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The Ultimate Marketing Tool - iBeacon Technology.


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MGA® provide you with everything you need to deliver highly targeted, proximity-based content through a mobile app. We have a team of leading mobile experts ready to help define and build your iOS/Android app or seamlessly transform your existing application. MGA® also handle your beacon management requirements for on-site planning, distribution, setup, and assigning dedicated locations and zones within your environment.

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The Ultimate Marketing Tool - iBeacon Technology.

  1. 1. MGA® The Ultimate Marketing Tool. iBeacon Technology Presented by MGA® Brand Solutions. 1
  2. 2. DIGITAL SOLUTIONS: iBEACON TECHNOLOGY. MGA® BEACON SIZE 4-5CM What are iBeacons? iBeacons, or Beacons, are Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless sensors designed to provide location-based information and services to smartphones and tablets via an installed App. BLE technology is compatible with Android, iPhone and all other IOS devices. iBeacons are the ultimate proximity-marketing tool. The beacons themselves are small, cheap Bluetooth transmitters. Apps installed on your iPhone listen out for the signal transmitted by these beacons and respond accordingly when the phone comes into range. For example, if you pass a beacon in a shop, the retailer's app (assuming you have it installed) could display a special offer alert for you. On a visit to a museum, the museum's app knows your exact position and can intuitively share detailed information on nearby exhibits. Or finally, a stadium, the stadium/team app can take you directly to your seat on arrival, inform you of the latest merchandise deals, or pre-order your half time drinks. WATCH THIS VIDEO: WATCH THIS VIDEO: WATCH THIS VIDEO: Importantly iBeacons also provide brands unprecedented levels of data, insight and behavioural analytics. MGA® work with Estimote, the leading provider of iBeacon hardware - we design and build game changing context- aware and iBeacon enabled mobile apps, and importantly we can either build from scratch or develop your existing Application. Why MGA®? We are uniquely partnered with some of the leading software houses across Europe, Australia and the US, this allows us to deliver back-end SDK’s (Software Development Kits) which are case-study proven and industry specific. This ensures we can shortcut development time, future-proof your investment and deliver proven deployment expertise. What to know more? Take a look at the videos on this slide and on the following slides to see how iBeacons can be used in your industry… Who are using iBeacons to date: Beacons are already being used across the globe by: Apple, Virgin Atlantic Macys Major League Baseball (28 of 30 MLB Stadiums) NBA Waitrose McDonalds Starwood Nivea American Airlines. 2
  3. 3. DIGITAL SOLUTIONS: iBEACON TECHNOLOGY. INDEX How can iBeacons work for YOU? iBeacons are all-set to transform real-time marketing and deliver exponential customer insight in nearly every industry especially retail, events, entertainment and travel… This document outlines how iBeacons can be used in your industry. You can follow this document sequentially or choose to click on a specific area of interest and directly short-cut to this section. Enjoy! MGA® RETAIL Page 4-5 HOTELS & RESTAURANTS Page 6-7 STADIUM & LIVE EVENT VENUES Page 8-9 CASINOS Page 10-11 CAR SHOWROOMS Page 12-13 AIRPORTS & LOUNGES Page 14-15 THEME PARKS & ATTRACTIONS Page 16-17 MUSEUMS & GALLERIES Page 18-19 SHOPPING MALLS Page 20-21 FESTIVALS AND & LIVE EVENTS Page 22-23 CONFERENCES & EXHIBITIONS Page 24-25 MGA® WHAT WE DO Page 26 ABOUT US Page 27 CONTACTS Page 28 3
  4. 4. DIGITAL SOLUTIONS: iBEACON TECHNOLOGY. The primary use of iBeacon Technology in retail is to improve customer service and increase sales. By bringing digital experiences into the physical world retailers can deliver engaging content and create a next generation shopping experience that will drive sales. iBeacons work with a compatible app to deliver an array of pro-active and passive content accessible to a shopper in realtime resulting in a richer and more personal shopping experience. Personalised Shopping Experiences. iBeacons on the entrance to a store allow retailers to personally welcome each and every customer on arrival i.e. “Hi Sophie, welcome back to H&M”. The retailer has a further ability to personalise by creating a innovative cross-platform retail environment. Ability to tap into a customers on-line profile in realtime in order to provide targeted promotions and discounts in store. i.e. items recently searched on-line, items currently sat on their in-App wish-list or perhaps items complimentary to a historic purchase in-store or on-line. In addition iBeacon Technology is not all about simply gunning for the sale. For example a fashion retailer can add value in-store by showing a shopper the latest outfits or celebrity styles featured in leading fashion blogs and magazine articles. This could be suggestions to “complete the look” by notifying which shoes go great with which trousers, which bag, which top... all items available in store. Another example might be the DIY store - as a retailer you can provide shoppers with design tips and seasonal projects for the home or garden - all of which