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Microsoft Connect 2018 .NET User Group Paderborn


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A short summary of the Microsoft Connect 2018
.NET User Group Paderborn

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Microsoft Connect 2018 .NET User Group Paderborn

  1. 1. Microsoft Connect(); 2018 Mark Lechtermann 09.19.2018 1
  2. 2. VisualStudio The preview of VisualStudio 2019 is available! With Live Share and new pull request functionality 2
  3. 3. C# 8 The preview of C# 8 is available! If #nullable enable, then NullReference-Check This is a breaking change! 3
  4. 4. .NET Core .NET Core 2.2 is available! HTTP/2 support DefaultApiConventions for swagger 4
  5. 5. .NET Core The preview of .NET Core 3 is available! Support for WPF, WinForms and Entity Framework 6 5
  6. 6. .NET Core Microsoft says goodbye to Newtonsoft.Json Utf8JsonReader with Span<T> support 6
  7. 7. Open Source WPF and WinForms are Open Source! dSPACE-Confidential7
  8. 8. Cloud und Container In cooperation with docker a new packet specification Cloud Native Application Bundles (CNAB) dSPACE-Confidential8
  9. 9. Thank you for listening! 9