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Hire best and skilled criminal lawyer for your case in fort lauderdale


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A criminal lawyer is a lawyer specialized in the defending a person charged with illicit activity in a legal way.

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Hire best and skilled criminal lawyer for your case in fort lauderdale

  1. 1. Redavid Law PLLC Every case Is different Available 24X7 (305) 938-9939 Every Client is Unique Get individual attention
  2. 2. About Redavid Law PLLC • Redavid Law PLLC was founded by Daniel Garza and Jordan Redavid. • At our firm you can hire best and top criminal defense lawyer. • We are career criminal defense attorneys, not former prosecutors . • We have ability to effectively resolve your cases.
  3. 3. Our Main Guiding fundamentals We follow to 4 main principles:-  Simplicity :- Explain each and everything to our client in easy way about what we do for them.  Dedication:- Dedication is our main motto towards our clients.  Innovation.:-We innovate new idea to our client and use some technology.  Transparency:- Transparency in billing and charges for service.
  4. 4. Our Best Criminal Attorney Jordan Redavid is one of the top and skilled criminal Lawyer in Miami. • He is a three-time alumni of the University of Miami. • He routinely handles all types of criminal cases in both state and federal court. • He is experienced in seeking all forms of appellate review or other post-conviction relief.
  5. 5. It is most important to choose right attorney for your appeal.  Appellate law is not the same as trial law.  There are no juries and no trial judge; only a panel of appellate judges, your written arguments , and oral argument. Choose the right Lawyer
  6. 6.  The focus is on finer points of law or complex legal issues that few attorneys at Fort Lauderdale Florida are equipped to handle.  Jordan Redavid, the Miami and Fort Lauderdale Appeal Lawyer at Redavid Law PLLC, is up to the task. Let him fight your appeal! Hire right Lawyer for Appeal
  7. 7. Cyber and internet crimes are more serious cases. some internet crimes are :- Phishing means unlawfully sends an email or text message that appears legitimate. Cyberbullying & Cyberstalking means Using a phone, computer, or tablet to communicate to harass another person. Lawyers for Internet Crimes
  8. 8. Some other internet crimes are:- Making a commercial transaction online using someone else’s credit card is known as Identity Theft Cases usually arise when a virus, Trojan, or worm is used to gain access to another’s computer called as Malware & Spyware Other Internet Crimes
  9. 9. Redavidlaw PLLC Phone No: 305- 938-9939 Address: 55 SE 6 Street Suite 205 Miami, FL 33131 Email Id: Website: