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Outdoor light poles led


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Outdoor light poles can be a great option to enhance the worth of your garden where you enjoy your “me time”. After all it is a place where you feel more relax and unwind yourself when you are stressed. So, you must décor this significant part of your home with right lighting effects that need to be purchased from a reputed online portal.

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Outdoor light poles led

  1. 1.
  2. 2. About us • Metal Halide can offer you commercial lighting products at wholesale prices. • We offer products including LED Sports lighting fixtures, metal halide, LED parking lot lighting, wall packs, high bay, low bays, and commercial flood lights. • We can offer you a high quality product to replace the costly futures that constantly blow you lighting budget.
  3. 3. • We carry a full line of commercial lighting products for you to choose from, including many not presently appearing on our website. • We are always updating our website for you in order to serve your needs better. • Our warranty is the best in the business, with 3 years on the housing, 2 years on the ballast, and 6 months on the lamp. • LED fixtures include a 5 year warranty. We are serious about being your only sports lighting, and parking lot lighting company. About us
  4. 4. Gauge Three Light Pole Kit • Fixture can be made adjustable flood lights as an option Using 3 light bull horn • Includes 12ft 4x4 11 gauge light pole with 3 fixtures/lamps and ballastsanchor bolts, template, base cover, pole cap and fixture mount
  5. 5. Sports Lighting Fixtures • Complete Lightings sports field lighting fixtures offers you an affordable light fixture with professional results. • For baseball field lighting , football field lighting, outdoor basketball courts, soccer field lighting or tennis court lighting our outdoor sports lighting fixtures are the only choice to make. • Our fixtures have been featured on ESPN as well as other larger sports courts so you get the preformance of a major brand with pricing that fits your budget. • We can provide you an expert layout for your court or your sports field lighting project so you get the best sports lighting fixture at the best price.
  6. 6. LED Wall Pack Light Fixture • LED wall pack lighting fixtures for your commercial or parking lot light projects , are available with 50- 525 watts equivalent. • We can replace your old style wall pack Light fixture with new LED wall pack technology that will save you electricity as well as maintenance cost. • Available with electronic ballast, your existing voltage is not a problem because the new generation ballast are multi-voltage meaning they will adjust to your existing voltage. • We carry a full line of LED wall packs, both standard and full cut off wall packs styles are available. • Each fixture can be built by design for your LED specifications such as wattage and expected lumen output.
  7. 7. Flood Lights • Our LED flood lights or LED area lights are a great choice for your parking lot lighting applications. • We have the ability to match or improve every fixture called for in your outdoor lighting plans. • We can use our standard LED lights or custom make them with special LED wattages or special lumen outputs. • All of our LED lighting fixtures are ETL or UL approved and all are DLC listed, this allows you apply for and receive any and all rebates that are applicable to your area. • With a full 5 year warranty and a 50,000 plus lamp life you can be confident that the product you receive will be a top of the line fixture and it will work as advertised.
  8. 8. Parking Lot Lighting Pole Kits  Parking lot lighting pole kits with light pole height choices from 10' to 39'.  We carry square steel light poles as well as round, round tapered and square tapered poles.  If you need the round, square tapered or round tapered poles give us a call.  If you need area lighting poles, street lighting poles or just poles for mounting flood lights we can supply them for you.  If you need to have your parking lot lighting job site designed we can do that for you.  With a zero cost layout design, you cant lose by giving us a call.
  9. 9. Led Retro Fit Kit • LED retrofit kits are available from 35 watts to 400 watts which mean we can replace from a 100 watt to a 1500 watt metal halide lamp. • Our LED retrofit kits are UL approved as well as DLC listed, providing you with a top of the line product that saves you money. • Each LED retrofit kit is easily installed into any fixture you have providing you big labor saving cost. • We can replace metal halide lamps in wall packs, flood lights, high bays, low bays, parking lot lighting as well as all types of street lighting.
  10. 10. Wall Pack Lights  Our commercial metal halide wall pack light can be used for every type commercial building.  Available in metal halide or high pressure sodium we have a light for you.  Side mount or soffit mount any application can be handled with ease.  We carry a small,medium and large case metal halide wall pack to handle any wattage your application calls for.  Each wall pack comes complete with lamp, multitap ballast (120-240-208- 277 volt) and a heat resistant shatter proof glass lens.  Easily adaptable to a photo control sensor.
  11. 11. Company Address: 6209 Amber Hills Rd, Trussville, AL - 35173 Phone:- 1 (800) 683-8825 Fax:- (205) 951-9578 Email: Website: