8 Socail Media Trends Changing Tourism


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"Let Travelers Travel" and enable these same tourists to share their experiences as easily as possible in the social spaces they live in online. Here's eight trends I have identified that will be shaping tourism and effecting Tourism touchpoints.

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8 Socail Media Trends Changing Tourism

  1. 1. 8 Social Media Trends That Are Changing Tourism
  2. 2. Trend #1 Smart Phone Apps “There’s an app for that!” Apple’s game changer, “smartphone” application marketplace (Open SDK) Context is now king Enables users to share deep content via Social Networks regardless of location.
  3. 3. Trend #2 Foursquare LBS Mobile Game User connect via locations with “check-ins” at venues to earn points/social-cpaital Opportunties for small businesses to connect with Loyal Customers known as “Mayors” and create unique timely offerings
  4. 4. Trend #3 Geo Mashups Customizable User generated maps such as GoogleMaps API Socially Transportable to Blogs / Social Webspaces Inline contextual media: images, video, reviews, etc. Guys love this, now they don’t ever have to ask for directions ;)
  5. 5. Trend #4 Micro-Blogs Top Growth SNS - Twitter + 2nd tier FriendFeed “Email Killer” Users Sharing brief ideas 140 characters at a time with “Friends” Users: Professionals, Age 25+, becoming a model for Open Business
  6. 6. Trend #5 Mobile Video iPod Nano + iPhone 3Gs video enabled devices remove price boundaries for UGC Business should expect more video reviews of products & services Business need to become part of the conversation and embrace video as touchpoint
  7. 7. Trend #6 Photo-Sharing Networks Standard in the Social Media diet of people and the HQ for brands’ images Travel Experience Extensions: geo-tags, slideshows-sharing Photo Tribes: User generated The original Crasher Squirrel photo was taken by Melissa and Jackson Brandts in Banff Groups
  8. 8. Trend #7 CouchSurfing.com- Travel Exchange Online Social/Cultural worldwide network, enables low-cost travel exchanges with trustworthy Hosts.
  9. 9. Trend #8 Yelp - Customer Generated Reviews Social Tool like TripAdvizor becoming more widely used Strong Reach due to trusted customer generated reviews of a wider variety of products and services
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