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Senior python back end engineer


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Senior python back end engineer

  1. 1. Senior Python/ Back End Engineer- Permanent Our client is looking for a Senior Python/ Back end engineer, If you have been working with Python, SQL databases (particularly Postgres), Consuming third party APIs, Designing and implementing APIs, Experience writing modular services etc this is the right fit. Their mission is simple: to help young people prepare for their future. We passionately believe in this mission. We also passionately believe in building a great team to achieve this mission. They are a small talented team of engineers, designers, and product people who want to help young people achieve more in life, starting with learning how to manage money responsibly. They believe the experiences in the past they have had with money as children shaped their confidence with money today. Saving up for that first bike, to collecting in the piggy bank to selling football stickers at school. They want every young person to grow up with that confidence and experience. How are they doing this? They are rebuilding something safe, convenient and educational which sits within the family: a prepaid debit card and mobile banking app. What they are looking for... They need a talented python & SQL backend engineers to join our team. What you’ll be doing... ● Designing, implementing and improving the API that feeds the iOS app, Android app, website and mobile web interfaces ● Helping grow the database to meet their needs, while all the time focusing on good database design, extensibility and scalability ● Integrating the backend with loads of third parties like transactions processors, fund acquirers and SMS gateways ● Striving for the highest standards in security and scalability to make the product robust and reliable ● Participating actively in code reviews to make quality and knowledge sharing top priorities ● Implementing cool new features like recurring deposits to the cards and savings goals ● Working closely with the product team to make sure they build the right solutions in the right way
  2. 2. What you’ll be great at... ● Python ● SQL databases (particularly Postgres) ● Consuming third party APIs ● Designing and implementing APIs ● Experience writing modular services ● Agile (scrum, xp...) ● TDD and continuous integration ● Scripting/automating tasks ● Basic HTML / CSS ● DVCS (git, mercurial) ● Fast learner who likes to keep up with evolving technology ● Can adapt to changing business requirements while producing high quality code Bonus points for... ● Experience in missioncritical environments ● Linux experience ● Database scalability ● PCI (or similar) compliance ● Payment processing ● Web/mobile app development What you’ll be like... Have views and opinions on how people are, could and should manage their money. May religiously live by a budget, tracking personal expenditure, income and savings. Believe strongly in the mission with personal story to support.
  3. 3. When you start climbing a mountain, you know the only direction to look is up. Most concerned with the journey up the mountain, and not by reaching the top. A deep appreciation for building a customerled product, brand and company, where a delightful experience is ingrained in the companies KPIs. Will not let technology be a roadblock to creating an amazing experience. Care about the design of the systems that need to be built. Our company moves fast and we can’t compromise on quality and security. Can contribute to continuously improving the development lifecycle through their experience working in agile teams. Why they are a great place to work Getting the basics right Continuous integration... check. Automated testing... yep. DVCS... of course. Plus we’ll always listen to good ideas to make things even better. Great workstation, your own environment We believe the best craftsmen need their preferred tools to work their magic. A great location Open roof tops, brand new warehouse and surrounded awesome food markets. Best of all they have a 6m of whiteboard (good luck finding pens!) Flexible hours More of a night person? Prefer focused mornings? they don’t mind great work trumps hours here.
  4. 4. Learning First and foremost, we try and learn from each other. But beyond that, we are pretty flexible with buying books and attending conferences to help you develop. Always open, honest and respectful No second guessing and big egos there. By keeping quality communication at our core, and respecting that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, we make sure we're always working as a team. Please contact or 07780456364