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Project and Change Management Trends, Where We Are and Where We Are Going.


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A presentation done for the Appalacian State Project Management Club. Meant to be an introduction to project and change management for college students preparing to work in these fields.

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Project and Change Management Trends, Where We Are and Where We Are Going.

  1. 1. Project and Change Management Trends, Where We Are and Where We Are Going. PMI Metrolina Boone Satellite Meeting April 2013
  2. 2. AGENDA 1 Wow! What’s Going On? 2 History Lesson? History of Project and Change Management 3 Vs. Change vs. Project Management 4 Winning. Not the Charlie Sheen version…but what does that mean for me? 5 Questions. And maybe answers.
  3. 3. Wow! What’s Going On? • The world is changing…RAPIDLY • Who knows what gopher is? How about finger? • My first experience with: – – • Computer programming The Internet Did you know?
  4. 4. History Lesson? • When did project management begin? • Traditional View
  5. 5. History Lesson? • When did project management begin? • Realistic View
  6. 6. Where are we now? • Current Project Management Trends – – – – – – – – – – Specific project management training continues Effectiveness of agile development challenged Project management expands beyond project managers Larger projects hold challenges Project managers pushed to innovate Project manager certification upgrades Vendor management becomes a priority Project management offices further strained Funding pressure increases portfolio management Agile development gains popularity to cut project times
  7. 7. Project vs. Change Management
  8. 8. Project vs. Change Management
  9. 9. Project vs. Change Management
  10. 10. Project vs. Change Management
  11. 11. Project vs. Change Management
  12. 12. Project vs. Change Management • Quite simply, I feel that there are 3 levels: – Project Manager-tactical, gets things done through tools/technology – Change Manager-tactical, gets things done through people – Change Leader-strategic, integrated approach to execution through people, process and technology
  13. 13. Change in Change?
  14. 14. Features of a Complex System
  15. 15. Levels of Complexity in the Change Process Change Leader Change Manager Project Manager
  16. 16. What should I be doing? • How do I become a change leader? – Become a PM First • CAPM • PMP – Learn how to communicate • Toastmasters • Elevator Speech (Twitter?) – Learn how to connect the dots – Learn how to create the optimal tension
  17. 17. Bottom Line •Change-there will be a lot of it and it will move quickly. •Businesses are always changing. If you can master the skills, you will always have a job. Must Reads for Change Leaders •Execution-The Discipline of Getting Things DoneBossidy and Charan •The Tipping Point-Malcom Gladwell •Faster: The Acceleration of Just About EverythingJames Gleick