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Commercial and office carpet cleaning janitorial services vancouver

Eco Green Cleaning is a preferred service provider when it comes to Commercial Cleaning in Vancouver. It offers end-to-end commercial cleaning services at effective prices. If you are looking at commercial cleaning of your premises in Vancouver, Eco Green Cleaning offers bespoke services at the most effective price points.

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Commercial and office carpet cleaning janitorial services vancouver

  1. 1. EcoGREEN Cleaning Services One-Stop Residential and Commercial Cleaning
  2. 2. About EcoGreen Cleaning Services • We are a office and house cleaning company in Vancouver . • We have highly professional and trained staff to clean your office and house. • We provide excellent service to our customers. • We use best products and instruments to clean your office and house .
  3. 3. Our all Cleaning Services We offer all types of cleaning services in Vancouver:- • Commercial Cleaning Services • Janitorial Cleaning Services • Office Cleaning • General House Cleaning • Move in Cleaning • Carpet Cleaning • Upholstery Cleaning • After Party Cleaning Services • Pre Construction Cleaning • Post Construction Cleaning
  4. 4. House Cleaning Services Package Our house cleaning services package includes:- • Kitchen • Bedrooms • Laundry Rooms • Bathrooms • Living Room
  5. 5. Our commercial kitchen cleaners are fully professional and trained. We perform following task in Kitchen:-  Clean your fridge from inside to out.  Drawers and Cupboards Inside and outside cleaned.  Clean your Stove and Oven in good manner.  Microwave Stove Vents Fridge Inside and out.  Wash kitchen dishes in professional manner.  Doors cleaned with best instruments.  Many more. Kitchen Cleaning Service
  6. 6. Our skilled cleaner remove dust and hard water stain to make your bathroom clean. Bathroom cleaning service includes:-  Showers and Tubs Scrubbed and Disinfected  Fixtures Polished in your bathroom  Scrubbed your toilet and Disinfected  Mirrors Disinfected and Cleaned completely  Wash your Bathroom floor and vacuumed  Many more. Bathroom Cleaning Service
  7. 7. We follow listed tasks to clean your living room which are :-  Remove dust from your furniture  We remove dust from windows  We vacuumed your carpets  Mopped your living room floor which including under furniture  Clean your patio windows from inside to outside  Many more. Living Room Cleaning Service
  8. 8.  Wash your clothes, bed sheets, towels doors and door frames .  Clean your washer and dryer from inside to outside completely.  Clean door knobs and light switches .  We also clean your windows, window sills, and Blinds of laundry room.  Wash your floor and vacuumed  Many more. Laundry Rooms Cleaning Service
  9. 9. EcoGreen Cleaning Services Phone No: 1-604-700-6808 Email Id: Website: