Stay healthy during london olympics 2012


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Stay healthy during london olympics 2012

  1. 1. Stay healthy during London 2012We want everyone who comes to the London 2012Olympic and Paralympic Games to have a happy,safe and healthy experience. This leaflet providesinformation about the health services available whileyou are here and tips on staying well during your visit.
  2. 2. Where can I get medicaltreatment or advice? i If you are ill or injured during the London NHS Choices for 2012 Games, choosing the right service information and advice: will mean that you will get the quickest and most accessible treatment. Many illnesses and injuries can be treated at home without the need to see a doctor or a nurse. To find a health service or for information about a minor illness or injury For health informationi and how to treat it visit NHS Choices and advice choose NHS Choices Treatment for illnesses or For face to face health injuries such as: • Coughs and colds advice and medication • Simple cuts and grazes choose a Pharmacy • Headaches • Sunburn For an illness or injury • Hangover that requires immediate • Mild indigestion or stomach ache treatment choose a walk Key features of service in service • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week • Accessible on the internet For major accidents or • Translation service available serious illness choose • ccess to NHS Direct – a health advice line A available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Accident and Emergency Find your nearest health service at
  3. 3. Where can I get medicaltreatment or advice? Pharmacies for advice and Walk-in services for medication: treatment for an illness You can visit a pharmacy without an or injury: appointment for advice about a minor illness or injury and the medicine you The NHS provides a range of walk- need to treat it. At pharmacies and in services such as urgent care most supermarkets you can buy many centres, walk-in centres and minor medicines and healthcare products, such injuries units. Walk-in services offer as paracetamol, ibuprofen, antacids, convenient access to a range of emergency contraception, plasters, treatments. Many centres are open bandages and sunscreen. 365 days a year and outside normal office hours. You can see a health professional without an appointment For your nearest pharmacy visit for treatment for a minor illness or injury that requires immediate attention. You can get treatment and Treatment for illnesses or care at a walk-in centre, urgent care injuries such as: centre or minor injuries unit. • Eye and ear infections • Diarrhoea and vomiting For your nearest walk-in service • Coughs, colds and fevers visit • inor allergies such as hay fever M • Rashes and sunburn Treatment for illnesses or • mergency contraception E injuries such as: • Minor illnesses and infections Key features of service • Muscle injuries such as sprains and • Available on most high streets strains • No appointment required • Minor cuts and wounds • Face-to-face advice • Minor burns Key features of service • No appointment necessary • Treatment by a nurse or doctor (dependent on the centre visited)
  4. 4. Stay fit and healthyduring London 2012 Accident and Emergency For your nearest AE department (AE) for emergency visit hospital treatment: Treatment for illnesses or injuries such as: Hospital Accident and Emergency or • Severe burns AE provide urgent treatment for • Severe allergic reactions serious, life-threatening conditions. • Heavy bleeding You should travel to AE yourself if • Broken bones you can. At AE, the most seriously • Chest pain ill patients will be seen first. If your • Difficulty breathing illness or injury is not an emergency • Suspected stroke you may have to wait a long time for • Choking treatment. • Blacking out If you are someone else is seriously Key features of service ill or injured, for example they have • Treatment of a serious injury and collapsed or can’t breathe, dial 999 or illness in an emergency 112 for an ambulance. Remember ONLY call 999 or 112 in an emergency. For non emergency health advice call NHS Direct 0845 4647 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.
  5. 5. Enjoy the sunshine Stay hydrated safely Make sure you drink plenty of When the sun shines during the water or other soft drinks during London 2012 Games remember to: the day so that you stay hydrated. • pply generous amounts of at least A If you’re heading to a London 2012 SPF 15 sunscreen and top it up sports event or ceremony there regularly are restrictions on taking liquids • tay out of the sun and seek shade S into venues. Drinking water will be between 11am and 3pm when the available inside – for details, visit the risk of burning is highest London 2012 website. • ear a hat and choose clothing W that will keep you cool and covered While public transport is a great way to get around, it can get hot and stuffy, especially on the LondonEat well underground, so carry water with you on journeys.If you are eating out during the Games,it is important to take care over what Drink sensiblyyou eat. Make sure that:• ny cooked food you eat is A If you are drinking alcohol, don’t let thoroughly cooked, kept steaming hot it get in the way of you enjoying the and is separated from raw food. Games. Make sure you eat well and• Any cold food that you eat has been drink water or soft drinks in between kept chilled in a chiller or cool box. alcoholic drinks – that way you won’t risk missing any of the action.
  6. 6. Travel Well Carry your medication with youIf you are out and about all day, whethertravelling between venues, seeing the If you need medication, carry it with yousights or climbing stairs at tube and train at all times and try and keep it in a securestations, you will probably be doing a place.lot of walking. Make sure you bringcomfortable shoes and plasters for blisters.Public transport is likely to be very busyduring the Games, so plan your journey in Before you set off for youradvance and allow extra time to get to your day out remember:destination. A bottle of water for your journeyIn London, you can visit Any medication you plan your route. Healthy snacksSpectators looking for up to date travel Sunscreen minimum SPF 15* andinformation should a hatOr if you are outside of London, you can Travel information and mapsvisit Games information and ticketsOnly use licensed taxis or minicabs bookedon the phone or in a minicab office. Oyster card or travel pass Comfortable walking shoes Waterproofs Any health insurance details * lease remember that containers of liquid taken P into Games venues must hold no more than 100ml.
  7. 7. Your checklist for ahealthy London 2012 Useful information NHS Choices London 2012 Public Transport in the UK Transport for London Up to date Games travel information My nearest service