they can complete using products in store. These are all examples in deployment designed to drive sales and make a store more engaging. Drive Customer Loyalty Furthermore iBeacon technology can add another level to a brands loyalty program i.e. customers can earn points for entering a store or dressing room area. If a product that a customer tries on doesn't meet his or hers requirement an beacon enabled App can present alternative products and furthermore indicate where they are in-store. In addition, with the simple press of a button a customer can instantly request assistance from a store member. Finally, most retailers send weekly emails on flash sales or offers with bonus points for loyalty card holders. All too often however, customers tend to forget about it when they are busy shopping in-store, with iBeacons retailers can notify customers about deals as soon as they enter. Optimize Merchandise with Analytics: Importantly, Beacons also provide retailers with endless opportunities to collect massive amounts of untapped data. For example retailers can determine heat maps and traffic patterns in-store using micro-location information. This can help retailers choose locations and optimise store layouts and product placement based on navigational patterns. Obtain Further Customer Insight Analytics Furthermore realtime analytics allow retailers to know exactly who is in the store at anyone time. As such data can be drawn down to provide detailed information for future sales, customer targeting, additional advertiser revenue and if appropriate sales team follow-up. Enable Cashless Payments Beacons can be used in-store to allow shoppers to buy a product in real time using a mobile device without having to use physical payment options such as cash and credit cards. Retail ROI Opportunities. • Immersive customer in-store experience and ability to directly drive footfall. • Enhanced consumer data, behavioural insight and measurement. • Increase sales and average order value • Additional in-App revenue stream opportunities. • Realtime cross-channel shopper enablement For more information please get in touch: 
  6. 6. DIGITAL SOLUTIONS: iBEACON TECHNOLOGY. Guests visiting hotels and restaurants expect customer service at a high-level. They like staff to know their name, their favourite room, and when dining their favourite food and where they like to sit. This aligns perfectly with hospitalities goals that demand superior customer service. When staying in a hotel most travellers are actively looking for restaurant recommendations, great local bar spots and things to do. As a hotel chain you can offer exclusive localised experiences including food and beverage, golf and spa deals to their members. Overall the positive outlook for hotel and restaurant operators is that they can track whatever results you trot. Allowing them collectively and/or independently to grow their connection to their customer. iBeacons can notify a restaurant when a customer is near so that the host or hostess will be ready for you with a personalised welcome when you arrive. Beacons can inform the the host/hostess of dietary requirements, favourite wines, again, your favourite table. If the customer is running late or something comes up, they can simply and easily send a quick message to the restaurant to let you know. How can hoteliers put iBeacons to use: Guest Check In Imagine a guest walks into your hotel lobby, and receives a ‘check-in’ push notification on the hotel app. The push notification shows the reservation and the guest has digitally checked in. The app has already retrieves their personal details from the time of booking the room and as soon as he/ she walks into the lobby, within the range of the beacon placed there he/she is recognised. This gives the guest a great hassle-free experience as soon as he enters the hotel Keyless Entry  When a guest has digitally checked in, a signal is sent to their smartphone via the app allowing them to bypass the front desk and proceed directly to their room. An iBeacon picks up the guest’s phone when in close proximity and unlocks the room door - delivering an intuitive and efficient guest experience. Finding Bedrooms & Hotel/Resort Navigation The exact location of a bedroom, the whereabouts of the spa, the pool, the restaurants are a commonly asked question for hotel staff members. Similar to GPS, iBeacons enable guests to navigate a resort using their smartphone. Mobiles devices can be used to determine the position of a guest in a large hotel or resort, and direct them to a chosen location. In-Room Controls iBeacons can also sense when a guest is in their room and enable a new set of services on his or her mobile device i.e. control the lighting, temperature, the TV, even access room service to place an order. Check-out:  On the last day of their stay, guests can be sent a push notification giving them an option to either extend their stay, or to check out digitally. Check-out can be done without the need for a front-desk assistant. The whole process is seamless and hassle-free. Upgrade & Upsell:  iBeacons can also be used to offer a guest options for room upgrades. Discounted upgrades to superior rooms when they enter the hotel premises. Analytics:  Hotels can use beacons for gathering data: (i) Gain Customer Insights: Beacons can be use to improve the overall guest experience. By outfitting your property with beacons at the pool, bar, restaurant, lobbies, and other areas, you can identify the profit centres and time spent by guests in these areas. 6
  7. 7. DIGITAL SOLUTIONS: iBEACON TECHNOLOGY. HOTELS & RESTAURANTS. (ii) Staff Productivity:  The presence of housekeepers and maintenance crews could also be logged by beacons. Alerts can be sent if specific areas have not been serviced per schedule and used as a way to measure productivity or adjust schedules to maximise the productivity of your workforce. iBeacons can also be used for scheduling the cleaning of rooms. Using information from beacons, you can find which rooms are ready for cleaning. The rooms of the guests which have checked out, or are not in their room. Make this information available to the cleaners and they never have to knock on a door and disturb a guest again. Future Implementations: Because the travel experience doesn’t just take place in a hotel - operators can also provide guests with wearable beacons that they can put on their wrist for when they are moving around town these can alert them of any ‘travel friendly’ hot spots – a local pub, a restaurant or a community centre. Connecting the hotel app on a guest’s smartphone with iBeacons is the equivalent of giving each of your guests a dedicated ‘personal concierge’ experience. For more information please get in touch: MGA® 7
  8. 8. DIGITAL SOLUTIONS: iBEACON TECHNOLOGY. The primary goal within a sports stadium or live event venue is to engage and entertain an audience - fans, sponsors and stakeholders alike. The live environment is evolving however and growingly people are glued to smartphones throughout these live experiences. So how do we connect the physical world with digital experiences in order to maximise engagement. iBeacons, combined with an App allow you to capture fans attention at a whole new level, allowing you to engage them with relevant realtime content and provide entertainment that will keep them coming back. Here are a few examples of how stadiums or live event venue might put iBeacons to use: Time Based Fan Experiences Upon entering the stadium a fan receives a push notification on their smartphone “WIN VIP Seats for todays match!”. Once ‘clicked' the link takes them to a sponsored page, and competition to WIN upgraded tickets for todays game. Using iBeacon Technology this competition could be sent out to the first 100 fans to enter the stadium and as part of a sustained incentivisation programme be used to change behaviour and entice early entry and drive onsite spend. Personalised experiences based on time will prove key for stadiums and event venues in the future. Further examples might see the first 20 people to enter a stadium/live event venue offered a chance to “come and meet an ex-pro/ celebrity”, or the first 500 people in the stadium offered 1/2 price drinks for the first hour prior to kick off. This sort of realtime money-can’t-buy experience creates a unique match day experience and furthermore can exponentially adds value for associated sponsors and stakeholders. Seat Location Considering the enormous size of some stadiums and venues, it is quite common for visitors to lose their way while trying to locate seats. Using iBeacons the only thing needed is a smartphone and an app - with beacons installed around a venue, using GPS fans can easily be guided to their seats, the nearest bar, restaurant, corporate box, toilet etc… Smart Venue Solutions In sport most games have the problem that there is only one break or one interval and that means thousands of people having to buy food and drink within a duration of 10-15 minutes and as a fan all to often we find ourselves in a long queue. This problem could be solved with beacons, by placing ibeacons next to each kiosks you can monitor how many people that have the App are close to it. Make this information available to fans in the App and distribute fans evenly across the stadium. This will result in more sales and a better on-site experience for the fans. Promotions, Loyalty & Game Changing Analytics. Venues can have a one-time visitor or passionate fans that never miss a game. Both types need to be treated uniquely. iBeacons mean you can register how many times a fan has been in the range of a specific beacon. If it’s their first game, you could offer a discount on future tickets, a frequent visitor could be rewarded for his loyalty with a beer at the pub/bar he prefers. There is a plethora of data and behavioural analytics available to download in sectioned reports to provide all important insight. Sell Merchandise iBeacons have the potential for creating additional revenue for venues via mobile-based sales of merchandise or food. You can use beacons to alert fans about the arrival of new merchandise they can directly buy on their phone and pick up from the on-site fan shop. Further Implementations Cashless Mobile Payments. Social Seating or Realtime Gamification i.e. the fan that has attended the most games, seen the most goals/runs/tries can earn points on a public leaderboard and compete with other fans to officially become the teams ‘Greatest Fan’. 8
  9. 9. DIGITAL SOLUTIONS: iBEACON TECHNOLOGY. STADIUMS & LIVE EVENT VENUES In short iBeacon deployment is a unique engagement tool and opens up a series of additional revenue streams for venues and brands alike. Such is the case 28 of the possible 30 Major League Baseball (MLB) stadiums in the US have already installed iBeacons on-site. Brand/Venue Benefits & ROI • Increased on-site spend and dwell time. • Enhanced fan data & behavioural insight • Additional sponsor assets, revenue generators and measurement capability, • Increased app downloads and delivery of additional associated revenue streams, • Cashless Payment systems and reduced overhead. • Additional cross-channel advertising opportunities. For more information please get in touch: MGA® 9
  10. 10. DIGITAL SOLUTIONS: iBEACON TECHNOLOGY. Over the years many casinos have learned that investing precious resource into providing excellent customer service will help them achieve what every casino wants from their customers – lifetime loyalty. No one plays a bigger role in that than a casino operator. Smart Venues iBeacons have the ability to read customer information such as his or her name, photo ID, profile information and personal preferences like favourite drink, favourite game, etc. Such important information about a customer means you can greet your valued customer by name and provide them with a VIP experience that makes the customer feel comfortable and happy. For example, when a VIP customer walks in, you could send a message, alerting your staff to greet your VIP guest by name and with his or her favourite drink. Navigation By installing beacons at critical locations inside a casino, such as the poker room, the bars and restaurants, guests can be easily guided to their gaming tables. iBeacons do not rely on Wi-Fi or GPS (that require an internet connection). The only thing that a user needs is a bluetooth-enabled smartphone with the app of the casino they are visiting. Contextual Relevancy Well-timed, contextually relevant push notifications also have a great impact on consumer behaviour. When used along with apps that have utility, beacons are reported to drive 500% increase in interactions compared to standard push notifications with location relevancy. Casinos can easily take advantage of this by deploying beacons at different locations within the venue and using them to engage with customers based on their gaming and visitation behaviours. For example, when a guest who isn’t a part of your players club walks in, you can send a notification on the benefits of joining the club and instructions on where to sign up for it. Moreover, you could also monitor the time spent by a particular guest at your casino and then send them an offer they can’t refuse to extend their stay, just about 10 minutes before the time that he or she usually leaves. 3. Enhanced Customer Loyalty Today, consumers’ decision to buy and interact with a casino is often based on the ability of the brand to reward them for the time and money spent. This is one of the main reasons why customer loyalty programs that reward customers for staying loyal to their casino have steadily gained popularity. Using beacons, casinos can intertwine their loyalty programs with the needs and preferences of their customers by rewarding them with loyalty points for their purchases at the retail stores and restaurants within the property. Furthermore, it also helps them provide customers with offers and recommendations based on their previous purchase history. Resultantly, beacons provide casinos with the ability to meet each customer’s individual needs, understand their unique footprint, and use it to customise specific opportunities and experiences for each of their customers. For more information please get in touch: 10
  12. 12. DIGITAL SOLUTIONS: iBEACON TECHNOLOGY. The primary use for iBeacon Technology in car showrooms is to improve customer service and increase sales. By the use of iBeacon technology dealerships can create unique customer experiences that can exponentially impact bottom line sales. Below are just a few ways in which this technology might work for you… Create a Personal Experience. iBeacons on the entrance to the showroom can enable you by name, to welcome each and every customer on arrival. Furthermore, realtime profiling allows you to send out targeted information to the customer during their visit. i.e. specific vehicle interest, promotions, offers, even information complimentary to a customers recent historic searches on- line, or those actions undertaken/enquired upon when last in the showroom. An iBeacon enabled showroom is all about customer service and creating a unique customer showroom experience. Once deployed, this state-of-the-art proximity marketing tool can roll-out beyond a showroom environment and into exhibitions, motor shows, launch events, ride ’n’ drives and scheduled mall activations. iBeacons allow you to exponentially market products, services, promotions, and flash-sale opportunities to customers in a rich, engaging and personal way. The Smart Showroom. iBeacons create “Smart Showrooms”. As a customer opens the door to a given car in the showroom iBeacons can unlock information and deliver them engaging content via their smartphone: photos, videos, performance stats, and facts even reviews from leading automotive blogs and magazine articles to a customers smartphone. Furthermore the customer can delve-deeper with the ability to review upgrade options, current deals, dealership finance packages and service plans. The customer experience is further enhanced as with a simple press of a button they can alert assistance from a salesperson in order to book a future appointment, arrange a test drive or close on a sale. Showroom Stock Analytics: In addition, Beacons can also provide dealerships with endless operational data. For example you can determine traffic patterns into a showroom using micro-location information. Whats more optimise showroom layouts with primary product-placement spots based on heat map data and customer navigational patterns. Such insight allows dealerships to track an array of data in realtime, monitor sales or potential over-stock and roadmap tactics to address such challenges well ahead of time. Customer Insight Analytics In addition realtime analytics allow you to know exactly who is in the showroom at anyone time: a customers profile, recent in-app internet search history, previous purchase history or sales cycle status. Furthermore end-of-day behavioural analytics can create daily reports on who has visited that day, dwell time, which areas in the showroom they spent most time, which model(s) they were looking at, actions undertaken etc etc. All such data reports provide targeted information for the dealership sales team. Customer Loyalty iBeacons can also provide some serious horsepower to your loyalty program or act as the backbone to developing something new. Imagine the ability to reward points for actions and advocacy i.e. loyalty points for visiting the showroom, booking a test drive, making a referral or completing a sale. These points can be redeemed for discounts on servicing, for 3rd party affiliate offers, or perhaps discounts on accessories and merchandising. Cashless Payments Finally, moving forward Beacons can be used in the showroom to allow customers to buy a product using their mobile device and without having to use physical payment options such as cash and credit cards furthermore this technology could even be used for gifting merchandise. 12
  13. 13. DIGITAL SOLUTIONS: iBEACON TECHNOLOGY. CAR SHOWROOMS MGA® Automotive Showroom ROI Opportunities. • Immersive customer showroom experience & increased footfall. • Enhanced customer data & behavioural insight. • Revenue stream opportunities and measurement capability via your App • Unique cross-channel sales opportunities: On-Site > On-line. • Off-site Proximity Marketing Capability - Live Events. Exhibitions & Malls. For more information please get in touch: 13
  14. 14. DIGITAL SOLUTIONS: iBEACON TECHNOLOGY. When it comes to the airport environment, there’s an comprehensive opportunity with iBeacons to drive a sustained connection with travellers throughout their respective journeys. iBeacons offer a very unique and compelling solution - allowing airports, airlines and lounge operators to think in a whole new way about how they communicate and share information with travellers and different stakeholders. Below are just a few of the game-changing ways in which iBeacons are being installed through airports, airlines and lounges that can change the way we travel: Personalised Messaging & Realtime Notification: iBeacons offer the ability to welcome guests on arrival. Passengers walking into the airport can receive information on airline check-in counter numbers, further Beacons can also be placed at key touch points such as: bag drop and passport control all designed to ease navigation. Flight information: Further to checking in, passengers can receive personalised flight information, such as boarding time (see image above) gate number and distance from current location allowing them to relax, shop and enjoy with peace of mind. Baggage Drop & Collection Points: Passengers walking past beacons can also be informed of baggage drop-off, or on-arrival of collection carousels along with the time prior to arrival of bags. Duty Free Shopping: When it comes to shopping iBeacons can also send special offers and promotions to passengers walking through the Duty Free sections. Personalised offers based on loyalty points or purchase history or further still a passengers ‘club status’ could also be devised. Currency Exchange: Passing by a currency exchange counter? Frequent Flyer/ Airline/Lounge Club Members could be offered a special % commission otherwise unavailable to standard travellers. First Class Passenger Travel: Further personalisation for certain travellers might also include notification for a Club Passenger of an open appointment in the Club Spa or an instant upgrade opportunity. Passenger Location: In case a passenger is late getting to the gate, beacons can provide an alert to the passenger and, based on their current location, offer a guided path to a designated gate in order to meet their boarding time. Real-time Navigation & Announcements: In respect of navigation, iBeacons can also inform passengers of the nearest cafe, restaurant, duty free shopping, toilets or perhaps baby changing facilities. For more information please get in touch: 14
