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Telling a Story with Foodporn

Using food (and people) photography to tell stories in higher education, including some tips on foodporn dos and don'ts.

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Telling a Story with Foodporn

  1. 1. Telling a Story with Foodporn Mark H. Anbinder Cornell University @mhaithaca
  2. 2. Be sensitive with cultural events
  3. 3. Includestaff &customers! ShowingoffChefPaul’sentryin theJamesBeard“BlendedBurger” ContestfromMcCormick’s,ournew clubhouserestaurantatCornell’s RobertTrentJonesGolfCourse.
  4. 4. “Clean Ingredients” initiative? Get Hormel to donate cold cuts from their new Natural Choice line for the biggest sub Cornell has ever seen!
  5. 5. Lightingand anglearekey What’swrongwiththispicture? Getupclose andpersonal! Evenprefab sushican lookgood.
  6. 6. Localfoodishot! ...andourannualfall harvestdinnerisahit