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Mark Gera
134 Delmar Drive  Hamilton, Ontario l9t-3k1  Phone: 905-876-6216  E-Mail:
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Objective resume for Adam Oldfield


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Objective resume for Adam Oldfield

  1. 1. Mark Gera 134 Delmar Drive  Hamilton, Ontario l9t-3k1  Phone: 905-876-6216  E-Mail: Objective To obtain full time employment from FPMmarketing as a sales representative. Experience Tim Horton’s Oct 06 – Sept 10  While at Tim’s, This job taught me a lot about sales and how to build strong communication skills. Tim’s is honestly the best place to gain valuable and basic skills for the everyday life, Especially in the field of Sales. Working here also gave me strong customer service skills. Working for Tim’s is all about sales and working good with people. Education Bishop Reding Secondary School Sept 06 – June 11 Located in Milton, Ontario, while attending this school, I developed exceptional Organization skills, negotiation skills and communication Skills. Mohawk College Sept 13 – April 15 Attended here for 2 years were I was taught extremely well when it came to knowing media knowledge, Understanding of both windows systems, and able to prioritize my word load, were I can be easy under pressure. Got my diploma in Radio Broadcasting and media. Skills My skills that I have acquired through my life experiences are very capable of me landing this job. To begin I have strong negotiation skills, I find if you don’t have this skill, you can never make it as a sales rep. I strive to make my deadlines, and am always willing to work until the job is done. It doesn’t satisfy me until the job is completely done. I have not worked for an advertising agency before, but I have been taken classes in college (Mohawk) on how to pursue a career in advertising. If I gained the opportunity to have this career, I believe that I would be the best candidate, not only do I think I’m a valuable fit, a job of this caliber would be a huge confidence boost for someone who is trying to make it in the world of sales, and also to provide valuable knowledge and skills to better my future and career and also to benefit the company I would be working for.