Trustee forum primer on Hospitals & Care Systems of the Future


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From "Hospitals & Care Systems of the Future", an AHA white paper. A brief Board primer.

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  • HPOE is the AHA strategy for accelerating performance improvement.HPOE started by initially focusing on 4 topics: (preventing infections, harm, medication safety and patient flow).In the last few months HPOE added 2 more topics: care coordination and implementing HIT.The next topic for HPOE is improving efficiency.
  • Trustee forum primer on Hospitals & Care Systems of the Future

    1. 1. Hospitals and Care Systems of the Future2011 AHA Committee on Performance Improvement Report September 2011 © 2011 American Hospital Association
    2. 2. Strategy Implementation Leads to CoreCompetency Development Adoption of Must-Do Development of Core Strategies Competencies 1. Clinician-hospital alignment 1. Design and implementation of 2. Quality and patient safety patient-centered, integrated care 3. Efficiency through productivity 2. Creation of accountable governance & leadership and financial management 3. Strategic planning in an unstable 4. Integrated information systems environment 5. Integrated provider networks 4. Internal & external collaboration 6. Engaged employees & physicians 5. Financial stewardship and enterprise 7. Strengthening finances risk management 8. Payer-provider partnerships 6. Engagement of employees’ full 9. Scenario-based planning potential 10.Population health improvement 7. Utilization of electronic data for performance improvement Organizational culture enables strategy execution Metrics to Evaluate Progress Self-Assessment Questions 2
    3. 3. Actionable Strategies Ten Must-Do Strategies were Identified for Hospital Implementation1. Aligning hospitals and providers across the care continuum2. Utilizing evidence-based practice to improve quality & patient safety3. Improving efficiency through productivity & financial management4. Developing integrated information systems5. Joining and growing integrated provider networks and care systems6. Educating and engaging employees and physicians7. Strengthening finances to facilitate reinvestment and innovation8. Partnering with payers9. Advancing your organization through scenario-based strategic, financial and operational planning10. Seeking population health improvement through pursuit of the “triple aim” 3
    4. 4. Innovator’s Prescription for HFMImprovement Innovation Collaboration Proactive FundamentalLean Six Sigma Disruption; Blue Model Change Ocean Strategy Bright SPUR Ideas Strategic Program Unit Review Acknowledgement: The Innovator’s Prescription Clayton M. Christensen 4
    5. 5. “Hospitals & Care Systems of the Future:” 7 Core Organizational CompetenciesCompetency HFM’s Approach1. Patient-centered, integrated care Employment model Medical Service Lines2. Accountable governance, leadership Strategic Planning equally involves physicians, sponsors, & lay people SPUR & S-SPUR Improvement, innovation education3. Strategic Planning in an unstable Integrated, ongoing planning processenvironment Deepening use of scenario planning & enterprise risk management4. Internal/external collaboration Formal Strategic focus on clinical, operational, community & learning partnerships5. Financial stewardship, ERM Reform Roadmap Strategic financial planning6. Engagement of full employee potential Above & Beyond Performance Improvement HFM-U, Leadership Institute7. Collect/use electronic data for PI Full EMR 5 HIMSS Stage 6