  16. 16. DIGITAL SOLUTIONS: iBEACON TECHNOLOGY. iBeacon technology enables theme parks, aquariums and zoos alike to offer their visitors a more seamless and personalised experience. Such is the appeal, early adopters in the US include LA Zoo and SeaWorld Orlando. Interactive Content. SeaWorld use the motto "Put the park in your pocket”— sending visitors promotional offers, information about animals and conservation status, basic park information and a GPS- like map to help guests navigate the park or even figure out where they parked their car. The park also use iBeacons to deliver location-specific special offers from gift shops and restaurants when individuals come close to establishments. Family Games & Scavenger Hunts Additional experiences such as games proximity based scavenger hunts using iBeacon technology are proven to enhance the visitor experience within a family entertainment environment bringing fun and entertainment for all. Beat The Queues Placing iBeacons in the queuing areas for each ride allows operators to monitor how many people that have the App are within proximity. By making this information available to visitors in the App they can ‘beat the queues’ and determine which rides to head for within the park and at what time. Visitors can even trigger notifications from their smart phone in order to monitor up-to-the-minute ride queue times. Whats New? Whats On? Visitors can also find information, photos and watch videos about a ride or perhaps an up-and-coming show or attraction. Schools & Education For schools an iBeacon enabled App can also be used as an education tool, for example within a Zoo environment students might be tasked with finding all-important animal stats and facts such as the origins of certain species and how it lives in the wild? Navigation Once a visitor decides upon a plan for the day iBeacons can further help by helping visitors find the fastest route around the park and navigate them to desired locations within a resort. Analytics Beacons furnish operators with unrivalled data, Operationally beacons can work in realtime to recognise hotspots and alert security staff about locations that are overcrowded and prone to security breaches. From a marketing perspective operators can create reports that track behavioural patterns to, for example, establish popular attractions by demographic, age, or gender. Furthermore iBeacons have the ability to create heat maps of activity, track individual dwell time and ascertain vital information such as the most popular entertainment, character shows, retail outlets, restaurants, even car parks and entry/exit gates Additional Opportunities: There are many other different ways in which theme parks, zoos and aquariums can integrate beacons with their mobile strategy to offer their visitors enhanced features such as: • Improved Parking Facilities. • Easy Purchase & Upgrades. • Disability Support. • Lost Children. • Cashless Environments. • Social Integration. • E-Tickets/ Wristbands For more information please get in touch: 16
  18. 18. DIGITAL SOLUTIONS: iBEACON TECHNOLOGY. Visiting a museum is no longer a one-sided experience. Museums and galleries can now benefit from iBeacon technology as the latest tool in location based communication. Smart Solutions for Smart Venues iBeacons heighten visitor engagement, create personalised interactions and take content delivery to the next level. Venues can now re-shape the visitor experience by creating a unique ‘smart-space’. For example visitors can travel throughout a museum or gallery environment using their smartphone whilst being sent pinpoint proximity-based information by a network of small beacons. The result is a richer and much more intuitive visitor experience. Beacons can be placed in public areas for mass broadcast or beside particular exhibits to send targeted information to exhibit viewers. Upon detecting a beacon, a notification or action is triggered on the visitor’s device directing them to specific information or a place within an app on their device. A Unique User Experience Using a beacon enabled App you can ascertain exactly where a visitor is in order to send relevant information throughout an exhibit. For the visitor, instead of searching through an audio tour for the right section, the app can intuitively pinpoint their location and trigger different and more dynamic content relating to their geo-location. For example you might relay a video of an artists, his/her life and influences for the painting. Art and science is strongly influenced by the time period in which it was formed - beacons can provide relevant historical event notifications to highlight what was happening in the world during that time - from food shortages, to gold rushes, the ice age through to the renaissance - insight into the the period of time provides guests with a deeper and more immersive experience during their visit. Environmental Design iBeacon technology does not only deliver location-specific they can passively gather data and gain insight on visitor behaviour allowing for improved exhibit locations and museum layouts that enhance the overall visitor experience. For example you can ascertain whether an exhibit is popular by itself or because of its placement at a particular location. You have the ability to assess the most crowded spots, track dwell times and collate invaluable data about how long visitors stay in each area. You even have the ability to track individual behaviour metrics such as time spent in each section, areas and exhibits of particular interests, gift shop purchases realtime and history. Gamification: Schools & Education. iBeacon technology can also help extend dwell time in a museum or gallery. As part of a schools and education programme venues can develop a ‘treasure hunt’ style activation. Digital beacon technology can start a journey whereby clues can pop up in every corner of a building driven between hotspots to collate information and content. These initiatives can ensure participants are entertained, educated and enticed into spending more time exploring and learning than ever before. In summary iBeacons provide Museums & Galleries multiple benefits and potential ROI opportunities: • Increased dwell time. • Enhanced visitor data & behavioural insight • Sponsor assets and measurement capability, • Schools & Education value add Initiatives. • Venue Navigation & Geo-location Capability. For more information please get in touch: 18
  20. 20. DIGITAL SOLUTIONS: iBEACON TECHNOLOGY. The world has changed, the shopping mall is no longer a place just to shop, malls have become destinations. In choosing where-to-shop people now actively seek an experience, people want to be entertained in a place where food can be eaten and clothes can be worn. This is not the only behavioural change… we now live in a world whereby people like to research purchases on-line (retail has seen a sharp rise in cross-channel commerce - set to grow to five times the size of e-commerce by the end of 2015). For Malls here lies a huge opportunity with the deployment of iBeacons and the ability to connect the physical world (going to the mall) with realtime digital interactions, creating a unique game-changing shopping experience. Mall & Retailer Benefits: In depth Analytics. Malls spearheading a unique beacon program are creating huge value with the ability to promote multiple brands and exponential added value for retailers. Personalised data built on factors such as: user purchase history, past preferences and time/money spent at the mall. Such analytics provide all important insight, data and promotional assets that can be up-sold as a premium feature to brands and retailers with presence in a mall. Consumer/Shopper Benefits: Points & Loyalty By having a dedicated App integrating iBeacons shoppers can enjoy significant benefits and a wholly immersive shopping experience. Experiences such geo-targeted offers, time-based deals, even loyal point rewards for brand interaction i.e. earn points for entering a zone, a store, attending an event, trying something on and ultimately making a sale… Mall Navigation Beacons can importantly help shoppers navigate around the mall, find stores, food outlets, lifts, parking, nearest toilets, baby changing facilities etc. Beacons tell shoppers where they are and direct them to their desired location. Special Events/Celebrity Appearances. Operations. Beacons can also be used to send notifications to customers about a special event, a celebrity appearance, a flash sale or a book-reading session by an author that is about to commence. When it comes to special events iBeacons can aid logistics and management by providing operators real- time analytics enabling them to detect hotspots and send alerts to security personnel regarding locations that have become overcrowded or susceptible to a security breach. Next Generation Parking Solutions Finally, finding a parking space (or even your car at the end of the day) can often end up being a taxing task within a mall environment. Generally Malls are limited in ways in which they can let shoppers know if a car park is full before they enter. Resultantly, most visitors end up circling round and round in vain looking for a spot. However with beacons, as soon as a visitor enters the perimeter of the mall they can receive a notification with regard to the number of parking spots available. Furthermore beacons can direct shoppers straight to the nearest spot taking into consideration personal needs such as parent and child, disabled or valet requirements. Once a visitor is parked they can also log their exact location so they can easily guide themselves back to the car after a busy day. In summary iBeacons provide Shopping Malls with multiple benefits and potential ROI opportunities: • Enhanced Visitor Experience. • Increased on-site spend and dwell time. • Enhanced consumer data & behavioural insight. • Additional sponsor revenue streams and measurement. • New advertising revenues. • A unique cross-channel shopping experience. For more information please get in touch: 20
  22. 22. DIGITAL SOLUTIONS: iBEACON TECHNOLOGY. iBeacon deployment at music festivals provides a next generation solution to help with navigation through a festival site, picking up detailed performance times and providing realtime information for the festival goer. Furthermore for the organiser benefits the data gained is invaluable. Organiser Analytics Organisers can learn what people love to do right upon entrance: which stages have the most loyal fans, which stages have the most fans in common - all of which enable organisers/sponsors to obtain data for immediate and future events and enhance sponsorship value and exponentially drive brand activation activity. Typical data consumed can outlay: • The most popular stage? • Average time spent in a VIP area? • How many people visited a VIP area? • The number of notifications each devise received? All of which can be further visualised using heat maps for post event evaluation. Fan Benefits Within a live music festival environment iBeacons can be placed throughout a festival site and integrated into an App. Users of the festival App can benefit from the location based info i.e. who is currently playing, and happenings currently going on, or scheduled, around the site. Simultaneously organisers are able to gain unrivalled insight allowing them to understand behaviours and how to improve the festival experiences for visitors next year. Special Gigs & Secret Venues Specific beacons at certain times can unlock content and notify festival goers of “secret” performances or exclusive happening such as locations for celebrity interviews. Loyalty Programs During a Festival iBeacons can offer rewards for brand or band interactions i.e. If you visit a specified area 10 times you can get a free prize at the bar. Or, if you have been all the way at the front of the mainstage for 3 days in a row, you can claim a hardcore festival fan t-shirt or discount on merchandise. Friend Finder
