All room dimensions are as accurate as possible at time of going to press. E O E. St George’s Road 22 St George’s Road, Sevenoaks - Siteplan 22 St George’s Rd Entrance Fir Trees 55 20 Valecot St George’s Rd TOTAL AREA MEASUREMENT 384m2 family room kitchen breakfast room boot room dining room library drawing room sitting room lift w/c hall terrace bin store w/c coats cup’dcup’d GROUND FLOOR Entrance Hall 6.4m (21’0”) x 6.2m (20’4”) Coat Room 2.2m (7’3”) x 1.1m (3’7”) WC 2.2m (7’3”) x 1.1m (3’7”) Drawing Room 7.1m (24’4”) x 6.9m (22’8”) Dining Room 7.1m (23’4”) x 5.1m (16’9”) Sitting Room 6.4m (21’0”) x 4.1m (13’5”) Library 7.1m (23’4”) x 4.4m (14’5”) Kitchen 8m (26’4”) x 7.9m (26’0”) Family Room 7.6m (25’0”) x 4.6m (15’2”) Boot Room 4.3m (14’1”) x 2.6m (8’6”) WC 2.6m (8’6”) x 1.2m (3’11”) Floorplans are intended to serve as a general guide to the appearance and layout of the development and not to scale. Dimensions are approximate and have been scaled from plan. It is vital to communicate a new property in an easy, but effective way. “ “
  6. 6. 7) Hoardings This could mean a simple 6ftx4ft site board to a full roadside message. This provides focus on the message (showing CGI, micro-site URL), hide site work, use the space as a canvas to promote the project and promote the developer. Hoardings are a lead capture mechanism and add value by allowing prospects a channel to request more information. 8) Photography Once a development is ready to include bespoke photography, it sets the scene and a tangible living space. Property imagery provides a sense of finesse for a home to come to life. It becomes unique to the development and now focuses on the benefits provided instead of just the features. 9) Web-mails From the generation of a database and to keeping a dialogue with prospects, sending email messages with imagery embedded within the copy area is a much more effective and engaging way rather than a plain text email. This allows imagery from the campaign to be used as well as links to the micro-site. The key here is persuasive credibility based on the calibre of communications produced. NINE WAYS TO INCREASE PROFITS, PERFORMANCE SALES CONT’D The key is persuasive credibility based on the calibre of communications produced. “ “
  7. 7. © 2012 ID GROUP LIMITED The copyright of this document is wholly owned by the ID Group Limited. Unauthorised copying, lending and use of the work is strictly prohibited without prior permission from the ID Group Limited. Prospects maintain established behaviours until they come into contact with an overtly appealing alternative benefit. Enhance and improve your sales communication to realise a dramatic improvements in your results. Lorne Park House 1 Lorne Park Road Bournemouth BH1 1JJ Telephone: +44 (0)1202 557 458 Email: mark@theidgroup.co.uk Website: theidgroup.co.uk Blog: theidgroup.co.uk/blog Twitter: /heyidgroup Facebook: /heyidgroup We hope this guide provides routes to explore in more detail, however it serves purely as a ‘checklist’ to ensure clarity in your approach. For a complete solution and how everything can work together, come and talk to us. We’re here to deliver a consistent message to all your property marketing.