Alterian SM2 Case Study: Transmission


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Transmission was featured in a white paper as an Alterian SM2 partner. Interesting insight into their platform and how we're getting the most of it, including its exceptional export functionalities.

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Alterian SM2 Case Study: Transmission

  1. 1. Alterian Case StudyTransmission Content & CreativeClient From simple listening to deep dive analysis: Gaining the most value from social media researchCompany: Introduction in different formats including csv, xls and xml and itsTransmission Content & Creative Transmission Content & Creative is a social media historical social media warehouse,” explained Goren. marketing consultancy providing monitoring, analysis “This allows us to use SM2 data as a baseline and tapIndustry: and engagement strategies for a whole range of clients, into additional specialist tools using the same data. TheSocial Media Marketing including creative agencies, national media companies historical information helps brands see real trends overand Consultancy and international brands. time, instead of making assumptions based on shortWebsite: term findings.” Helping organizations understand how people are connecting, collaborating, sharing and publishing Using Alterian SM2’s extensive range of search criteriaOffices: information using social media, the Transmission team and drill down menus, Transmission develops a robustMontreal, Canada develops their clients’ understanding of the social media set of data. The analysts also use the tool’s ability to mindset and teaches them how to use new channels. change how it how it defines tone and sentiment toSolution: Recognizing the significance of social media back in ensure that monitoring results are accurate for eachAlterian SM2 2006, Transmission have since become an authority on particular client. With SM2’s customisable dictionary any the whole gamut of social media monitoring tools and ambiguous terms, slang or colloquialisms can be added technologies appearing on the market and how they and clarified manually. “If something has been describedResults: are best applied. as ‘bad’, this might in fact mean it’s ‘good’, so can be1. Historical social media reassigned accordingly,” said Goren. warehouse lets Transmission Emerging trends Most client engagements for Transmission involve Going back in time analyze trends over time In most situations, SM2’s historical data warehouse is monitoring, responding and initiating audience2. Exporting data makes critical, particularly with channels such as Twitter. “Many participation and start life as a specific objective, as creating powerful client Mark Goren, CEO of Transmission explains: “Everything other platforms cannot store more than six weeks’ worth reports quick and easy starts with listening, as it helps you understand where of Twitter data, but SM2 can present tweets dating back3. Data can be exported and how to respond in the first instance. But the industry to 2007,” explained Goren. “This opens up a powerful into specialty tools for is dividing into two distinct monitoring camps. One is window, allowing us to evaluate trends over time. We further analysis concerned with listening in order to drive social media can then feed all that data into any number of other and PR campaigns, involving daily or weekly reports tools for further examination.”4. SM2 gives Transmission that examine conversation trends about a brand. The the best of both worlds: One such tool creates advanced lexical mapping, for other is focused on deep dive research, looking for example. This provides Transmission’s analysts with a day-to-day listening and insights that will guide marketing strategies, product graphical representation of large text data sets, showing deep dive research. development, customer service or initiate some other the relationship between up to 200 of the main words operational improvements within a company.” being used and the nodes of the conversations, allowing Transmission develops programs that cover both areas, them to discover which themes are most prevalent.“On top of the 36 search helping clients sift through the billions of conversations parameters you can drill Many clients appreciate Transmission’s multi-platform happening every day. With a mix of over 100 social approach to social media analysis. One of its oldest into, such as daily volume, media monitoring tools at their disposal, the Transmission demographics and media clients receives daily reports via SM2 but at the team selects particular solutions for specific tasks. beginning of the year, wanted to benchmark the sources, SM2’s main strengths for us are its ability to export data Robust data previous 12 months to gain a snapshot and see what in different formats including csv, the trends had been. Transmission was able to export Alterian SM2 provides the foundation analysis for much xls and xml its historical social the data into Excel and then import it into another of Transmission’s work, chosen primarily for its data media warehouse.” system to create powerful lexical and publisher maps warehouse of social mentions dating back to 2007, Mark Goren to see what was going on at a deeper level. coupled with its advanced data export capabilities. CEO, Transmission Transmission uses SM2 as part of its general day-to-day “As the market develops, more niche tools are arriving monitoring for clients and also for the more involved on the scene that are designed to perform certain tasks. in-depth analysis. Exporting data out of SM2 means we can remain technology-agnostic, be flexible and meet client’s “On top of the 36 search parameters you can drill into, specific needs,” commented Goren. “Exporting data such as daily volume, demographics and media sources, from SM2 is made easy by its checklist approach that SM2’s main strengths for us are its ability to export data also plays a key role in cleaning up the data, as it lets
  2. 2. Alterian Case StudyTransmission Content & Creativeyou choose any search terms and results you want to Alterianexclude from the exported dataset.” Alterian (LSE: ALN) enables organizations to create relevant,This saves Transmission a great deal of time, as normally effective and engaging experiencesa significant amount of effort is spent making sure with their customers and prospectsdatasets are clean and free of any irrelevant noise. “It’s through social, digital, and traditional marketing channels. Alterian’s Customera major benefit being able to clean data as it’s being Engagement solutions are focused inexported into Excel – we’re able to reduce datasets four main areas: Social Media, Webfrom 100,000 results down to 15-20,000 very quickly Content Management, Email, andusing SM2 in this way,” said Goren. Campaign Management & Analytics. Alterian technology is utilized eitherThe future to address a specific marketingTransmission believes that as the social landscape challenge or as part of an integratedevolves, the listening landscape will further fragment marketing platform, with analyticsand more niche tools will keep appearing. and customer engagement with the individual at the heart of everything.“Gaining real insight into what social media data means Working alongside a rich ecosystemrequires a deep dive into the results, clicking through of partners, Alterian delivers its software as a service, or on premise.and reading different posts and developing a conclusion For more information about Alterianas to what the important information is and where it can visit or the Alterianlead, from both a communications and business blog at,” said Goren. “Alterian SM2 is a powerful UK & European Headquartersstarting point and being able to export the data means Alterianthe potential for us to derive further value is huge.” UK T +44 (0) 117 970 3200 F +44 (0) 117 970 3301 North American Headquarters Alterian Inc. USA T +1 312 704 1700 F +1 312 704 1701 Asia-Pacific Headquarters Alterian Australia T +61 (2) 9968 2449 F +61 (2) 9968 1163 Continental Europe Headquarters Alterian The Netherlands T +31 (0) 35 625 7890 F +31 (0) 35 625 7899© 2011 Alterian. All trademarks belong to their respective owners.