 iBeacons can allow Festival goers to see the most recent location of Facebook friends or contacts at the festival/event. Games & Scavenger Hunts Gamification is a huge draw in a festival environment, in 2015 at SXSW there was a Scavenger Hunt using iBeacons to encourage audience goers to explore all areas of the festival. with prizes of offer such as merchandise or VIP passes for achieving certain activities. Transportation/Shuttle Tracking
 At larger Festivals beacons can also allow festival goers to track shuttles and find the different lines running throughout a festival site. For more information please get in touch: 22
  24. 24. DIGITAL SOLUTIONS: iBEACON TECHNOLOGY. iBeacon technology is set to be a top trend in shaping the exhibition and conference market in 2015 ( iBeacons provide unique ways to collect attendee behaviour data and generate “heat maps” based on reg card swipes at various entrance portals and booths. This data helps show organisers see what’s hot and what’s not so they can better plan their future expo halls. Exhibition & Conference Organiser - Benefits. Exhibition organisers spearheading a unique beacon program are creating huge value for exhibitors with the ability to promote multiple brands and deliver exponential added value with strategically placed beacons on exhibitor stands Conference and Exhibition organisers alike can learn more by inviting delegates and attendees to create individual profiles and personas that outline their interests. Delegate & Attendee Benefits: Personalised Profiles enables organisers the ability to cut through the clutter and direct relevant information specific to the delegate and create a truly personal experience. A Personalised Welcome iBeacons mean you can create a personalised welcome message for attendees on arrival, even highlight coupons and delegate promotions on-site i.e. “Why not start your day with 25% off your coffee compliments of <Event Name>” Show Navigation An iBeacon enabled App means attendees can navigate around a show in the same way they would use their sat nav in a car.  Current GPS technology doesn’t have the accuracy for this purpose, but iBeacons are accurate to just a few feet. Paperless Environment. iBeacons will aid organisers and attendees alike to go "paperless" - meaning delegates can collect keynote presentations or digital brochures from exhibitors, and download recorded talks in real time. Interactive Content. Using beacons organisers can additionally create unique interactive features within an event app. For example during the conference delegates could share a second screen experience with a keynote speaker.  The "Keynotes" can send live content to delegate phones throughout the presentation. This could be anything from: • Connect with the speaker on Twitter, • View a video • Download a White Papers • Find an awesome blog post. Gamification Finally iBeacon technology enables organisers the ability to create fun and engaging gamification elements, for example: (i) Interactive Voting Walls: Interactive AV messaging walls in public areas designed to create debate on hot topics. (iii)Hidden Content: With multiple beacons hidden around an event space or networking area delegates can be encouraged to network and share information. The goal is to unlock hidden content and win a prize. This activation provides the perfect environment for attendees to network with speakers, exhibitors and fellow delegates. Sponsorship Opportunities Finally an iBeacon enabled event app delivers additional sponsorship opportunities and the ability to push sponsored content to relevant parties i.e. advertorial and video. For more information please get in touch: 24
  26. 26. DIGITAL SOLUTIONS: iBEACON TECHNOLOGY. WHAT WE DO. MGA® What we do. MGA®, with our global technology partners we provide unprecedented case study experience relevant to your next project. As such we are able to offer a proven track record for some of the most advanced and innovative digital solutions within a series of different environments. MGA® deliver: • Unique creative and environmental design expertise. • Next generation control of logistics, content, data and behaviours. • Seamless Integration • Fail-safe systems • Real-time reporting tools, inc up-to-the-second information and reporting. • Significant cost savings from greater efficiencies MGA® provide you with everything you need to deliver highly targeted, proximity- based content through a mobile app. We have a team of leading mobile experts ready to help define and build your iOS/Android app or seamlessly transform your existing application. MGA® also handle your beacon management requirements for on-site planning, distribution, setup, and assigning dedicated locations and zones within your environment. For more information please get in touch: 26
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