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Dui attorney appeals


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Appeals advocacy is a specialized branch of practice which is far different from usual trails. It require diverse legal abilities and skills and to achieve success. It requires an appellate legal representative to make scholar legal arguments to modify the decision given by the lower court. This trial is mostly based on research and written work.

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Dui attorney appeals

  1. 1. Garza & Redavid LLP Call us - (305) 414‐2009
  2. 2. About us  The Miami-based law firm of Garza & Redavid LLP proudly services all of Florida, including Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Monroe, and other counties.  Our criminal defense attorneys, personal injury lawyers, and appellate specialists are available to help you with your case!  we have always been defenders, never prosecutors, and our mission is to successfully navigate clients through our nation’s criminal justice system.  As Miami Criminal Defense Attorneys, we handle all types of Florida state- level criminal charges.  From DUI to Drug Trafficking, we are the lawyers to call.
  3. 3. GR Law Firm Attorneys Jordan Redavid (Founding Partner) Jordan Redavid is one of the best criminal lawyers in Miami. He is an unwavering advocate well known for his abilities both in the courtroom and his legal writing. Ever dedicated to the art of persuasion. he has made a career out of developing and employing creative litigation strategies to achieve desired results for his clients
  4. 4. Daniel Garza (Founding Partner)  Daniel Garza is an experienced Miami Trial Lawyer from Miami, FL.  His aggressive yet sincere style in the courtroom earns great results for his clients.  he understands the value of hard work and believes that if you’re going to do something, you do it right.  Not one to back down from a challenge, Daniel has cultivated his skill both in and outside of the courtroom into a style of Miami Trial Lawyer advocacy that is respected by both judges and prosecutors alike, ensuring that clients get the representation they expect. GR Law Firm Attorneys
  5. 5. Practice Areas • Criminal Defense • Civil Rights • Appellate • DUI Attorney
  6. 6. Criminal Defense Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys in Miami- Always a FREE Consultation  Our lawyers don’t have to claim to be the best Miami Criminal Defense Lawyers — they let their actions do their talking for them.  Our Attorneys have spent their entire careers defending those accused of crimes. We have never been prosecutors doing the accusing.  Whether you or a loved one fear that a criminal investigation is looming, have been confronted by law enforcement, or even arrested, remember you are innocent until proven guilty.  No matter the allegations, criminal prosecutions put people’s liberty and freedoms at risks, which is why the highest burden of proof in this world- “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” –stands in between prosecutors and a conviction.  We believe in the presumption of innocence and endeavor to give meaning to that constitutional principle one client at a time. At Garza & Redavid LLP
  7. 7. Appellate Choosing the right attorney for your appeal  Real Miami Appeals Lawyers know that appellate law is not the same as trial law—it’s a specialty. There are no juries and no trial judge  The focus is on finer points of law or complex legal issues that few attorneys are equipped to handle.  The same arguments that Miami Trial Lawyers use to persuade trial judges and juries fall on deaf ears in an appellate court.  That’s why you want to hire an experienced Miami Appeals Lawyer.
  8. 8. DUI Attorney Driving Under the Influence  Florida’s prohibition on Driving Under the Influence (“DUI”) has the potential to negatively impact the lives of decent, hard-working, innocent members of our community.  Unfortunately, it’s usually only after you or someone you care about has been accused of DUI that you realize Florida’s DUI laws are not only complicated, but far more expansive and punitive than you once imagined.  When it comes to defending your DUI, experience counts, and you can count on the Miami DUI Attorneys at Garza & Redavid LLP.  Our founding partners began their careers as Miami DUI Attorneys and, over time, have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience, allowing our firm to develop creative litigation strategies — both before and, if appropriate, during trial — to help clients achieve desired results.  Don’t wait, call the team of Miami DUI Attorneys at Garza & Redavid LLP now to discuss your DUI! (305) 414-2009
  9. 9. Why with us  Calling a Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer at Garza & Redavid LLP is a wise choice if you or someone you care about is arrested, convicted, injured, or worse.  Hiring the right Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer can be hugely beneficial; hiring the wrong Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer can be catastrophic.  When making such an important decision, you should have all of the facts necessary to make it.  At the Miami Criminal Defense Lawyers firm of Garza & Redavid LLP, we have nothing to hide.  Real Criminal Defense Attorneys, not Former Prosecutors—It Matters  Our Four Guiding Principles  Background of Firm  Ability to Effectively Resolve Cases  Fees – Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees
  10. 10. Contact us Address: 1221, Brickell Ave, Suite 900, Miami, FL 33131 Call us (24/7) : (305) 414-2009 Email: Website: